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Something happens to a lot of successful professionals mid-life: usually late 30s to early 50s. Chances are that you started out your career after getting a degree in college, during a time in your life when youa€™re not really sure about what makes you most happy and successful.
If you were lucky, you got a job that you do well in and your career continues to grow via promotions, added responsibilities and a bigger paycheck. If youa€™re truly dedicated to having your most happy, successful, ideal career, you must know what you want and need before you start going out to research career and job options. I agree completely, based on my experience and on that of my friends in transition, with Kevin’s observations.
This transition time in our thinking seems to be independent of whether our careers have been on a straight and smooth path or have looked like something else in that early phase.
Leta€™s face it, when youa€™re in our late teens and early 20s, youa€™re still gaining a lot of life experiences and dona€™t know all of the options out there.

This all seems great for a while until you realize that there is this sinking feeling that we may not be a€?in lovea€™ with our career. This is the biggest mistake I see professionals making when trying to figure out a€?whata€™s nexta€™ for them in their career: exploring jobs and career options without having their priority list in place. Rather than looking at any and all of the careers and jobs available on the planet or in your industry, start with your wish list and then go from there.
He served as an Infantry Officer and later, worked as a Headhunter where he directed more than 1,000 searches. So, you do your best to choose a degree and career that is as close to the mark as possible.
Kevin writes weekly for 280,000+ subscribers at Career Attraction and Every Veteran Hired with the simple mission of providing smart, actionable advice that gets results. He is very focused, which I really appreciate in this time of confusing transitions:a poor economy, a transitioning economy and a transitioning technical world where job skills and expertise or going to continue changing.

This is a good thing in general, and an even better thing when unpredictability and change are high. Either way, this keeps us sane and gives us focus because there are so many options for cars and houses!
It has helped me greatly to realize that many folks in my network go through this periodically, while their circumstances sometimes differ greatly from mine in a variety of ways.
After 20 years of being afraid, I am finally embarking on my heart’s desire with respect to my career.

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