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But the question arises – how do you find the people to build relationships and play golf with?
As an interesting aside, if you would like to grasp the importance of leads in the marketing and selling process you have to see Glengarry Glen Ross – a fabulous movie with a stellar cast including Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, and Kevin Spacey. The single most important thing to take home today is this: If you dona€™t attract interested visitors to your website in the a€?Attraction Phasea€?, the rest of your online sales process is a waste of time. These marketing concepts ” Attraction Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing ” have been around for longer than most care to know and understand!
Even though these marketing techniques have been claimed to have started in the early 1900’s the fact is that they where using these methods of marketing back as far as sales have been around.
Attraction marketing has always been an essential part of attracting a potential consumer just to get them to allow you to have a conversation with the prospect without being confrontational or pushy which usually pushes the potential consumer to say that they are not interested in your product and want no part of what you have to offer. Today attraction marketing is done through the use of technology using the internet, email marketing, ppc marketing, facebook marketing, native ads, ppv marketing and many others but all are done online. Even when sales were done through direct marketing methods of going door to door having a Kerbie salesman show up at your door trying to sell you a vacuum cleaner, they had to use their charisma ( Attraction Marketing ) to get in the door before they can pitch you their product.
The fact is that most income today is made on the back end product of your sales process not on the front end product. But, this sales process or prospecting method is a little antiquated even though it is really effective you have to pitch one potential consumer or prospect at a time which makes it not to cost effective. They have been using this marketing technique very successfully for a few years now and those extra .50 cents per order multiplied by millions add up to a healthy profit. But what if you could use the old attraction marketing formula and integrate it with a new Super Size order taker on auto-pilot using a clever software that does it for you. Before they were treated as separate forms of marketing your business because no-one had figured it out yet.
So, which marketing method is better in today’s advanced technological leads doubling and even tripling your prospects and consumers ? Checkout the Buzzinar video to see how it can help you become a more cost effective marketing strategy.
If you would like to learn how to apply attraction marketing to your business then get a free 10 day marketing bootcamp. Share your comments below and let us know what you think and marketing tips you would like to share with our audience…Thank You! Read more on our attraction marketing formula review and get your free 10 day marketing bootcamp. In the early days before technology the salesman had to build a relationship and sometimes visiting three to more times before getting a sale. Fast forward to today and when you put your content online or your marketing campaigns online you instantly reach your target audience which is more cost effective.
One lesson I learned during the free attraction marketing formula 10 day bootcamp was, I had to automate my home business funnel system in order to build a relationship with the prospective consumers through email.
Provide them with value like a great blog post you wrote or giving them a free report or ebook.
Meeting your prospect where they are in their path to looking to satisfy a specific need that you can provide a solution for is key to establishing yourself in their niche as an authority and someone they could trust to continue a healthy business relationship. Attraction Marketing Formula is a different way of meeting your prospects, potential consumers and your buyers and a new way of sponsoring effortlessly, getting endless prospects by implementing what is taught in this Free 10 Day Bootcamp On The Attraction Marketing Formula. While it is true that the basics are still the same the technology and how fast you can target your audience and prospects is lightning fast.
Recently I’d been doing some self development and masterminding with some other leaders in the Internet Marketing Industry and what I discovered was nothing short of amazing considering I am usually up to date when it comes to my industry. One of my internet marketing friends asked me, ” How did Facebook and Twitter get so big and profitable ? Surprisingly enough the answer was simple, they gave their social media subscriptions for Free to generate thousands of free leads every single day. You are probably asking yourself, How can I make money if I am giving everything away for Free? A funded proposal is creating an upfront inexpensive product or giving away a free gift such as a Free eBook, Free Report, or sign up for your newsletter. When the idea of Funded Proposal came around everyone was very apprehensive until they saw these companies taking their financial quotas sore through the roof. You can duplicate this same exact formula with your business to double, triple or even quadruple your lead generation and your profits.
If you look around the world of the Internet Business, many are giving away ebooks, reports, newsletter subscriptions and other valuable information that their leads get in exchange for their Name and Email information on an opt-in form which is set up with an Autoresponder. An Email Autoresponder is necessary in order to build a relationship with your customers and generate sales on demand.
If you are not to good at writing or know how to build a report or ebook to give away get a freelancer to build one for you. I hope this gets your wheels turning and opening up your mind to new opportunities and new possibilities.
Attraction marketing is the Red Carpet and the doorway to the path of being successful at attracting buyers and viewers to your site, product or business. At first when I started trying to make money online with affiliate marketing I tried everything and bought many programs and systems but was not getting results. At the time I thought that this internet marketing stuff was a scam and did not work and spent thousands of dollars ending up disappointed and more broke than when I started. Your probably wondering the same thing and probably bought all those shiny objects yourself. Even after I read the entire course I could not rap my head around the method but than I attended a mastermind course with my mentor and now business partner Tim and Ferny.
Now that I was clear it was time to test this strategy and see what all the hype was about. Attraction marketing formula is a scientific strategy used to generate endless leads and prospects to your business, your website or products. The attraction marketing formula is designed to show you how to make money even if you don’t get your leads or prospects to buy from you.
Earlier I told you in the definition of attraction marketing that it is a scientific formula and a lot of research has gone into this building attraction marketing formula. When I first started reading and going through the videos and training I thought it was going to be a scam but the deeper I got into the training the more glued I became and what it shares is exactly what any business entrepreneur has to have in their foundation of their business.
I own many products that have attempted to duplicate this formula but none has measured up to attraction marketing formula. There is a Free 10 Day Marketing Bootcamp to get a taste of what is possible and apply in your business right away. Conclusion: I use the full course of Attraction Marketing and have applied the strategies taught inside and my results have dramatically improved since then. Dam Skippy, (excuse my french) but it works and you know what is even more interesting I haven’t spent one dime for paid advertising for four months now. Read the full review on Attraction Marketing Formula and behind the scenes of this invaluable marketing course. Share this with someone who deserves more success and you care about, let’s help some people! I wondered the same thing for a while myself being skeptical about if it truly worked and how does it work. Today I woke up with a massive headache and I definitely was not in the mood for doing anything at all. I simply could not even focus on making a blog post on my blog or doing anything for that matter.
So I kind of lingered around the house doing basically nothing just trying to rest and get rid of my headache. About a month ago I got tired of listening to everyone talking about this attraction marketing stuff and decided to pull the trigger and got the Free 10 Day Bootcamp and then decided to upgrade for the $27 buckaroos and which is worth every penny. I went through the entire Free 10 Day Bootcamp and while waiting for the emails to come in for the Bootcamp I started reading through the Attraction Marketing Course and while reading it I would stop and apply the same techniques they talked about inside. This was on the 12th of October last month when I started applying the strategies and today is November 5th, not even one month but I wanted to share the results with you so you could see for yourself. Here below is a video a recorded earlier and how this has worked for me and can work for you as well!

And as you will notice, I stop doing any marketing on October 17th for almost two weeks and still generated 18 leads in less than a month. Imagine if I would have done marketing for the other two weeks…I think I would have doubled the leads to 36 in only one month.
First, I just want to say that these courses are about how to attract more leads and prospects without wasting your time and money on dead beat leads by knowing how to craft powerful marketing into your business whether it be on Social Media, PPC Advertising, Article writing or what ever medium you choose to use. The point is, you will learn just like I did about becoming the hunted and not being the hunter.
Checkout this screen capture below I took of my blog, this is what I mean about becoming the hunted not the hunter.
If you would like to see these kind of results get the Free 10 Day Bootcamp and join my EMP team and I will show you how to get these results too.
If you want to read more about the EMP team visit a page I created to give you an inside view of what you will get when you join our team.
By the way, while I did nothing today I generated two leads to the EMP upgrade because these two persons were the ones who asked to join my business. The value of the program is MUCH higher, but if you register for the program during our launch, you’ll get the entire training for the amazingly low price of only $297. If you’d like to pay your tuition in 3 easy payments, you can put $99 down, and pay $99 per month for the next 2 months. If you answer the poll below while it's posted we will email you a copy of Dan Kennedy's Personality in Copy Report For Free. Please take 2- 3 Minutes to Download this Free Report we have put here for you and make a comment or two about what ya think! And I just came across a small but incredibly Powerful report I wrote a few month's back that you have got to have.
Now there are a few of you that may have this already but for the many that don't please do yourself a favor and grab this. It's Dan Kennedy's 8 Big Ideas Speech he gave at the Information Marketing Summit a few year back.
How do you do that when you are a beginner in a new market or industry – just as some of you may be today? A regular business would call it something much less glamorous – finding sales leads.
If the website is great and your work is amazing and your story shines through there’s the potential to build relationships and make sales. Just go to the next person in hopes they don’t see you coming or you catch them half a sleep ?
Meaning that when you offer them a Free product or Free report that is mouth watering and so enticing and relevant to what they are looking for they are more likely to say yes to giving you their email in exchange for that Free product or Free report.
Once you have them in your funnel using and autoresponder like Aweber for example you can keep in touch with them and create a trust relationship with them.
And if you know anything about math, when you have to spend more to get more leads or consumers it cost you more to run your business. What if you could get that same initial prospect and give them that same free report offer but asking them if they can share the information with their friends on facebook, twitter, GooglePlus etc… and in exchange you will Super Size their Free Gift. Buzzinar is a little plugin you install in your wordpress site and sits sandwiched in the middle of your prospecting lead funnel or your sales funnel and does this exact thing seamlessly. Today they go hand in hand which multiplies your lead generation and sales exponentially  by letting others do the heavy lifting for you.
They are both equally as good but combined you leverage the benefits of both increasing your bottom line and turning your business in becoming more profitable too. The only difference is today we use technology to act as a medium between you and the consumer. It took time and cost to travel to your customers stand just to build a relationship with the prospect. If you look at it in terms of your bottom line initially it will seem like a business loss.
There are millions of people on Youtube every single day and it is a good way to get more leads and prospects to your business.
Lead Generation For Dummies is also a great source of information and strategies to generate more leads and prospects to your business. But because I’ve never been the one to just simply give up and stop trying I bought my first attraction marketing course by Mike Dillard called Magnetic Sponsoring. I recommend you try this free bootcamp and it will change the way you think about doing your marketing for your business. That’s why I am grateful for what I do now, working from home in my own at home business allows me to take time for myself and my family and enjoy the things that matter.
If you want to join then click on the Get Instant Access Now button an watch the free video. How we build a relationship with them is another phase of the art marketing cycle – right now we just want them to find us! Most marketers say that this is an old antiquated marketing method that doesn’t work.
If you want to build a business and generate more leads than any other way, start giving valuable content away for free. Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter just to mention a few, has given new definition to the Funded Proposal. Now they monetize their huge list of subscribers by selling advertising to businesses and product owners.
This does not mean to bombard your customers with junk because ultimately they will unsubscribe and from experience it is cheaper to keep an existing customer then to generate another one.
If you've came today during our Pre-Launch phase you have either purchased one of our Reports before or expressed interest. Understand these are Beta Reports and not Fancy but the information stands the test of time. It is the most inexpensive and quickest way to build a business specially if your on a tight budget. What this means is that you need to see the value of giving content or stuff away for an inexpensive price anyone will be willing to pay or just give it away for Free as a way to generate leads and build your business with potential customers. Well If you look at Facebook’s number they were somewhere around 20 Billion Dollars profits for 2010. So, only share high value content with your customers if you want to be in business for a while.
Now your are probably saying to yourself OK, so how do I make money giving stuff away for free ? To this day they fetch a pretty penny in some markets as they’re considered rare art. These reports are the effort of over 100 hours of hard work gleaming the very best ideas from the Best Guru's in the fields of marketing, self development, and business.
Petrified and alone, I had no idea how to process what had just transpired, nor did I have any clue how to tell anyone.
When I came back home to New York, I managed the courage to tell my parents, who in turn didn’t believe a word I said.
I wouldn’t say she would have been my first choice, but that turned out to be exactly how it happened.
What the hell does Amy have to do with anything?” Mind you this is well nearly three years later. I realized that these were not really girls as each one turned out to be with other older guys while seeing me. These girls were playing another game that I again, was light years behind.I pretty much started to lose it after that. I was quite sure what was going on.By this time I had already been to other oral areas with other women but never third base.
Beyond what is known as full blown alcoholic I was abusing any chemical I could get my hands on.
All but heroin, and only because of the one encounter which left me retching for six hours after a few snorts. As just as it began to wear off and I could barely make out the figure in front of me, the most loudest explosions erupted which literally made my chest hurt so much I nearly doubled over.I reached out with both arms to grab purchase of my darling and make sure she was still there.

And massively involved with blackouts and waking up in the damndest of places like an old train yard where they park the trains after their route. Need I also mention that from the moment we made friends it started snowing?I was always a loner and tonight was no exception. Now completely wired,I planted myself in front of coin-op and began shaking the machine fervently as the missiles dropped from every angle imaginable.As soft hand went down my shoulder and rested on the middle of my back. And the condition I would find her in for the next six months, at some points made my darkness look like a fairytale.The scars on her wrists were one thing, but having to call 911 because she decided to eat a bag of ludes, just boggled my mind. God I cherished being with her… I was pretty sure in her company I wanted to be a better person. I wanted to clean up and fly right and grow old together…She spoke of things that made my mind swoonI was nineteen now and I was angry, scared and alone.
I’m not sure if it was a direct thing against me, or that his thirst for conquest just included Lisa2 and I was in the way. He introduced her to cocaine, got her hooked beyond healthy measures and that was the last I saw of Lisa for years. They refuse to let others know, and the result is a suffer in silence syndrome.Why do we go on?
At the end of one episode, I spent a month overdosing over and over again in hopes of a release from life entirely never to return.
People, are suffering from torture, real physical bodily harm torture at the hands of lunatics and even famlily members.
Since I was told that feelings are not facts, I accepted that and applied the wisdom to act as if my feelings were something I could not trust.After all, when you have nothing to dull your senses, everything is raw, so living in a constant reactive state to life, kinda makes us what we today term a drama queen.
A friend was always telling me that at times the pain was so intense, that even her hair hurt.
Apparently we have thoughts that make us feel and we certainly have feelings which stir-up thoughts of all manners… So, which comes first?Have you ever had a feeling that wasn’t driven by any particular thought at all?
Or is it a thought formed by some simili used to desribe how I Think of myself?I think I’m happy… What does this mean?
I might be apt to disagree with your self examination there buddy.I had a friend corner me once and have me repeat several times how I felt, as I responded each time with they way I felt, he pointed his finger either to my head or to my gut. Which made sense to me, because for a mojor portion of my life I was expressing all my emotions with one single emotional response, and that was with anger.Why anger?
Each of these describes emotions, somewhere some over-intelligent individual decided that men and women have a distinct difference in the number of emotions bettwen them.
While a man may have say 26 emotions, it was suggested that a woman has up to but not limited to 117 different emotions…Really??? We’re one single human race bestowed with thoughts and emotions, how is it there is such an imbalance between men and women?
For me, I’ve come to know the planets do in fact influence the body of Earth and its inhabitants. Let it be said that there is NO greater influence to the inhabitant entities here other than that of Free Will.Which means, those who choose to express Free Will over any other influence, will still experience the influence of others who are not so devout to their ownership of such a gift. Yet the current situation for this soul has increased in the negative.So when I asked what it all means for me, I pulled The World. Now, There’s a thought going round to claim your responsibility for everything that happens in your life. So when my foreman came to me and asked why I wouldn’t ask for a raise, I was very clear in my knowledge. But I was pointed to their competitor Entex, where I moved through the ranks briskly and wound up in a project management position.When I started Entex had a whole floor in a building on Madison Ave.
Or so I thought.3 months into the new location at the world trade center, I did a roll-out where we replace old hardware with new for every department of Deutsche BankSo we get a department with a semi big-wig. Everything was per protocol, back ups, builds, restores and finally the roll-out with a warranty disclaimer to not do anything physical or software wise for at east 48 hours… They decided to negate the warranty. And all the new machines were going down left and right.I did the right thing and extended the support for 3 days after the allotted time and they were still having issues. Until three days later I say hello to the person with the palm pilot and get a real nasty glance back. I found out…Some idiot had called that client and made some totally stupid remarks in a sexual tense and went on to mention items that were in her palm pilot. Within the third visit it became apparent that this friend of a friend had very little clue as to what to do for this company.
In fact it seemed every-time he came the original problem got fixed but spawned new and exciting problems for the client.Approached by one of the clients consultants, I was asked if I would consider a position. This new owner who has the not so, secret reputation of being a womanizer only hiring secretaries who are lets say, well proportioned in the exaggerated?This owner who asks me if we’re secure, if our info is safe. This one I get to see unlike my first whom every time I got a chance to save to visit something would take the cash away..
Education loans, taxes, medical attention you name it, it came and made things harder.Is there a moral to the story? Beat down and bruised, our egos continue their travells learning new ways and means to take our lives and turn them every which-a-way.Situations pass, some take longer than others. Yes, I’m sure you can.Can you allow tomorrow to be unwritten with no connection to the past? Change happens in the blink of an eye, and yes sometimes it does take longer than one would like.The change we create in ourselves though. This can take as long or as short a time as we decide.  Our personal power, our Will Power if you like, is ours to dominate.
At this point it seems like you have become the scapegoat for everything that never worked in their lives. At times like this knowing how to deflect negative energy, or protect yourself from it is a Godsend.
Between right and wrong, life and death, worth and worthlessnessI’ve personally watched this event of mindless judgment within my own family of born again Christians who swear up and down what Truth is. God?  …There are really only 2 things left aside from my daughters that I truly have a life long passion for. God help him if he ever does return is all I have to say.For now, the whole of Earth is connected and is now one land.
Spirituality is as sacred to me as someones recovery from alcohol or addiction and their spiritual program of recovery.If you feed people the wrong stuff, not only are you messing with their lives, you may just send them to their death.Did you know that sugar pills are still a multi-million dollar industry?
Personally I think its more important that you be aware of the nonsense thats leading you to decisions you would normally not be so blind to make.You want to improve your life, great, who doesn’t? The conscious mind can call up ideas, experiences and beliefs from the subconscious which is where all our experiences and beliefs are stored.The subconscious operates 24 hours a day and can handle any number of problems. One way to stimulate creativity is to consider all aspects of a problem, and then ask the subconscious to find the answer by 3 p.m.
The superconscious mind has access to knowledge and experience beyond one’s own knowledge and experience.
Which by definition is the layer of the mind called consciousness, what you reflect on and meditate on will be placed in the layer of mind called the subconscious. As you achieve higher levels of consciousness, you are able to move within planes of consciousness. Just because you focus on something has absolutely no bearing on where that focus really goes, unless its of a higher nature of service to that conscious state you are attempting to interact with.)The superconscious will reward you with blinding flashes of the obvious, the people, information, and circumstances required to achieve your goals, and unexpected chance events which will enable you to get the results you require.
Remember that any goal or desire which you can drive into the superconscious must be brought into your reality.(End of said quoted material)So why write such if its completely untrue?It sure sounds nice doesn’t it?
The subconscious itself (will) reward you, if you have given it sufficient material to work with.
The more specific you are, the more specific the response.That being said, YOU are the catalyst to achieving anything. Ask anyone in the copywriting industry, its a known and well recognized phnomenon…And this very fabric of achievement can be done with most everything. You have taken a very critical step in achieving, not only an altered state of consciousness, you have literally witnessed the current limitation of that perception of consciousness.

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