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I was dangerously close to retelling Curious George as Planet of the Apes just to preserve my sanity. If you’re wondering what to get your friend or co-worker for her baby shower and the idea of purchasing breast pump parts weirds you out, good quality board books are baby MUST haves. Abby loves reading this one to Bailey for the same reason you’ll love it as a tired parent. If your baby likes this one, be sure to check out the others by this author, like Dog, Cat, and Moo.

Just point at a picture, say the word if you want, and wait til baby is bored with that page and flip it. Biological and adopted, breastfed and bottle-fed, two-parent and single-parent, hetero and *gasp* same-sex parents. For more tips on baby gear you can’t live without, follow my Pinterest board Bundle of Joy. Pin766 Share102 Tweet12 StumbleShares 880The day that Abby stopped asking for the same picture book at bedtime every single night?

I have the whole thing memorized, and when Bailey’s fussy in the car, reciting it calms her right down. Sheshunoff is a witty, capable writer, putting the reader right in the heat and sand of the south Pacific.

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