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Once you have found your favourite unique Sanskrit name, you can find numerology number for the name. Numerology offers an insight into the personality by assigning numeric values to the letters contained in names. L is for Laughter, nothing is as infectious as yours, O is for Outrageous, you’re just so fun. Our research results for the name of Lona (Lona name meaning, Origin of Lona, Pronounced etc.
Nagula Chavithi Puja It is a prayer ritual performed to make offerings, honoring, evoking or worshipping gods. Nagula Chavithi is also known as Naga Chaturthi, It is a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva on which prayers are offered to snakes, a symbol closely associated with Shiva and is celebrated as the day of worshipping of the serpent gods and snakes. Another legend states that at the time of Samudra Manthan, a snake was used as a rope for the churning process. People who celebrate Nagula Chavithi are supposed to wake up early in the morning and bathe by taking a dip in a nearby pond or river.
It is a widely popular belief that people who worship serpent gods on Nagula Chavithi are protected from snake bites, fear of snakes and all that is evil in the world.

Later, the devotees go to a temple with idols of serpent gods or offer prayers to the holes or pits of snakes. A very common belief is that women who are childless should offer prayers to serpent gods on this day to get their blessings and have children. In order to save the living beings from the harmful effects of the poison, Shiva drank all the poison.
It is also considered auspicious for anyone to see snakes in their dreams on this day as it is believed to bring about enormous wealth for that person. Hence, it is the festival which occurs on the fourth day of the growing moon phase of the Kartik month (October to November) according to the Hindu calendar. As a result, their son was brought up by Manasa She is a Hindu folk serpent-Goddess who is worshipped majorly in Bengal and various north-east parts of India. Eventually, the Yajna started and snakes from all over the world started to fall and die into the fire of the Yajna.
Later, she married Jaratkaru He was a very learned sage who was married to the snake Goddess named Manasa and with whom he parented Astika. All the snakes met the same fate except Takshaka, the snake who actually but the king’s father.
The most fervent devotees and worshippers of serpent gods and Shiva observe fast for the whole day. Therefore, people worship serpent gods in order to protect themselves from the harmful effects that can occur because of the poison that is present in this world.

It is also important for the devotees to not to dig ground or do farming on Nagula Chavithi as it is considered a way of destroying snakes’ homes. He didn’t have any inclination towards getting married but he was asked to so by his forefathers as they were destined to go to hell in the absence of any child of Jaratkaru sage. At that point of time he was circling around the throne of Indra, the king of gods, in the heaven. He only impregnated her for his forefathers and left her all alone to give birth and then raise a child all by herself. She is mostly worshipped without an image, rather a branch of tree or an earthen pot or a snake image is used as her symbol and is offered prayers. When the gods approached Manasa she told them that only her son Aasthika could help them and save Indra. Aasthika did as he was told by his mother and rescued Indra and prevented the killing of all snakes of the world. Later, the snakes blessed Manasa and Aasthika for saving them and granted them the boon that whoever would listen to their story will  be protected from snake bites, become free from the fear of snakes and will be blessed by the serpent gods themselves.

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