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When I first started teaching Astrology, I assumed that learning the symbolism and much of the basic information would come naturally as students continued their studies. My experience teaching has shown me that students grasp complex astrological material better when they have something to refer to quickly that will jog their memory, especially when they try interpreting astrological charts. The Basic Astrology sheet is almost like having a full beginning astrological course at your finger tips for instant reference. The Astrological Sun Signs reference sheet gives you more detail on one of the most important parts of Astrology; your Sun Sign. The Celtic Lunar Astrology reference sheet tells you about the Sacred Tree Signs of the Druids and how they relate to the Graeco-Roman Astrological Sun Signs which form the basis of Western Astrology today. Palmistry Astrology Analogy Chart - accurate description of the corresponding planetary gods and zodiac signs along with their basic ideas and life mottos. If any science, art, or work has for its beginning, its object and its end the improvement of humanity and the advancement of the race, then that work, art, or science deserves the encouragement and recognition that is its due.

There are few-if any a€“ of as who, looking back upon the past, will not at some time confess to months, years, and often the greater part of lifea€™s span, that have been lost, through the fault of parents and our own ignorance combined. If you are interested to know more about what your palm tells you, please send a mail to us.
Thumbing through books and scanning literature is fine, but by the time you find what you are looking for the quick thinking required to interpret is lost.
If you learn the information contained here you will have a firm foundation to build your astrological knowledge upon. It also provides information on how Signs interact with each other, giving you insight into Sign compatability. There is information on the 9 most important days and the 3 Planes of Creation that underlie the Druids awareness of the natural and supernatural worlds. Since people need to use the symbols and mentally access very basic astrological information, not having a grasp of these complex ideas just creates more confusion when you are trying to learn.

To help the situation, I decided to create a series of teaching aides for those who want to pick up astrology as fast as possible. It is not in great detail, but gives you enough information to give you a real broad overview of the basics. If you are looking for more information after studying the Basic Astrology reference sheet above, this would be the next one to delve into! It still takes a long time to get the basic concepts down and to do a good job of interpreting.

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