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I have used this brow pencil and you are right, the pigmentation is rubbish and it’s staying power is no good, I have to be really careful to avoid touching my face when I use it.
To the best of my knowledge they only come in 3 shades (black, dark brown and hazel), which is pretty rubbish to be honest.
But, if you are a fan of powder eyeshadow to fill in your eyebrows, my favourite is Benefit Brow Zings (HERE) or for a drugstore alternative try VIVO Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit (HERE). The shade range is poor and the pigmentation is sheer, which means you use a lot more product to get a decent result.

I’ll probably give the MAC one a go, even though I’m not happy with the price tag of MAC products! I was just a bit disappointed with the pigmentation and the shade range, but I love the little brush; super handy!
I also found it hard to fill in my eyebrows with this pencil and make them look as natural as they normally look with powder eyeshadow.
I even tried using it as a brown eyeliner but I couldn’t get any colour payoff out of it. I wouldn’t say this is a bad product, but I honestly think you can get products that are a lot better and for a similar price.

I probably won’t use the pencil as much, but the little brush is quite handy and I will keep that for touch ups.

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