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COLOR SHOW® NAIL LACQUERChip Free Nail Color, Straight from the Shows in 48 ShadesMAKEUP TIPSGet the latest makeup looks with Maybelline's exclusive tips and tutorials for your eyes, face, lips & nails.
EYESTUDIO® BROW DRAMA™Tinted gel mousse + ball brushEYE STUDIO® COLOR TATTOO® LEATHERCream eye shadow. Perfectly groomed and well defined eyebrows can totally lift up your entire look to another level. This eyebrow pencil is NOT available in the stores in India, but you can get it shipped to your doorstep. The finish of this pencils is very natural, defines brows, does not give the made-up kind of look.
This brow pencil is not easily available in India, but it’s available in some stores and of course it can be bought online. You'll Also Love:7 Eyebrow Powders For Filling In Brows Naturally10 Shades of Lip Liner We Love This Season10 Corrective Concealers You Need in Your Life This SeasonBrush Up! Since deciding where to start, product-wise, is almost always the hardest part, I rounded up 11 of my favorite eyebrow pencils for you to choose from. If you’re new to the game, you might not realize that a huge part of sculpting your eyebrows properly is highlighting under the brow bone to help your achieve peak arch. Say what you will about the Kardashians, but they’re beauty products are actually super underrated.
Okay, so it wouldn’t really be an eyebrow-related shopping guide with something from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Yes, this Bobbi Brown pencil is almost $50, and yes, we’re all about trying to keep things budget-friendly here at The Gloss, but when Bobbi Brown calls out to you and tells you to try out their brow pencil, you answer that call.
Makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar will show you quick and easy ways to go from clean and luminous to dangerously magnetic with our new Color Tattoo Metals collection. Let mega-luscious, soft yet dense lashes lead the way and show you how done up eyes can carry any mood. Some are better than others, depending on your eyebrow type or the kind of look you’re going for. They’re probably the best product out there for eyebrow beginners, and not just because they only require one simple tool.
I only give myself about 15 minutes to get ready for work in the morning because mama loves her beauty sleep, and this pencil allows me fill in my eyebrows in literally 20 seconds (I timed it once). The twist-up pencil always stays sharp and thin, so it’s easy to feather on some nice, natural-looking brows or build them up, Cara Delevingne-style.
Their lip and cheek tints are to die for, and they’re the one brand that I would actually trust with a universal brow color.
This little pencil has a brow color and highlighter in one, so you don’t even need to reach for another product to get that perfect look.
While they’re Dip Brow might be off limits on a pencil guide, their original pencil is fair game. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Im Asian with a jet black hair & my eyebrow are really dark but using the darker shade they have now just doesnt work for me. They come in all kinds of formulas (some are waxy while others are more powdery), and you can pick and choose between them depending on which one leaves you feeling the best.
The formula is waxy enough that my eyebrows stay in place all day (with the help of the built-in spoolie brush, of course), but powdery enough that it still feels natural and weightless. The best way to keep things looking natural and not too drawn on is to blend and brush like crazy once you’ve applied the product.
One size fits all colors can be tricky, though, so you might want to borrow a friend’s or swatch this bad boy at a store before committing, just to be on the safe side.
If you want to forgo the need for a pencil sharpener, the self-sharpening ABH Brow Wiz is a pretty great choice, too. For the curious among you, when I have more time and want to go for a bolder brow look, I reach for Milani‘s Stay Put Brow Color. What if you just can’t master a product that clearly requires some amount of preexisting cosmetic skill?

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