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If the first instalment was any indication, Temple Run 2 took things a step forward with all new innovations and gameplay.
One of the best spin-off movie games, this has a minion trying to overcome all obstacles to reach its goal. Halfbrick hits gold again with a game that is “criminally simple” in the way it approaches things with one adventure after another.
The first one went viral with an idea as basic as plants taking on Zombies and the second edition too have taken the App Store by storm. If Candy Crush wasn’t enough, the makers created a brand new puzzle game for those who couldn’t get enough of it. The game that had everyone swiping on their phones like Ninja’s cutting fruit, this flagship game saw immense success and with more levels and various updates still remains one of the most sought after games on touchscreen devices. Minecraft is one of the most played online games and the pocket edition too has taken the world by storm.
The classic scrabble gets a facelift with Words With Friends Free as people pit themselves in a battle of vocabulary against their friends. Yet another game based on the lines of Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga features the player attempting to solve puzzle after puzzle with a view to stop Rancid the Raccoon from taking over the farmland. Hill Climb Racing features players battling to survive over all sorts of terrains as they perform jumps, stunts and flips to get more points.
As far as hunting simulators go, Deer Hunter 2014 is probably one of the most sought after of them all. The Sims has traditionally been one of the best selling console and PC games and its iOS version is no less. While games based on movies are rarely much of a success, RoboCop challenges that norm by providing a gameplay experience packed with action as players shoot, battle and fight to protect the city. Talking of fun arcade games, few are more enjoyable than Clumsy Ninja which has your character trying to dodge Shuriken and capture all the shashimi.
Dead Trigger redefined the genre of Role Playing Games on smartphones with its graphics and gameplay. The popular number puzzle has always been a winner on all platforms and on the App Store too this is a fast seller.
Speaking of puzzles, one of the most awaited follow ups, Can You Escape 2 lived up to expectations with a host of new challenges as players solved puzzles in this addictive game in order to break out of rooms. The classic Tic Tac Toe is now available in a smartphone avatar which means no more wasting paper and enjoying the game even without a partner to play with you. Dot matching games have always been popular but none more so than Match the Dots which offers more than 100 levels with players racking their brains to join the dots and getting more points for longer lines. The first instalment in the franchise, Can You Escape was a challenging game that forced players to overcome puzzles in order to escape the rooms and advance floors. The popular game got a turn for the better as the Angry Birds travelled to Rio in this instalment which had more levels and unique features, making taking on the bad piggies even more enjoyable. Aquarium games have always been one of the more interesting genres and Tap Fish 2 took it a step further with multiple aquariums, breeding options and live care for your smartphone fish. A must have on any gamers list, the iOS edition of GTA bought Liberty City to everyone’s phones.
Papa Pear Saga is quite a shift from the usual Saga line-up in that it involves various wacky levels and things as there are more than 100 levels to be completed.
Cooking games are always fun and in its second edition Cooking Mama saw more dishes and recipes being introduced as the interactive game sees players tilting, shaking and moving their devices to get the ingredients just right. Winner of the App Store Game of the Year, this is one of the most popular games as you aim to guide a bird across the hills. Perhaps the most comprehensive strategy game available on the iOS, players build and customise empires and must take charge of everything from weapons to buildings in order to make it to the top.

Among the follow ups to the Angry Birds game was Angry Birds Star Wars where the Birds were sent to another location once again and this time had to take on their rivals in the Jedi arena.
Online multiplayer game Crime City sees players testing their mettle on the streets as they aim to become the highest rank on the mafia. Extreme Road Trip 2 took the franchise a step further by adding to the fun by introducing more stunts, locations and addictive gameplay. Very easy to pick up and nigh impossible to master, Parking Mania was a game that needed both dexterity and speed with players needing to park with a variety of vehicles in a number of different circumstances.
Not only war, a game about diplomacy and tactics was very much needed and Empire: Four Kingdoms offered just that. Filled with new mazes while still retaining the look and feel of the original, Pac-Man has been doing amazingly well on the charts for quite some time now.
One of the best unlimited running games this is still immensely popular with all Apple users. Funny and cute in equal parts, this is one of the most popular endless running based games today. Starting with a basic premise, the game soon heats up and gets more and more difficult with each passing level. What is one of the most common ways of passing time in office, throwing paper balls in bins, was taken to the gaming level by Paper Toss and boy did it make for a fantastic time-killer. With a view to match blocks and thereby save animals, the game was a sure hit and with hundreds of levels saw tons of repeat gameplay.
Bubble Mania has more than a 100 levels and multiple power-ups which makes the game both fun and interesting.
Building things and going on adventures are the basic lines on which the game is based and it has tons of new features which have got a stamp of approval from fans worldwide. Subway Surfers was one of the revolutionary games in endless running with a basic aim and not too much happening apart from the basic gameplay. Battling players through multiplayer gaming and building your own armies, Clash of Clans has proved to be one of the fastest growing iOS games.
Regarded one of the best social games, it links friends from different networks and has an in game chat feature which allows you to talk to friends even while playing. With over 100 species to hunt from and an open world setting, lovers of FPS games and simulation games both have a treat as they go about hunting and collecting tons of trophies and firepower.
Players can design homes, create lives and spend day in and day out with their Sim, making this one of the most comprehensive simulators available. With more than 500 puzzles available on the full version this has been one of the most looked out for apps in the past few months. CSR Racing takes all convention and challenges it with licensed cars and amazing gameplay with players being allowed to race friends or even participate in the normal mode where they must rule the streets. Sky Burgers incorporates all the elements of the stacking games to come up with a winner as the players must make the burgers according to customisation on the basis of the components falling from the sky.
With a number of puzzles as well as difficulty levels on offer, Sudoku has found popularity with people looking for a quick puzzle or fanatics of the game.
None more so than NinJump which has the player fighting a variety of obstacles in a bid to make it to the top. With a range of options and game modes to choose from such as tournaments or one on one, this offered a challenge to both amateurs and seasoned pros making one of the top games of the period. With tons of missions and an amazing set of weapons, this isn’t the usual arcade killer but a very smart game developed to test not only your skill at weaponry but also strategy. With hundreds of fish to choose from, this game surely gave marine lovers something to look forward to. Highway Rider chose the simple yet elegant path to gaming and was rewarded with a lot of success.

With enhanced graphics and a typical GTA storyline, this was a huge hit with all fans of the franchise and beyond.
With speed being the major factor here, Diamond Dash has people solving puzzles and trying to get the big bonuses.
With the challenge only getting tougher, this was easily among the better games in the genre.
Engaging and taxing in equal measure, this is a favourite with those looking for a bit of serious gaming. With more than 200 levels and improved mechanics, this game was taken up by fans of the series as well as many gamers alike.
With brilliant graphics and intelligent gameplay, this has seen a lot of interest from gamers who are looking to build empires for crime. With all new cars, this was certainly a hit among gamers looking for a quick fix and came with excellent music as well.
There’s little more to ask for as Frontline Commando saw this and more with deadly missions and an array of weapons designed to help players survive the onslaught.
With the need to build alliances and the opportunity to explore as many as four kingdoms, this game was perhaps one of the most comprehensive and deep arcade simulators on the iOS platform.
This list includes not only graphic intensive games but also games that would attract even casual gamers alike. Angry Birds go took the concept from the wildly successful game to create an immersive 3D racing gameplay experience. With a range of levels and difficulties, this game was immensely popular among office goers and casual users alike.
Regarded as one of the best bubble shooters, this game has been very popular on the platform. This is one of the most popular games on the platform today which is attributed largely to its simplicity and ease of play.
A brain teaser and puzzler, the game offers a challenge for all players and also has a number of new updates and upgrades regularly making it fun to play, always. With bonuses and leader boards, this is one of the most enjoyable games to play while running short of time.
Mechanics were also uniquely designed for the characters making gameplay even more enjoyable and challenging. With a handful of levels and modes to choose from, this game was truly for those who like to fill up time with a bit of casual gaming.
Easy to learn and a lifetime to master, this has been one of the most played games in the recent past. Popular with Angry Birds fans and iOS users alike, this has provided an even more alluring glimpse into the franchise. Winner of multiple awards, this is one of the most loved games available on the app store today. The Fast and Furious 6 game ticked all the right boxes and has become one of the best games in the racing genre for the iOS platform. With multiple rides to choose from and a number of jobs to fulfil, this has kept riders keep coming back for more.

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