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In parts of Europe, there is a new way to draw on eyebrows without getting a permanent tattoo which will change shape and blur with time. Before this Japanese method there were many other eyebrow drawing methods and they had devastating results.
This Japanese microblading method of drawing eyebrows has the ability to change cream, gel and liquid pigments into silicone after it is applied onto the skin. The pigment stays in a silicone form for up to 48 hours and then after that it sets and then there is no possibility that the lines will blur or bleed.
March 7, 2016 Hi, I read this with interest but you didn’t say what the setting liquid is!
APS has the knowledge, expertise and technology, to achieve standards and solutions that are considered to be among the best in the food industry. Process pipework and fabrication Mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and process engineering. Begin by outlining the arch of your brow, drawing as clean a stroke as possible along the bottom.
Fill the space in between with small strokes starting from the middle, gradually moving inward with even lighter strokes. Run a spooly brush to the beginning of the brow to soften up the edge (for a more natural look, obviously), and again (gently) to the rest of the brows to even out any patches. These lines would bleed and or the color moved around and would change shape (in some cases the color would change (usually turned into green). The least used tool is a small tool (looks like a pencil to be honest) with one needle and you will need to manually draw on the lines, one at a time. If you search online you will not find much about this method since it might be called differently in every country.

When the pigment turns into silicone form it cannot enter your skin’s lymph (if I understood correctly) and will not move around on your skin and will stay put which means no blurry lines, no matter what kind type you have (not even oily skin). To set the pigment and turn it into silicone form, you have to use this specific liquid which transforms this pigment into a silicon form the transformation happens really fast. The Main thing you should know, is that this method of drawing on eyebrows, unlike tattoos, fades naturally after 12 months.
It’s a dual-ended, with one side being the pen (with a flat tip), and the other a sponge applicator coated in powder of the same shade. My brows have this funny angular arch at the top, so I even that out by drawing a smoother curve at the high point instead.
Besides being a beauty editor and photographer, I like to spend the majority of my time singing and dancing (by myself in my apartment, of course) and making my little puppy the happiest dog on earth. Most tattoo artists have told me depending on where you place your tattoo, your tattoo will bleed. It’s important that the pigment when applying it stays in liquid form during the entire process until its time to set the pigment.
It’s also not recommend to use any local anesthesia since when doing this correctly, no pain or blood should be involved. I rarely use the sponge tip because of its soft, less defined application, while the flat pen side is used almost exclusively to fill my brows.
Especially if your brows are uneven, draw the shape you like and don’t follow the lines of your natural brows completely! I really do enjoy drawing on my eyebrows to be honest and maybe when I’m a bit older and lazier I might do this, but for now I will choose to skip it.
A very mild unpleasant sting yes but no real pain where you will be required to use local anesthesia, since it’s not applied on any deeper layer of skin. BR-3 is the darker of the two shades available, and it’s the perfect ash grey-brown that simply suits my skin tone and hair no matter what colour I have.

Each method offers thin lines, but after some time (even a few days) the lines will bleed (in rare cases if someone uses some weird cheap pigment these lines can turn into a green color). My brow story includes having them wayy overtweezed, asymmetrically shaped, heavily drawn-on, too dark, too light.
I also have a few other obsessions with brow powder and gel that I occasionally use when I have time, but generally speaking, the method with these brow products are loosely the same. The general rule of thumb is to apply gently and in small, light strokes and slowly build it up. My friend told me that this newest method was the safest and guaranteed the best and most natural results with no bleeding or color change. The solution to my problem is actually so simple that it’s almost unnecessary of me to be going through all those phases to figure it out!
With this new method (microblading), after a year the color will fade and in some cases totally vanish.
My friend did tell me that you were required to get two treatments in order to get the best results (might not be the case for everyone). When you apply the ink on to the skin (using one of the tools mentioned above) the ink will get redistributed in other parts of the skin which you did not plan to color and the end results are blurry lines aka bleeding.
This happened because the ink (pigment) enters your lymphs and moves around causing blurry lines (after a few days).

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