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I just bought an e39 a month and a half ago, noticed from the very beginning that a front license plate has never been mounted. However, I know its illegal and still want to mount it temporarily when I go travel through other cities where cops are more likely to hand out those kinds of tickets. This month, the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association announced their pick for Best Plate of 2012, the deeply mediocre effort from Nebraska that celebrates the Union Pacific Railroad Museum. Using this same criteria, I’ve curated a collection of the ten best standard US license plates of all time. The shape of Nebraska invites its use as a frame for the plate content, and this design duly obliges with a restrained and easy-to-read rendering.
Simplicity is the byword for Colorado’s 1983 plate, which cleverly uses the embossed edges to give both the thoughtful typography and the mountains a pleasing sense of depth.
In 1915, motorists and pedestrians alike had time to appreciate this lovely monogram as it rolled past at the 8 mph speed limit within municipalities.

Though the same can’t be said for New York drivers, the 1986 plate design is harmonious and elegant, with the Statue of Liberty sitting comfortably amid the surrounding elements.
The oversized and unapologetic bucking bronco makes this 1969 plate from Wyoming a symbol of the West. Strong symbols and an appropriate color palette benefit this New Mexico plate, which just edged out the 2011 version. Featuring unique typography and a vibrant color palette, the Alaska plate has a tremendous amount of character while still largely adhering to the standard layout of elements.
I'm hoping someone can tell me where to get a special e39 clip on suction license plate mount if there is such a thing. Just essentially bolted an L shape kind of bracket to the bottom of the bumper, unobtrusive, stylish, and removable. My site offers a huge variety of premade images to choose from, if I feel I cant do your paid request, I will issue a refund.

It’s surprising how little thought seems to have gone into so many plate designs, considering their high visibility. Though the task was made easier by having fewer characters to accommodate, the Illinois plate from 1927 is simply fantastic. My excuse will be that when i opened the package the two plates were glued together and all the lettering from the one plate ripped of and is stuck to the back of the other and i haven't had time to trade them in yet. Made of durable .030 gauge aluminum, brightly colored with highly detailed photographic quality imagery.

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