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Multiple award winning artist, Khuli Chana, has made the Top 6 shortlist for Best International Act with the upcoming Black Canadian Awards. We have left no stone unturned to give our customers anything that is synonymous to perfection. This has consequently been a major factor in pushing up the profitability of the company over the years.

We provide 24x7 services be it a day or night. The company is run under the leadership of Mr. Vinay kumar pandey who is also the vice president of Republican Sena (Maharashtra state) and very hard worker, positive thinker and very active person. Kamlesh Pandey who has a tremendous experience in various fields like courier, cargo, logistics and travel.

Vinay D pandey who  is also a vice president of Republican Sena (Maharashtra state) and  very hard worker, positive thinker and very active person.

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