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An undercover cop joins a murderous, arms-dealing biker gang to try to put them behind bars.
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Ex-undercover cop Danny Saxon (Sheen) is recruited by the FBI to infiltrate a biker gang involved in drugs and gun smuggling. But Saxon finds himself drawn too close into the unconventional biker lifestyle and into an uneasy friendship with leader Blood (Madsen). In order to maintain the trust of the gang’s leader, he must commit ever more dangerous and heinous crimes. I’ve had it in my personal collection for yearsnow, and usually watch it every year or two. This movie would be good action flick forthe boys just to hang out and watch over a few cold ones. Enjoy!!Replymickymaster04 Aug 2014, 9:17 amthe other person that reviewed this said it was a guy movie.

I have watched this numerous times, and coming fromthat type of Lifestyle, all I can say is take a long hard look, thismovie is as real as it gets.
I would also like to say that believe me,there are short bikers out there and they can kick butt right alongwith the rest of them.
Charlie plays a real life undercover cop withissues that infiltrates a top gang run very effectively byMichaelMadsen, minus the obligitory hair and tatts. His real life character seems to parallel the life of thecharacter in the story, which may be why he was able to do such a finejob with it.Another interesting note about this story, as we are told at the end(And this is not really a serious spoiler)is that the real Dan Saxonappears as an extra in the movie, and the whole story is true. All I can say is hats off to the real Dan Saxon for evenattempting such a feat as was portrayed in the film. Also hats off to theentire cast, crew, and extras that made this very awesome movie asuccess.
The main difference is that this one is based on a true storyand is more serious fare than that film.
Charlie Sheen does asurprisingly good job in the lead role, a guy who goes deep undercoverto try and infiltrate a biker gang.

He does so very well as he makeshis motorcycle from scratch which using one already assembled andretrieved from a police lock up has nearly deadly consequences for aman who did not go quite as undercover as Charlie's character. There is a bit of action in this one, but this film isprimarily a drama and it is a good movie too. No, thisone is the superior film on almost level, it is a bit surprising to seeCharlie Sheen pull off a biker dude, but he does so very well. At first he is acomplete failure until he meets Virgil, a Harley mechanic who helps himtransform himself into a biker.
Dan Saxon takes on the aka of SID andinfiltrates the Jackals, the local OMG.No film would be complete without a love interest and Sid finds it inRenee Jason, a photo journalist who is writing a book on OMGs. Some cornylines and a little over-acting, but the rumble of Harleys and a soundtrack by Asphalt Ballet make up for any imperfections.Oh yeah.

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