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He will be full of humanitarian qualities, will be liberal hearted, full of tender feelings, well wisher of people and will have a progressive nature.
The person will be recognized for his revolutionary ideas, liberal traits and a desire to benefit the common man.
He will meet everyone with politeness, praise their qualities but be critical of them behind their back.
He will give importance to secrecy - what is in his mind, what he thinks, what he does, nobody can know easily. Characteristics to be corrected - Cultivate activity and promptness, avoid solitude, anxiety, gloom, pessimism and one should not be very rigid towards those whom one dislikes.
He will have a squarish face, wide forehead, black eyes, will be alert, bold, sharp eyed, a balanced, open and attractive nose and an impressive physical built.
He will have an interest in human behavior and is likely to get into learning about one aspect or the other in that field. There is a chance that he may suffer from diseases of the reproductive organs, speech defects, inflamed nerves, or paranoia. His longevity is likely to be good but he may have more than his share of childhood illnesses. He will know which way the wind blows and are a sophisticated interpreter of the business world. The unfavourable colours are - white, silver, opal, pearl, iridescent, silvery hue, sea-green, red(rose), straw-yellow. Just as each planet has a mantra, a special sound energy, each planet also possesses a yantra or special energy pattern. Price: Check with sellerTech GPS provides garmin map updater service to helps you in getting the best possible route.
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Putting aside decades of calculating charts with logartithms and then hand calculators, I calculate all charts by computer for greater accuracy and clarity.
I've experimented with a variety of techniques and stick with those that have proven most successful. There are various ways of dividing the chart into the twelve houses that represent different fileds of experience.
I also superimpose a Solar Chart setting the Solar Wheel at the cusp of the first house where we normally see the Ascendant. Here to the left we see Marlon Brando's natal chart, with the natal wheel set to the ascendant -- at the 9:00 position -- as the inner wheel. He will be righteous and talented and seek out knowledgeable people to get better informed. He may have a particular ability to sense the undercurrent in power-struggles and utilize his knowledge to own advantage. With a good grasp on the process of communication, he may be able to do editing and creative writing.
He will have an interest in ancient history and unconventional kinds of knowledge, such as alternate medicine, astrology, or other "occult" sciences. He may suffer from diseases, possibly overheating of some sort and his eyesight may suffer. He will attain ownership of real estate or other property, helping him to lead a comfortable life but he may have problems with land, property or vehicles therefore it is advisable to always have insurance.
The Yantra is a special geometric design or mathematical formula, which is the visible form, the energy body, of the mantra, and the planet to which it corresponds. For example, if there is a strong malefic planet in the natal chart, we cannot use Gem Therapy to neutralize the influence of that malefic planet. You might be aware that Chaughadia Muhurtas are the quick Vedic Jyotish method of finding out the intraday auspicious timings to commence or initiate important works.

This observation is based on calculation of "Accrued planetary beneficence" for each direction due to placement of various functional benefic and malefic planets in child's horoscope.
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He will know how to plunge successfully into enterprising activities or take initiative in important ventures, and excellent ability to judge the outcome of such actions. Yantras sometimes supplement the power of mantras and are as strong as the mantras themselves. In Gem Therapy we have to take recourse to indirect methods like strengthening its Lord in the chart or strengthening the Lord of the star sign in which that malefic planet is located provided that planet is not malefic itself.
We provide the best Janm kundali and Lal kitab remedies which includes answer of your any question in your own language.
If a mantra is the invisible driving force, the yantra is the visible means to gain power and wealth, ward off evil and illnesses, nullify the ill effects of planets, bring you luck in various spheres of life.
His interest in hidden things will bring him to explore, research and trace secret kinds of knowledge.
His mind may lead him to go on pilgrimages to places where he can reconcile with his vision of the supreme. He is having a Vast knowledge in tackling with issues like child birth, marriage, love, business and career choices, education choices, Mahurats, financial problems, health problems,  health, auspicious days etc.

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