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Peaceful & glowing Mama-Baby 4 hours after birth, Lotus Birth styleYou can see the herbal powder coated placenta drying in a bamboo strainerplaced in a bowl, the cord attached to the nursing baby. Just minutes after lotus birth on land, the new family opts to enjoy the warm water birthing pool, with placenta in a beautiiful glass bowl, held by father. It wasn't until the very moment that our baby daughter was born by natural means that my husband and I changed our concept of the world.
Many woman who give birth naturally do so while squatting, sitting or leaning forwards over a table etc. Hospitals tell women to lie on their backs because it's easier for the doctors to observe them that way. At that instant we shed our pragmatic American "history is bunk" attitude and realized—on a gut level—that we, as human beings, have truly evolved from and are related to (both historically and ecologically) the natural world of animals and plants. Women should take the position that feels best for them and helps the baby to be born easily and healthily. The realization has changed my perception of the world.Our daughter, Caitlin, was born by the Lamaze method of prepared childbirth.
Lying on your back prevents gravity from helping the baby descend through the cervical opening and vagina. Natural childbirth seems to mean (if the term means anything at all) that the mother refuses all drugs, grits her teeth and hangs on.
Through lots of practice, the mother reconditions herself so that—instead of tensing and screaming when a contraction comes—she begins a rhythmic pant-breathing.
As she does this the father times the contractions, steadies her performance and offers general moral support. The Lamaze people contend that the method makes labor both bearable and easier because the mother is working with, and not against, her own body.
Some devotees even insist that it makes labor totally painless but I think that's going too far.I was originally attracted to the Lamaze method by the stress which it places on the father to be with and coach the mother during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Why should she experience the profound event of childbirth alone?When we discovered that I was pregnant we were overwhelmed.

Also about that time—the fifth month—the baby started squirming inside me and quickly motivated me to call the local branch of the Psychoprophylactic Society. The folks there gave me a list of doctors who did Lamaze and a list of hospitals that gave a Lamaze course and allowed the baby's father into both the labor and delivery rooms.Additional Information on LamazeIncidentally, not all doctors—by far—believe in the Lamaze method and our "list" of hospitals contained exactly one name!
But the tide is changing and, if your doctor hasn't yet seen the light, ask him to recommend you to one who has. When we registered for the Lamaze course (which didn't begin until six weeks before our baby's due date) at the hospital to which we had been referred, we were given a list of books to read.
I'm going to tell you the three best ones (they're fall paperbacks) here because I think they present as good an idea as a book can of the Lamaze Childbirth Method:AWAKE AND AWARE by Dr. Chabon makes you enthusiastic by making the whole thing seem real.SIX PRACTICAL LESSONS FOR AN EASIER CHILDBIRTH by Elisabeth Bing gives specific explanations—with lots of illustrations—of preparatory exercises for the parents to do. The book also clearly describes the various phases of labor and explains the breathing-relaxing exercises that go with each.THANK YOU, DR.
This popular book introduced the Lamaze technique to America only 11 years ago, in 1960!As John and I devoured the books we became more and more horrified and convinced; horrified that we couldn't do it and convinced that we had to give it a try. If we had any doubts at that point, they immediately disappeared when we started the hospital classes.
Peggy Waite was the obstetric nurse who taught the course and she was supremely practical .
They may include red silk to symbolize bravery, yellow flowers such as jasmine and hibiscus to represent luck, a pencil for intelligence, perfume for keeping a person smelling nice, and different currencies for prosperity. She wasn't a fanatic (she didn't tell us we could control our feelings completely or that the mystical heights of childbirth magic would allow us to overcome all sensation of pain) . The container is then wrapped and buried by the father beside the front door of their home - to the right for a boy and the left for a girl.
The books had been thorough but a book can't communicate essence of experience the way another person can. Even Peggy couldn't really prepare us for the powerful physical-metaphysical thing we would later experience .

John and I practiced simulated labor every night (not that you can simulate labor, but we tried). At first, sitting in the hospital bed and talking to John, I felt I could stay in labor forever. I thought that maybe, I was one of those people who could have a baby with barely a twinge. After six hours—not counting the hours at home—I was still only five centimeters dilated and, in pregnant-lady jargon, that means I had a long way to go. John very sensibly said, "Nothing doing, we're holding on fine," during my fleeting moment of let's-chicken-out . He said the birth was taking too long and that I'd exhaust myself, so he gave me a shot of Pitocin to speed up contractions. I doubt that I can describe the feeling of the next few minutes: I suddenly felt a great, primeval force in me telling me to PUSH! I have never experienced anything like that before and John told me later that he was dumbfounded.I made an animal-cry with the sheer effort of giving my whole being over to that moment of intensity.
I had the dimly-conscious, mostly body-realization that I was about to repeat what the whole animal world before me had done: to give birth to a new and separate life. Early cord clamping protocols are part of the ACOG's 'active management' practices of anesthetized delivery popularized in the 1950s and continuing to dictate medical training today. Many well-intentioned parents-to-be, misled by aggressive banking business marketing, do not realize that the blood 'harvesting' creates an extreme systemic deprivation for their little one, as well as the shock and trauma that goes with it - because at birth, a child is considered anemic if deprived of even 20 to 50 percent of blood, and only 20 percent blood loss can cause shock.

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