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If you want to depend on someone to get the job done then you want someone with a 4 dominant in their charts. If you are dealing with a time frame dominated by the Numerology 4 energy then you will be looking to knuckle down and get to work, to be conservative and conforming.
The rules of reduction in the calculation of Numerology measures takes every number greater than 9, adds the digits together to reduce to a single number.
Numerology 13 meaning – Numerology 13 represents and energy that is about integrating the self to create some sort of structure, be it an organisation, institution or club perhaps.
Numerology 31 meaning – Numerology 31 is an energy that initiates self-expression to create structures. Numerology 40 meaning – Numerology 40 is an energy that represents pure work, the constant application of effort to attain a goal.
Numerology 49 meaning – Numerology 49 represents the end or conclusion of various structures and building projects and the transformation into the next stage. Numerology 58 meaning – Numerology 58 is an energy associated with working with many people to bring about a change in structure. Numerology 76 meaning – Numerology 76 is an energy associated with thought processes bringing about changes in the workplace or home. Numerology 85 meaning – Numerology 85 is an excellent vibration for athletes as it speaks of the co-ordinated movement with strength and focussed by hard work to achieve success. Numerology 94 meaning – Numerology 94 is an energy which indicates humanitarian work that is focussed on creating structure and security for communities. As you read the meaning of the double digit ciphers you will get a good sense of the Numerology 4 characteristics; structure, hard work, dependability. When looking at Numerology 9 characteristics we encounter born leadership potential, the kind of leadership that guides the masses to the greater good (unless this energy is negatively aspected and then we have a tyrannical energy). Numerology 18 meaning – Numerology 18 is an energy associated with the integration of new ideas which leads to conclusions and final accomplishments. Numerology 27 meaning – Numerology 27 is an energy that can herald the end of relationships based on an analysis of those relationships. Numerology 36 meaning – Numerology 36 is a great vibration for artists as it encompasses all that is needed for high level artistic expression. Numerology 45 meaning – Numerology 45 is an energy associated with changing work circumstances that brings the individual into contact with many people. Numerology 54 meaning – Numerology 54 is a vibration which indicates there will be endings and conclusions within the house or job as a result of changes taking place.
Numerology 72 meaning – Numerology 72 can be an energy which indicates legal action, often with public attention, to do with relationships.
Numerology 81 meaning – Numerology 81 is an energy that can herald new business initiatives that see an organization move onto the global stage. Numerology 90 meaning – Numerology 90 is an energy that could be labelled ‘the beginning of the end’ as conclusions are approached.
As you read the meaning of the double digit ciphers you will get a good sense of the Numerology 9 characteristics; conclusions, power and humanitarianism.
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Each Zodiac sign is in a different color to represent the Astral candle color for that sign. Ancient astrologers turned to the heavens for answers as to why certain gem stones apparently held magical powers. Whereas Numerology number 1 was the genesis of an idea, the Numerology number 2 the support of the idea, the Numerology number 3 the expression of that idea, numerology number 4 is about the hard work, consistency and structure to take that idea and make it take form. It is about building structure and maintaining boundaries, about determination and hard work.

They may not be exciting and they may freak out if you try and change an established structure. It is a time to be consistent and not to change to much, to work towards building up assets. As such, this energy is often associated with marriage or the initial creation of a song or book, something that utilizes words as it’s form of communication. It is the beginning of such work so the challenges, if any, will be to do with establishing routines and structure. It could be the completion of a house building project, the end of a job or even the end of a life. It can also represent a role change for a parental or guiding figure to being more of a spiritual or philosophical mentor. Someone with this number in their charts may be the sort of person to not accept the way things are, but rather always be thinking about how work, family or a love relationship could function better.
It could also be present in those that seek to change business or commercial structures such as a Merger and Acquisition specialist or an Organizational Design consultant. It can also herald changes that will affect the masses via the structures and boundaries they live within.
How you are affected by this energy depends on where it presents itself in your numerology chart. In that sense of finality the Numerology 9 energy strives for perfection, to show the way for everyone else. As such it carries a little of the energy of each of these numbers which makes the 9 energy quite charismatic as everyone can identify with them to a certain degree.
If positively aspected we might expect a person dominated by the Numerology 9 energy to be compassionate and understanding with a concern for the greater good and the welfare of all humanity. These will bring about the end of associations with some groups and potentially the beginning of associations with other groups.
This energy can also represent the enlightenment of the masses through establishing good relationships with key figures.
There is self expression and joy channelled through the vibration of love and care to reach and affect the masses. If this energy is dominant in a persons chart it could indicate one who travels around the world in their work quite a lot. This could also be the energy of someone who seeks to change public or community wide structures for humanitarian or philosophical reasons.
It speaks of resolution or conclusions to do with love, the home and domestic affairs which come about via words spoken, communication and people expressing themselves.
It can also indicate an individual coming up with new ideas which resolves problems for many people and thus generates material success for the individual. It also indicates there is new power about to be handed to an individual or the possibility that they are about to come to public attention.
Looking at the Numerology 4 characteristics we have a strong, dependable, steadfast energy that likes everything to be in its proper place and not change too much. Whereas a 3 might have success through luck, a 4 will have their success through the metaphorical blood, sweat and tears that symbolises hard work diligently carried out with consistency. But they will be loyal, they will be steadfast and they will work hard to achieve their goals. But each double digit cipher has it’s own meaning, a focus put on the resulting single digit number. If there are issues it can be around maintaining a balanced outlook and making time for others. A person with this energy is the sort of person that focuses on the end result, on getting projects completed.

The transformation of structure could be of a political structure or even a physical structure or the body (i.e. If there are challenges here they will be to do with the assertion of authority and the self-esteem required to believe in the value of their thoughts. Challenges here will be in the form of expressing ones true self and in the maintaining good health. If there are any issues they will present themselves in the need for detachment, change and the presence of uncertainty.
Use the descriptions above as a guide to what to be aware of should you find that these numbers are prominent for you. This can make this energy a testing one to have in one’s life as it will demand the highest and best of all that a person does. They are the sort of people that will be prevalent in Not For Profit organizations and charities, trying to make a difference. A person with this energy in their chart may be a good finisher of tasks, someone who comes up with good ideas about how to get the job done.
A person with this vibration in their chart may well have skills in this area, or be working towards them. If there are issues it will be to do with independence, authority and maintaining a sense of self. Depending on where this energy occurs in a persons chart, they could be the type of person that never goes to bed angry with a partner but instead insists on staying up to the midnight hour if necessary until the matter is thoroughly discussed and mutually satisfactory conclusions have been reached.
However, this energy can also indicate quiet, thoughtful philanthropy and so a person with this energy could be the thought leader behind a charity or Not For Profit organisation.
If there are issues they will be to do with careful and patient analysis, spirituality and poise. Therefore the issues are in handling this new power or in managing the demands of being in the public eye. This makes building, professional services or academic research good Numerology 4 career choices. If there is a challenge it is to do with detachment and experiencing the freedom that comes with the transformation to the next stage of the cycle.
If we look at Numerology 9 characteristics we have an energy that is powerful, understanding, tolerant and magnanimous. Of course, if the Numerology 9 energy is negatively aspected then we have an individual who is domineering, overbearing and even imperious and if given power could be a malevolent tyrant.
However they may be a tad hasty and as such there may be issues around careful analysis, wisdom and also with poise. Challenges with this vibration come in the form of detachment, freedom and dealing with change and uncertainty. If there are issues they will be to do with detachment, freedom and dealing with change and uncertainty.
It is about broad and impersonal love, as opposed to the Numerology 6 energy which is very much about personal love. If there are issues here they will be to do with the maintenance of friendships and good health. As such, good Numerology 9 career choices will be in the emergency services, hospitals and anywhere where care needs to be given to a broad range of people.

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