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To understand the impact technophysio evolution has had on global population, we can look at what demographers call the Demographic Transition Model (DTM). Stage 1: Death rates (deaths per 1,000 population) and birth rates (births per 1,000 population) vary but tend to balance each other out. Stage 3 was a period when the infant morality rate (children dying before their first birthday) was noticeably lower. Another distinguishing feature about the global DTM is the linkage between increases in per capita income and improvements in living conditions. Next we will look at the economic growth machine that made possible the recent rapid growth in population while expanding prosperity. As humanity's most luminous beacon of truth, science provides us with a last best hope for the survival of life as we know it on Earth. Let us not fail for another year to acknowledge extant research of human population dynamics. In what is admittedly a feeble effort to help John Sulston fulfill his charge to examine all available scientific evidence regarding human population dynamics, please give careful consideration to the following presentation and then take time to rigorously scrutinize the not yet overthrown science from Russell Hopfenberg and David Pimentel regarding human population dynamics and human overpopulation.
Many too many scientists with appropriate expertise as well as demographers and economists everywhere in our time apparently have been rendered apoplectic by presentations of new and evidently unforeseen scientific research of human population dynamics and the demographic transition. Self-proclaimed population experts certainly are not stupid, and yet they appear to act as if they are ‘playing stupid’. If human population dynamics is essentially common to the population dynamics of other species and, consequently, if food supply is the independent not the dependent variable in the relationship between food and population, then a lot of what has been reported could be distractions that serve to dismiss rather than disclose vital but unwelcome science of what could somehow be real regarding the human population and, more importantly, why our behavior is so utterly destructive of everything we claim to be protecting and preserving. Second, if you multiply current consumption dynamics per capita by a growing population, then certainly growth is unsustainable. As a type of energy or matter begins to become less accessible, its price will rise relative to substitute materials. Natural gas and nuclear energy are transitional alternatives for the next several decades, creating time for our technologies to evolve beyond these sources. In short, taking today's circumstances and projecting them, unaltered by innovation, into the future is a critical mistake.
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Back in the fall of 2008, we summarized our arguments that we submitted to the EPA as to the myriad reasons why the EPA should not make a finding that “greenhouse gas emissions endanger public health and welfare.” Ultimately, our arguments fell on deaf ears. Now, don’t get us wrong, we don’t believe that much of the rise in life expectancy is due to climate change, but we do assert that a substantial portion of it come from the benefits derived from a plentiful and inexpensive energy supply, largely from fossil fuels. The EPA nonetheless insists upon saving us from ourselves by limiting our emissions of greenhouse gases. While the EPA apparently is convinced that this is a risk worth taking, a lot of the rest of us aren’t so sure.
The selfie queen was so desperate that she called psychic John Edward in the hope of getting some advice, although it turned out not to be what she wanted to hear.'Not seeing you conceiving. Doting mom: Kim admitted to Matt Lauer on Today In April that she'd had a difficult delivery with daughter North, seen with Kim in this Instagram snap, and that meant there were 'challenges' to having another babyLast month, Kim told E! First time around: Kim, seen a month before giving birth to North, A has said how her first pregnancy was difficult and it wasn't a good experience. Living in the spotlight: On May 5, Kim did a book signing for her collection of selfies called Selfish but even though she wore a figure hugging outfit, there was no clue she might be pregnantKanye's fans were among the first to wish the couple well.'Kim just announced that her and Kanye are expecting their second child! The DTM is a model reflecting the experience of Western Europe, extrapolated to interpret anticipated global demographic trends.

Birth rates stay constant for a while and then began to drop in a pattern similar to death rates.
Whereas only four or five children out of eight might have lived to adulthood in the past, now seven or eight children might reach maturity. Concerns about quality of life issues including environment and health have risen in importance.
At some point our ability to extend life expectancy will hit a wall and the death rate will rise a little before stabilizing.
The distinguishing feature of the global model is that instead of a relatively smooth transition into declining death rates over decades, death rates plummet in a short time period. In the Western DTM, growth in per capita income seemed to draw living conditions to higher levels.
Looking nation by nation there is considerable variation in how demographic transitions are taking place. We must make certain that scientific evidence is never downplayed, distorted and denied by religious dogma, politics or ideological idiocy. These experts have relied upon preternatural thought and phony science to make a seemingly incontrovertible case for the viability of the human species and its current business-as-usual overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities — global overgrowth activities of a distinctly human kind that can be seen overspreading the surface of Earth and that will soon be more generally acknowledged as patently unsustainable on the finite and frangible planet we inhabit.
It seems to me that if we keep engaging in and hotly pursuing worldwide overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities, distinctly human activities that cannot be sustained much longer on a planet with size, composition and ecology of Earth, then the human species is a clear and present danger on our watch to future human well being, life as we know it, and environmental health.
In fact, a chief concern is that populations in advanced nations seem to be stabilizing with fertility rates well below replacement. The choice is about achieving economic growth over the coming decades in ways that both sustain growth and the planet. I'm not suggesting there is no need to advocate for change but were are not in situation that warrants alarmist responses.
The EPA thinks that this temperature rise is primarily the result of rising human greenhouse gas emissions (although we think that they are overly confident in this assertion). Ita€™s just a hard time,' the psychic told her over the phone as her eager sisters listened in on speakerphone.'You cana€™t psychologically dwell on conception and fertility. News that the struggle to add to their family was having a real impact on her and her rapper husband.'We are trying.
Kim wore a daring see-through gown for the Met Gala on May 4 and it's unknown if she already knew she was expecting again.
Anyone.'In the candid interview, she revealed that while she couldn't be happier to have her daughter, it had been a tough road physically and emotionally. Kim, Khloe and Kylie were left shaken following a terrifying car accident in Montana A in February.
Though both are declining, the birth rate stays significantly above the death rate for decades (see the dashed line in the chart.) This leads to a significant increase in the population. With affluence, death rates may begin to increase because of decreased physical activity and increasingly unhealthy lifestyles like overeating. Most developing nations have experienced their population explosions in the years after World War II when large amounts of aid, vaccines, and technological knowledge were made available. The global experience has been more a matter of improved living conditions and health drawing per capita income to higher levels. Still, the DTM serves as a good standardized that helps us frame questions about specific nations and regions.
In their foolhardiness, arrogance and avarice and by their lust for privilege, power and the concentrated wealth from which power and privilege are derived, TPTB have claimed ownership of the mass media.

The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster. There is concern that by the second half of the century there depopulation will set in, causing a different set of problems. Vast portions of the planet are underutilized in food production because of long outdated farming techniques. Increased industrialization also meant urbanization and a departure from traditional values about family size and the role of women.
Aid and technology transfers from the West have essentially shortened the learning curve for other nations that are following the West through the demographic transition.
Ruinously, predominant ideology has been deliberately confused with and presented as science. Global communications have become governed by what is economically beneficial, politically convenient, socially suitable, religiously tolerable and culturally contrived. Therefore, the gap between birth rates and death rates (see dashed line in graph below) is considerably larger than with the DTM for Western nations. Recent unacknowledged scientific research indicates with remarkable simplicity and clarity that human population dynamics is essentially similar to the population dynamics of other species and that the traditional demographic transition model indicating population stabilization and an end to population growth soon is pseudoscientific, fatally flawed and utterly misleading. The family of humanity has been duplicitously misguided and deceitfully duped by overly-educated, absurdly enriched sycophants of rich and powerful greedmongers who have been undermining and perverting science. With regard to non-renewable materials, nearly everything we us today can ultimately be made of from renewable materials. This lessened the amount of disease and allowed more people to live longer and more vigorous lives. Fundamental mistakes have been made but experts have consciously refused to perform their duties to science and humanity by making necessary corrections.
The shared ideology of TPTB and their many minions leads to their imperious denial of scientific research that not only presents inconvenient truth but also exposes the ruse underpinning a non-negotiable but unsustainable way of organizing human civilization on our watch. Nanotechnology holds the promise of being able to breakdown matter at the molecular level and reassemble it into other materials.
This led to greater affluence and greater sophistication in knowing how to create a better quality of life.
One of many pernicious effects of this situation is the willful denial of the best available scientific research of subjects like human population dynamics and the demographic transition. People become evermore empowered and greater demands were made for environmental improvements, safety, and health care. Resulting misunderstandings have been decisive in paving the way for a civilization nearing its collapse. Without knowledge of why we are doing what we are doing, every one of us is forever trapped in an eternal recurrence of unsustainable life cycles, I suppose. 1.'''But we're literally trying everything that we can to make it happen, so I'm to the point now where it's not as stressful to me. Civilizations have crashed before, but never has the demise of a civilization put at risk future human well being and the Earth as a fit place for human habitation. Should this perspective be somehow on the right track, then we could be witnesses to a colossal failure of nerve as well as to a determinative loss of capacity to do the right things, according to ‘the lights’ and scientific knowledge each of us possesses.

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