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To find out more, ring Lori’s new love line on 0907 181 2948, enter your zodiac sign code and select OPTION 3.
The signs are the Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Dragon, Dog, Pig, monkey, Ox, Rat and Rooster.
Best keep your feet on the ground.MayLove is back on track making you feel wanted and appreciated. Chinese Astrology is one of the oldest forms of Astrology in History and the origins of the naming of the animals remains unknown.

Chinese Zodiac Astrology runs on the Lunar Cycle and has been part of the Chinese culture for thousands of years.
You may rest and never answer you inner call to rule, it is you choice, but your best expression is in the leadership. The kingdom you rule depends from your suit - it can be love and relationship (Hearts), knowledge (Clubs), realm of values (Diamonds), work and wisdom (Spades).
We also created a great Chinese Horoscope Compatibility feature , where you can find out the compatibility between you , your friends , family and loved ones.

Hearts correspond with our childhood - Spring season, the element Fire, the Youth and Love.

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