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Choosing a career in personal development is one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made in my life. One of the greatest things about You were Born Rich is the fact that it doesn’t just speak to the head it speaks to the heart as well. This book allows the reader top understand how we really are in control of our own destinies and that with a true level of commitment we can achieve what we want to achieve in life. This analogy made a lot of sense to me and my and my life because I started to see a potential correlation between the way I had been thinking and the results that I had been getting.
My copy of You were Born Rich is always on show on my book case and I still regularly consult it. Sign-up for Jermaine's 'Empowerment Emails' and stop giving into the pressure of your past and start being the Director of your Destiny. It has allowed me (and still allows me) to have so much fun learning, growing and consequently teaching from the thoughts of the most amazing authors, speakers and business people.
It is another one of those self help books that you simply have to read if you are looking to experience rapid personal growth.

Proctor has the amazing ability to explain to the reader how our thoughts have such a huge impact on the results that we experience in our lives. He outlines how acorns are just like humans (and everything else in our universe) in as much that they are just a mass of energy is a high speed of vibration. An example of this was the way that I had always thought that the best way to take care of myself and my loved ones financially was to progress through University as I was doing, ‘get a good job’ that paid well and be done with it. However, sign up now and receive your success tools and GET YOUR 'RUT BUSTER TOOL KIT TODAY!
The whole world is full of inspirational mentors and the great Bob Proctor is no exception. Isn’t it amazing when someone speaks to the ‘whole you’ and their message resonates with you on a conscious and subconscious level?
Bob Proctor has been involved with personal and professional development for longer than any other human that is alive today. This book doesn’t just advocate Positive Thinking for the sake of thinking positively it really explains why things like a positive mindset and setting goals are important.

However, the second that you plant the acorn, it starts to attract the energy particles that help the growth of an oak tree. Luckily for me I made a conscious effort to use the ideas of Bob Proctor (and others) to reprogram my thinking and perceive life in a completely different way.
There are a phenomenal amount of happy, successful people that pin their achievements his advice and teachings. You may even find that the messages are conveyed so powerfully that some of your beliefs may be changed immediately. This rate of vibration is dependent upon the person’s thoughts and they then proceed to attract the energy that correlates with their most common thoughts.

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