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The LUXURY BOXED SET includes a hard-cover book with a photo-print of Joi Ito affixed to the inner cover (shown); each book is hand-assembled and individually stamped 1-50 (click each image for detail).
Both editions contain 56 large portraits and 242 smaller portraits by Joi Ito: many friends and all members of a free society. The editions also include important new essays by Lawrence Lessig, Joi Ito, Howard Rheingold, Lawrence Liang, Cory Doctorow, Yochai Benkler, Isaac Mao and Marko Ahtisaari. The Large Portrait section is comprised of double-sided, folded sheets die cut to reveal the name on the inner fold.

The LUXURY BOXED SET of Freesouls includes 1 (one) hard-cover hand-numbered book (shown here in 3 different views), 30 art-quality portraits and a Model Release.
The books graphic has 3 books stacked on top of each, or you can separate each book to make it look individual book icon.
The books icon is created in Photoshop using shape layers, and you can easily change the size of the graphic without losing quality. A LUXURY BOXED SET with a hard-cover book (left) in an edition of 50 copies, and a LIMITED EDITION soft-cover book with a print run of 1024 copies.

The LIMITED EDITION comprises a soft-cover book (with a dust-jacket) machine-numbered 1-1024.
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