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KLM has unveiled a modified livery with the arrival of its latest Embraer 190 aircraft, PH-EXD. Although not a major departure from its existing livery, the new scheme adds a little flair and new design to the forward part of the fuselage. This page will give you complete baggage allowance details for all passengers of KLM flights. Accessories permitted include one of the following: handbag, briefcase, camera, small laptop, or one other item of similar or smaller size.
If you did not report your missing luggage when you arrived at the airport, you will have 21 days to do so at the airport where you arrived. Liquids may be carried in your hand baggage but only in small amounts not exceeding 100 ml per article.

Sports equipment means diving, golf, ski and water-ski equipment, wind, wave or kite surfing equipment and bicycles (no tandems). If part of your journey is operated by an airline other than KLM or AIR FRANCE, different rules for special baggage may apply.
The replacement of seven Fokker 70s with six new Embraers brings the total fleet in 2014 to 28 Embraer 190 and 19 Fokker 70 aircraft. In the customs hall at each airport, you will find a baggage service desk where you will receive a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and a file reference number.
You must place these in a transparent and sealable plastic bag with a volume of no more than 1 litre. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, please go to the desk next to baggage claim area 14 in arrivals hall 2.

For the first time, business and leisure passengers in the county will no longer have to face the often difficult journey to Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted to catch flights to a host of worldwide destinations. The new service has created 42 airport jobs and around 5,000 tickets have been sold so far. Manston Airport chief executive Charles Buchanan at the launch of KLM flights to Schiphol "This is a fantastic day," airport chief executive Charles Buchanan said. A quick hop to Amsterdam and the world's your oyster." Mr Buchanan was happy with the level of bookings so far, but hoped to see even more.

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