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Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation widely known as IRCTC is an online passenger reservation system provides booking facility of Railway tickets online and offers other services like checking reservation status, train availability, seats availability, reservation, inquiry, check PNR status, passenger status and much more. The official said, IRCTC is already in talks with certain banks under which passengers, who use their credit cards, will get a cash back offer. The idea of the TGV train appeared for the first time in 1960 after the Japanese Shinkansen trains began the construction known as the "bullet train". If you are looking for booking an Indian Railways Train Ticket online, IRCTC has an online booking facility for Indian Railways Train Tickets.You can book a train ticket from any station to any station in India to travel in any class, 90 days in advance of journey date. Enter your source and destination stations with date, preferred class of travel and also choose an i-ticket or e-ticket.
Originally Posted by wild_jon Can someone tell me what these 2 codes mean while looking to book tickets online. In this case, since it is the same train, it can be concluded that this train sees a intermediate charting.

Now here is a good news for the users those are using IRCTC online site to reserve train ticket they can now book Air tickets online. During cancellation of tickets you will be charged much less than the other online travel agencies. In 1976 the French government agreed to finance the construction of the first line, and the mid-1990s, trains have become so popular that the SNCF chairman took the TGV: "train, which had saved the French railways". It is also the season when people would like to visit their favorite tourism spots or visit their relatives living in distant towns or cities.This is usually a very busy season for Trains in India and booking a train ticket is not that easy. If you don’t have an account with IRCTC, Create a free account with an username and password of your choice.
Once you have created an account successfully, you have to log in using this username and password to book a ticket. An i-ticket refers to a ticket which will be delivered by courier at your residential address.

Any one of the traveling passenger in this ticket has to provide proof of his or her identity like Voter ID card, Passport, PAN Card, Driving License or Photo Identity Card issued by the Central or State Government.The same identity proof should be carried during the train journey. The list of all trains available between the selected source and destination stations appear on the screen. Ensure that your residential address is given correctly, as it will ensure prompt delivery of booked tickets if you opt for delivery of tickets. According to an official news the IRCTC is looking at 10 per cent market share in the first 6 months in the airline ticket booking space and there are around 1, 50,000 airline seats available daily out of which around 40-50 per cent or 70,000-75,000 seats are sold online.

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