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We're passionate about traveling with kids and want families everywhere to love it as much as we do.
If you find our tips and advice useful, using our Check Availability button for any property featured in the CB! The Ciao Bambino!Editorial section is richwith trip ideas, itineraries and destination details for traveling with children. If you’re looking for a memorable kid-friendly activity in Rome, Gladiator School is an event your children will never forgot.
The two-hour class begins with a Gladiator history lesson in the Gruppo Storico Romano Museum with artifacts, models, weapons, and costumes from Ancient Rome. Our Family Vacation Consulting Team will work with you to book accommodations, recommend activities and more, all with one-on-one support. Editorial Note: Gruppo Storico Romano provided us with a free session to review the class on Ciao Bambino.
Hi Jamie – We get mostly great feedback about the Gladiator School … but you are absolutely correct, the location is definitely out there and I can imagine that it was very uncomfortable on a hot day! Hi Jamie – Indeed, it is far out and I can definitely see how it could be miserable on a really hot day. When our heroes discover that Jason has been captured by Pasiphaes troops, they know they must do all they can to rescue him before he is lost forever.

Synopsis: When our heroes discover that Jason has been captured by Pasiphaes troops, they know they must do all they can to rescue him before he is lost forever. All is not lost however because thanks to the efforts of Pythagoras our heroes have managed to find Jason’s father  Aeson, who has managed to sneak into Atlantis as a corpse bearer and has managed to find Jason. Meanwhile Pasiphae’s grip on the throne is becoming more and more unstable as even her protege Medea seems to be somewhat disgusted at her queens taste for cruelty. Again some great performances this week, but hats have to go off to John Hannah who puts in a nice turn as Jason’s father Aeson and has some fantastic scenes. Sarah Parish remains on form as Pasiphae, but Amy Manson manages to put in a fabulous performance this week as Medea, who seems to be beginning to see that she is on the wrong side of the argument. Mark Addy, Robert Emms and Aiysha Hart also put in solid performances, but were somewhat sidelined this week to allow Aeson and Jason to have their father son moments. For most part this episode was set up for what will unfortunately be next weeks series finale. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Nancy has raved about her experience at for years and my 9-year-old Devon was thrilled to finally give it a go over our spring family vacation in Italy. A perfect day pairs a visit to the Coliseum followed by Gladiator School so the context is fresh and exciting.

Many of our clients have a great experience with their set up and my son loved it too, but your story is not a good one. Thanks the the betrayal of Icarus Jason has been captured and made to fight as a gladiator, where he remains directly under the evil spell of his mother Pasiphae.
Its to bad that so little happened during the first half of this second season, which was great out the gate, but fell a little flat until the second half of the season picked the pace up again. You pay 20 euros to drive to the outskirts of the city outside of Rome to be dropped off on a dirt road.
If you have a big group, it may be worth reaching out to Gruppo Storico Romano directly and asking for a special group rate. The tutoring was not worth the 122 euros (unlike every other vendor in Europe they insisted the 100 euro price did not include VAT if you used credit card. Given the fight-focused subject matter and complex moves required to participate, I recommend Gladiator School for ages 8 and up. We were then brought into a small make shift ring that was also mosquito infested and my son was taught a few amateur gladiator moves.

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