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So, if it is humans that determine morality, and humans are merely molecules in motion, then it must follow that morality is merely caused by some of those molecules in motion affecting other molecules in motion; There can be no other cause. The moral law does not ultimately come from within each individual, for then no one could call the actions of another, such as Hitler, evil. Appealing to world or societal consensus as the ultimate source of the moral law is actually just an extension of the view that the individual is the ultimate source. The absolute moral law is eternal and unchanging, for we use it to condemn the actions of past generations. Since the absolute moral law leads directly to the existence of the theistic God (the absolute moral law Giver), many atheists and pantheists may feel compelled to reject it’s existence. Some cults and various man-made religions claim to hold to these, but this is only to maintain the guise and stability of true Christianity. Paul claims that people professing to be believers who live in immorality give us Biblical grounds to no longer have fellowship with them. The freedom of Christian choice concerning the morality of actions must be based on the Bible.
Bottom line, if one does not hold to the fundamentals or is living in immorality they are not in a position to be in proper fellowship.
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The moral law does not ultimately come from each society, for then one society could not call the actions of another society (such as Nazi Germany) wrong. Since the moral law is eternal and unchanging, the moral law Giver must also be eternal and unchanging. On the other hand, people who wish to live promiscuous lives often choose to reject God’s existence. Or that, when believers disagree about various dogma and doctrine at what point does one claim “heresy” and discontinue fellowship?
However, I am only lenient to the point that the other four fundamentals of the faith can still be gleaned and defended. If anyone does not hold to these fundamentals, I would really question their relative Christianity. If someone claims, “I am a Christian who believes it is okay for me to have sex with my boyfriend.” This is beyond the scope of choice given to the believer. Our lawyers handle trials in state and federal courts, in Charlottesville, across Virginia and in appropriate circumstances, in other states.
We've all heard of surgeons leaving sponges and instruments in the body after an operation. This leads to a look at the transformation of Charles Darwin’s philosophy from Christian to Atheist. In personal morality, each person gets to decide their own version of right and wrong for themselves.
Of course, this is purely subjective and may change based on how they’re feeling at the moment.
Based on those and our ability to choose the course of action that benefits us the most, we humans, over eons of time, developed systems of social morality.
Speaking on a broad range of topics, this show is going to cover a number of topics in series format. When they are wronged, they appeal to an objective and universal law that stands above man.
Finally, the moral law does not ultimately come from world consensus, for world consensus is often wrong. However, for there to be a moral law above all men (in order to judge all men), this moral law must be qualitatively above all men.
Before answering this question, it must be stated that the idea of dis-fellowship should only be applied to believers. So then, the point of this blog is to answer the question, “to what can the Christian say, ‘I believe…’” and it still correspond with orthodoxy? If the Bible becomes so errant that the deity of Christ has become forfeit such a view of Scripture is detrimental.
Now, as stated before, people often refer to themselves as “Christians” when what they really mean is theist.

There are some Christians who won’t have fellowship with non-beleivers because of immorality. Fernandes supported the Traditional View in which Hell is understood to be Eternal Conscious Torment. On the other hand, in social morality, a single, prevailing culture creates a standard of behavior. Aren’t we glad that morality doesn’t change based on how someone else feels that day? Eventually, as their story goes, these social systems of morality combined with superstition to form religion. Expect to hear such topics as: apologetics, modern politics and how to be a better Christian in a secular world.
Moral relativists deny the absolute moral law in the lecture hall, but they live by it in their everyday lives. If there is an absolute moral law qualitatively above all men, all societies, and the world consensus, then there must be an absolute moral law Giver that stands qualitatively above all men, all societies, and world consensus.
If this standard was applied to unbelievers or people who have no consistent and reliable information about Jesus and the Bible, why would we suppose them to be anything less then heretics? On the other hand, if one feels the Scriptures are completely accurate save a few historical or cultural datum I may not believe that either (although this view also upholds the other 4 points).
The reason I make this distinction is that if one claims to be a Christian, they are soldered to very specific views about the Bible, Jesus and the other fundamentals—any strays in these areas cause the erosion of Christianity into finite human religion. If an act or the idea of it is not forbidden in scripture, and it ultimately leads to the good, one is free to partake in it. Chris Date argued in favor of Conditionalism (Also known as Conditional Immortality or Annihiliationism). In short, each series will provide an in depth analysis of issues relevant to today’s Christian. Moral relativists reserve the right for themselves to call the actions of Hitler wrong, but, if there is no such thing as right and wrong (as the moral relativists say), they cannot really call any action wrong.
Further, if there was no fellowship with such people, how would they learn and know the truth?
Thus, if a unbeliever holds to an errant view of Jesus it should not be faulted on that person, but rather, with meekness and fear correct the view.

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