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This infographic by graphic artist Jared Fanning shows the top 10 most popular books by sales over the past 50 years. Here is the expanded second edition of America's best-selling guide to nutritional, herbal, and complementary therapies. Included in this edition of Prescription for Nutritional Healing are the latest research and theories on the treatment of aging, Alzheimer's disease, chronic fatique, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, HIV and AIDS, infertility, inflammatory bowel disorders, osteoporosis, and a host of other critical subjects. We are not responsible to honor advertised prices that are the result of typos or mistakes in data entry. If an order is placed for items with these types of mistakes, we will notify the customer and cancel the order.If you were pleased with our service, please put your comments here Thanks!
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Antarctic publishes the second volume of the popular anthology focusing on anthropomorphic and funny-animal comics. Untitled story starring Erma Felna, Itzak Arrat, Shato, Colonel Hitzok, Dea-Htuhok, and Dr Kalakahaii, script and art by Steven A. Untitled story starring Erma Felna, Colonel Hitzok, and Dea-Htuhok, script and art by Steven A. Space explorer Erma Felna deals with the additional challenges of sudden parenthood; also, a text article about Ermas agency, the Extraplanetary Defense Force. The Extraplanetary Defense Force contends with rebel and terrorist attacks in addition to ConFed corruption from within.
Scenes From a Room starring Erma Felna, script by Mike Curtis, art by Mike Sagara; Background story of Erma's mother and father.

First Impressions, script by Mike Curtis, art by Mike Sagara; Background story of Erma's first meeting Toki.
The Second Wish--Greek-like fable, script by Fred Patten, art by Terrie Smith; A fox gets a wish for helping Hermes and tries to sneak a second one.

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