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Vaastu, Astrology, Numerology, Feng-Shui, Pyra-Vaastu, Map Analysis, Horoscope Analysis, Residential and commercial vaastu correction without demolition. Born in a renowned family of vedic scholars & spiritual healers, Pt.Gopal Sharma, an engineering graduate of 1973 from Delhi College of Engineering is a luminary in many fields.
This book covers preparation of grid and discovering future trends, compatibility with other persons, Determine the arrows of strength and weekness.
Also, explains how to find missing numbers from your date of birth and provides detailed solutions to over come the effects of missing numbers.
This book gives you a new vantage point from which to look at your self; one with greater distance and perspective than many other self help systems. One of the first things that you will want to think about is why you need the book and what you plan on doing with it. For example, if you want to learn numerology or expand your knowledge on the topic then you want to look for a book that will cover almost all the points about numerology. However, if you have a more specific purpose then you will want to look for a book that focuses on that particular topic. Go any further back and you may get information that does not apply to today's numerology methods. Leaving feedback is not something people do unless they feel strongly about something and feel it is worth taking the time to leave a review. There are different ways that you can figure out which numerology books to buy and see your options a bookstore employee is a great resource since they will know the books and be familiar with the content. I am a professional numerologist and practicing numerological services for more than 30 years.
This work, a magnum opus in the field of numerology is the result of the learned author’s extensive research of over thirty years. This book introduces you to the fascinating world of numbers, and shows how they influence your destiny. Wide selection of authentic material from Vedic, Modern, Western, Karmic, Spiritual & Electional Astrological literature, this book can be of immense help to all those who are inclined to learn this ancient occult science. This book is a reservoir of information, which explores the scientific mediums of astrology from formation & conclusion of horoscope in a lucid way. NOTE: The hidden truths revealed in this groundbreaking book will transform your life and give you the necessary tools to create the loving relationships you desire! THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 6 - LOVE RELATIONSHIPS (KBN6) guides you through this revolutionary method of understanding the Secrets of Love and Happiness via the mystical science of numbers.
THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 6 - LOVE RELATIONSHIPS reveals the fundamental Secret of all great relationships, marriages and partnerships, which revolves around the quality and quantity of Mutual Energetic Resonance between the partners. Discover the numeric secrets as to why these Celebrity and Hollywood marriages succeeded or failed! THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 5 - IR SETS - LEVEL 1 is a must for every student of The King's Numerology system. THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 5 - IR SETS - LEVEL 1 contains all of the 81 IR Sets and over 700 examples of real life case studies, offering a general explanation of each of the 81 IR Sets in order to create a foundation on which to build a greater understanding of how life's events affect us. THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 5 - IR SETS - LEVEL 1 is the fifth text in the King's Numerology book series.
THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 4 - INTERMEDIATE PRINCIPLES gives you tools to dig deeper into the secrets of life and destiny. THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 4 - INTERMEDIATE PRINCIPLES shares the deeper wealth of numbers with those sentient individuals seeking truth beyond the mundane facade of everyday living and common consciousness. THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 4 - INTERMEDIATE PRINCIPLES is the fourth text in the King's Numerology book series. MASTER NUMBERS are the nuclear component of the numeric spectrum and play powerful roles in the destinies of individuals. THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 3 - MASTER NUMBERS delves deeply into the subject of master numbers – multiple digit numbers of the same cipher, focusing especially on binary master numbers: 11-22-33-44-55-66-77-88-99.
THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 3 - MASTER NUMBERS also discusses Voids contained within master numbers and how their presence critically affects the expression and complexity of life. THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 3 - MASTER NUMBERS is the third text in the King's Numerology book series. THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY II: FORECASTING - PART 1 initiates the student into the formulas, processes and timelines of determining individual life and destiny. THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY, VOLUME I - FOUNDATIONS & FUNDAMENTALS begins the student's numerology journey with a complete explanation of the basics of life and destiny through the ancient art and science of numbers. THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY, VOLUME I - FOUNDATIONS & FUNDAMENTALS leads you step by step easily and efficiently through the learning process beginning with a complete description of basic numbers, double numbers, purifier numbers, master numbers and the letters in simple and specific form.
THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY, VOLUME I - FOUNDATIONS & FUNDAMENTALS is inextricably bound to a spiritual focus. The Galactic Transcripts will take you on a journey that is as provocative as it is mysterious.
Learn what the Space Brotherhood also has to say about other organizations such as the Galactic Counsel, Confederation of Galaxies, Counsel of Lords, Solar Tribunal, and the Solar Cross Foundation.

The Galactic Transcripts offer us descriptions of other worlds, their inhabitants, morals, ethics, and histories. Those who have read The Galactic Transcripts have found them to be life-altering, profound, inspirational, transformative. PARENTING WISDOM - WHAT TO TEACH THE CHILDREN is a sibling to Parenting Wisdom For The 21st Century – Raising Your Children By Their Numbers To Achieve Their Highest Potential. As a father, grandfather, and professional martial arts instructor, Richard Andrew King shares personal strategies which he has successfully used in the critically important function of sculpting strong, independent, and balanced children en route to becoming successful adults. PARENTING WISDOM FOR THE 21ST CENTURY is a revolutionary addition to the process of arguably the most important job in the world, parenting.
Master Numerologist, father and grandfather Richard Andrew King teaches you the secrets to understanding your children's destinies through the most ancient of all sciences, numbers. The powerful information contained within PARENTING WISDOM FOR THE 21ST CENTURY will reveal the hidden desires driving your children, the paths they will follow in life, the roles they will give on the great life stage and much more – all designed to augment your parenting wisdom and support life's paramount parental purpose .
DESTINIES OF THE RICH & FAMOUS explores the secret numbers of the following famous global icons and explains through The King's Numerology why they are both rich and famous - Dr. THE BLACK BELT BOOK OF LIFE highlights forty foundational principles for creating a masterful, successful life, not just for martial artists but for everyone, adults and children alike.
YOUR LOVE NUMBERS reveals the secret formula defining all great relationships and how to assess the love potential of any relationship in a matter of minutes. YOUR LOVE NUMBERS is based on thirty years of relationship research by master numerologist, Richard Andrew King. YOUR LOVE NUMBERS teaches you how to assess a relationship or potential relationship in minutes, saving you endless time, energy, effort and possible heartache in the end. THE AGE OF THE FEMALE: A THOUSAND YEARS OF YIN highlights the profound and extraordinary ascent of the female in the modern world, placing her center stage in the global spotlight as presidents and leaders of nations, titans of industry, corporate executives, military generals, media magnets, doctors, lawyers and a whole host of other prestigious titles normally associated with the male.
THE AGE OF THE FEMALE II: HEROINES OF THE SHIFT continues the remarkable ascent of the female in the modern world by honoring selected women in a variety of categories. The achievements of the women featured in The AGE OF THE FEMALE II: HEROINES OF THE SHIFT are deserving of respect and admiration.
THE AGE OF THE FEMALE II: HEROINES OF THE SHIFT is intended to be an inspiring and educational read for everyone, not just women but men, too, offering knowledge and insight of the depth, power and daring-do of women as their Yin energy rises upon the global stage in this millennium which destiny has irrefutably marked as the Age of the Female.
BLUEPRINT OF A PRINCESS: DIANA FRANCES SPENCER - QUEEN OF HEARTS thoroughly depicts the amazing fairytale but troubled life and tragic death of Princess Diana of Wales through the ancient science of numerology.
BLUEPRINT OF A PRINCESS: DIANA FRANCES SPENCER - QUEEN OF HEARTS is dedicated to addressing the issues of her amazing life through the ancient science and art of numerology, specifically The King's Numerology.
BLUEPRINT OF A PRINCESS: DIANA FRANCES SPENCER - QUEEN OF HEARTS, although a great general read in itself, is also an excellent resource of study for students of numerology. 99 POEMS OF THE SPIRIT is a selection of original works of Richard Andrew King, drawing from the writings of Perfect Saints, Masters, Mystics and Sacred Scriptures, encompassing a wide range of spiritual topics. The selections within 99 POEMS OF THE SPIRIT are designed to lift the mind, heart and consciousness, allowing the individual to connect with the mystic side of life in order to enhance the process of self-realization while advancing on the spiritual path and climbing the ladder leading to the ultimate attainment of God Realization. If you like poetry and spiritual food for thought, then 99 POEMS OF THE SPIRIT is a book you want to read and have in your personal library. MESSAGES FROM THE MASTERS: TIMELESS TRUTHS FOR SPIRITUAL SEEKERS offers comforting solace for those souls thirsty for spiritual nectar in their journey from the outer world of form to the inner worlds of the formless. While numerology does not constantly change, things do change from time to time so finding a current book on the subject is important to get the most recent facts and methods. While you don't need a book published last month, you should look for one that has been published in the last 20 years.
If you can add 1 + 1, you can quickly learn how to utilize and benefit from the great truths shared within this book.
This resonance (MER) is easily identified from the natal data of the individuals involved – their full birth names and birth dates. KBN5 extends the explanation of IR Sets initiated in The King's Book of Numerology II: Forecasting – Part 1.
Because of its sequential nature, it is highly suggested the reader first study The King's Book of Numerology, Volume I – Foundations & Fundamentals, The King's Book of Numerology II – Forecasting – Part I, The King's Book of Numerology 3 - Master Numbers, The King's Book of Numerology 4 - Intermediate Principles. Because of its sequential nature, it is highly suggested the reader first study The King's Book of Numerology, Volume I – Foundations & Fundamentals, The King's Book of Numerology II – Forecasting – Part I and The King's Book of Numerology 3 - Master Numbers. Because of its sequential nature, it is highly suggested the reader first study The King's Book of Numerology, Volume I – Foundations & Fundamentals and The King's Book of Numerology II – Forecasting – Part I. Also included is the Annual Cycle Pattern format, a discussion of Voids, and Case Studies contrasting the dramatiacally similar charts of Princess Diana of Wales and legendary cinematic icon, Marilyn Monroe. KBN I provides a thorough, well-designed plan for studying, understanding and applying the ancient science and art of numerology to our lives and destinies. A man sees a cigar-shaped UFO, subsequently becomes involved in receiving channeled messages from intergalactic "human" beings, and then, within hours of his death, writes Border to Infinity as the final entry in his personal journal. Its thirty-seven transmissions are channeled from a non-earth, alien group who identify themselves as members of the Space Brotherhood – messages imparted by representatives known as Monka, Korton, Traenor, Klala, Hatton, Lalur, and Soltec. This new offering addresses thirty-three fundamental guidelines and principles for raising fulfilled, whole, and substantive children.

Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Elvis Presley, General George Patton, Howard Hughes, John F.
Too, it reveals the clear correlation between a person's life and his or her natal data - the date of birth and full name of birth, illustrating the reality that fame and fortune and destined! Applying his unique and revolutionary new theories, love and attraction between people can be determined using very easy to learn concepts. By knowing ourselves and the people we love, our relationships will be potentially more rewarding, satisfying, productive, peaceful, lasting and loving .
It is an insightful and exciting read into these mysteries, offering compelling and irrefutable evidence through the ancient science and art of numerology that, indeed, the age of the female has arrived and the next thousand years belong, not to him, but to her.
This installment is a general read in five chapters honoring the accomplishments of women in categories of female firsts, female Nobel laureates, female athletes, female icons and female quotations.
Their lives, challenges and successes are motivational catalysts for every individual to be the best he or she can be and to honor the very essence of what it is to be human. During her life, Princess Diana was arguably the most famous, the most photographed, the most written about woman of the modern world and possibly of all time.
Each of our lives is a book, and this work offers an example of how a person's life can be explained using only their birth name and birth date. Themes covered are karma, reincarnation, transmigration, destiny, devotion, vegetarianism, attainment, the human form, love, morality, heaven, hell, the inner regions, justice, the nature of this world, illusion, deception, success, money, the Pendulum, the struggle between this world and the higher worlds and much, much more. It is a treasure chest of poetic spiritual gems offered to excite, educate and stimulate the mind and soul in the glorious journey of spiritual ascent. The messages in this book focus on the importance of the Divine Diet, the priceless Human Form, Reincarnation, the World, the Negative Power and Soul Food. Having a greater in-sight into your strengths and weeknesses will help you in every aspect of life. A numerologist could offer you a trusted opinion and you know he or she will know what they are talking about.
It is quite original in style and method I have tried my best to make it as simple a possible Book will certainly help both students and professionals. In fact, this birth data is where the mysteries of everything, including love relationships and destiny, all begins.
ENDURING HOLLYWOOD MARRIAGES: Ron Howard & Cheryl Alley, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson, Suzanne Somers & Alan Hamel, Alan Alda & Arlene Weiss, Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward. Numbers are arithmetic codes describing and defining the energies that comprise our lives and destinies. Every student of numerology – beginner to expert – needs to understand master numbers and how they impact life and destiny. Other messages shed light on the original colonization of earth, telepathic communication, the power of love, the program of the Radiant One, and much more. Open your mind and allow the transcripts to take you beyond the limitations of our world and into new, undiscovered worlds far beyond our galaxy. Although part of the Parenting Wisdom series, this is not a book on numerology, but a guideline offering important life skills for creating whole, balanced, and substantive adults. Her tragic death was one of the most shocking and saddening events of the late Twentieth Century and certainly of the 1990s. In Birthday Numerology well-known numerologist Dusty Bunker and psychic counselor Victoria Knowles combine their knowledge of numerology, psychic development and symbolism to explain the significance of birthday numbers.Now you can examine different aspects of your own personality in relation to your birthday number. Like priceless treasures discovered during an archaeological dig, numbers and number patterns buried beneath the surface of single numbers contain a treasure trove of untold wealth and secret riches of knowledge and wisdom. Not since the assassination of American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963, has such an event captured the attention of the world community.
Although the epitome of love and wisdom, they shoot straight from the hip, pull no punches, favor no religion.
You can also focus on the personalities of family members, close friends and even complete strangers.The thirty-one numbers cover each day of the month so you can easily find your own number. He represent five generations of traditional Vedic Scholars behind him and his knowledge of many languages enabled him topresent his knowledge in easy to understand and pick up.He was awarded the title of JYOTISH-KALA-NIDHI by Swami Sivananda of the Yoga Vedanta Forest University of Rishikesh.
These case studies are powerfully insightful because they reveal, without question, the dramatic and irrefutable correlation between love and numbers. Their universal message of soul liberation is reflected in the statement of Saint Maharaj Charan Singh: Just live in the creation and get out of it! Their chief duty is to rescue souls, liberating them from the maniacal maelstrom and madness of the material world and returning them to their eternal Home with the Lord. Learn why your birthday is so crucial in evaluating your personality and other facets of your life.

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