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Brightly-colored illustrations with lively aliteration and word sounds are completely engaging for preschool through 2nd grade readers. Book recommendations for both adults and children; written by a librarian who is always looking for her next book fix. Some of my favorite, most sentimental memories of raising my kids for the last eleven (some days seems like three minutes, some days seems like a century) years are those in which we were curled up together at bedtime with a good book.
Bright green, wide-eyed, flat-footed Froggy is one of those; he’s a kid just like his readers - except that he has an appetite for flies! And, like many of you, we've read hundreds of picture books over the years, but it's particularly special when we've gotten to delve into a chapter book together.
Fortunately, there are scads of these popular Froggy stories, so the fun doesn’t have to end with one or two.

Reading aloud is, of course, an essential experience for learning to read and for language development. But more than that, it offers both a way to connect to our children, and the opportunity to share an adventure together as we pilot a spaceship that will transport our kids to entirely new and exciting worlds. Who doesn't want to be around for that kind of fun?Here are my absolute favorite read-alouds, with a brief publisher blurb on content. Jones, is a classroom favorite and has been keeping kids laughing—and reading—for over 20 years!
All are appropriate for both boys and girls, and each is presented with the relevant range for interest. These are books that you will delight in just as much as your children, and some might lead to some good discussion about the issues each raises.

2016 read alouds too-good-to-miss lists; the read alouds too-good-to-miss program is a project of the association of indiana school. Enjoy![Oh, and by the way, if reading aloud is not available to your family for one reason or another (like trying to get three kids of differing ages to bed at the same time), consider the audio recorded versions (either on CD or digital audio). Audio books are usually narrated by talented actors who do worlds to bring a chapter book to life.

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