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The Hyack Teen Read Award is a joint program between NWSS Library and NWPL designed to increase voluntary reading among New Westminster teens. There is substantial research that proves that youth who read often, voluntarily, and have access to books, have  higher literacy and academic outcomes. We hope that by showcasing local and international books shortlisted by their community, our youth will receive even more encouragement to read. This novel, although it arrives with almost no fanfare, is one of the most important reissues of the year.
Kesha’s Billboard Awards Cancellation Suggests the Musician Is Still Very Much at the Mercy of Dr. They make fantastic gifts as well, with titles suitable for a range of ages, birth to teens.
These will not be Usborne-exclusive lists, but there will probably be some Usborne titles on the book lists, as they fit the topic.

Well, if you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up for my Usborne-specific newsletter here. Since I’m new at this I can offer double host rewards, which means lots of free and half-price books for you. This is because Sokolov is one of the greatest living Russian writers, even if he lives in Canada. NWSS Library has hosted three of this year’s authors- Ranj Dhaliwal (Daaku), Ashley Little (Anatomy of a Girl Gang) and Elizabeth Stewart (Blue Gold), all who engaged their audiences in fascinating discussions and read-alouds.
As a partnership between the NWPL and NWSS Library, the Hyack Teen Read program promotes reading for pleasure by recommending 10 books every year and encouraging New West teens to rate their favourite.
I may also include a mention of special offers or new and featured titles, as part of my monthly 7 Quick Takes posts.

I’m hoping to get lots of people double rewards, because who doesn’t like even more free books? I’m with a team that has lots of great (virtual) training, so you can be located anywhere in the US. I’ve also got an e-show going on right now, where you can shop for titles and take advantage of some special offers. I’ll even be doing a giveaway to people who shop that sale, so order by November 15 to take advantage of that.

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