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The books I read are always new members wings, took me to fly to the gardens of knowledge of the most charming, across time and events, share stories of love, greet all the characters want met, while playing on the rainbow arch.
Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, a reading needs depth dn endless, is a good book for him.
Fallingby Tate LaymanAbby Lowe considered herself to be one of the biggest nerds in the junior class, if not the entire school.

She didn't have much of a social life but dreamed of being noticed by the most popular senior, who just happened to be her best friend's older brother.
The "geek" girl main character, Abby, only appears to be a geek because she is smart, clumsy and doesn't have a lot of dating experience. The miscommunication between the two were upsetting but the underlying feelings were adorable.

Mar 19, 2014Bueno a mi el libro me gusto, asi no lo leo por los reviews que lei pero una vez mas voy contra la corriente.

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