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28 Incredible Things You Never Knew About How The 'Harry Potter' Movies Were Made - I want to go to London! Rummaging through the archives this morning… One day, I imagine, we will show this picture to our grandchildren and they will smile, knowing that we too were young once. Can you just imagine someone who has never seen Harry Potter (sadly they do exist) walking in on this?? As part of The Big Read in Pittsburgh, Community College of Allegheny County and other partners are hoping the community will read and talk about Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel.
Written for bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs and content creators, alike, each book has a delightful conversational tone and offers tips, tools and rules for creating the type of content people care about. After reading these gems you'll be bursting with practical ideas on how to establish a loyal client base, find your voice, and create killer content that'll grow your business. Written by Dan Norris, an entrepreneur, who by his own admission, "used to suck at sales", Content Machine comprises a comprehensive systems of processes to help you consistently create valuable content to attract clients and grow your business.
Alongside an impressive list of entrepreneurs who have made content marketing work, Dan shares the exact content marketing strategy he used to build a 7-figure business, in two years, on a limited advertising spend of $181.23! Renowned for generously sharing free content, to help you achieve your own similar success, Dan has also put together a framework of downloadable templates, checklists, and guides to support each chapter.
Using real life examples and case studies, Content Rules shows you how to find content in every corner of your business, and how to package it into different formats. With a "reimagining" mindset Content Rules will help you to streamline the process of creating remarkable blogs, podcasts, webinars, ebooks, and other web content. All whilst establishing credibility, creating trust, building a loyal customer base, and ensuring your authentic voice shines through.

Written by Henneke Duistermaat, Blog to Win Business teaches you how to write blog posts your clients and customers will love to read and share.
Henneke doesn't just explain how to write a blog, she also helps you decide what to write and how to position your blog as a must-read resource in your industry. Written for freelancers and small business owners who use, or aspire to use, blogging to promote their business, this book contains practical, down-to-earth advice that you can actually use.
Aimed at beginner business bloggers, experienced bloggers will be surprised by how much they can learn from Blog to Win Business. Helen McCarthy is on a mission to help financial advisers blog 'the right way' to attract clients and win business. Grab a FREE copy of her Non-Designer's Guide here, to start creating your own awesome content today.
I imagine that this is because they read the books when they were young and the franchise has only just finished releasing the movies which has kept their loyalty. I like the effect of these covers because they are really simple because of how the artist has used just on simple element of the story that portrays what the story is about. So intense and brutal as it was that Helena Bonham Carter approached Emma Watson right afterward to make sure they were still on good terms. Tuesday at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Main Lecture Hall in Oakland with keynote speaker Jonathan R. Especially when you spend hours crafting a great post (to you, anyway) that attracts little, to no, traffic. The same processes and procedures he uses to focus on the right things, as opposed to simply "writing every day".

This practical book takes you through the various elements of blog writing - from developing a unique voice to generating ideas and composing compelling headlines. Three excellent books to help you craft a content strategy, create better blog content, and optimize your ability to attract and retain business.
I like to post Snape and Lily stuff, not because I ship them, but because Lily is the main reason for Snape's existance in the books. What's interesting is that mass production of these toothbrushes didn't occur for another 28 years in 1885. The best identification they ever made was a dead purple-spotted bee-eater, because it was so perfect and still, and its colours could be inspected. Eller, director of the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Center for Ray Bradbury Studies. Being able to "squeeze every last drop of engaging goodness out of every piece of content you generate". It was part of a soldier's daily routine to clean their teeth, and this was something that they brought home with them.

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