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In addition I have a notepad and a pen that I carry with me wherever I go to jot down those thoughts that fly into my head at any time. But it wasn’t until I hit his hot button and found out that he had a keen interest in reading autobiographies and biographies, that overnight he was transformed from a non-reader into a reader. As a motivational writer I can tell you this, that at times the last book I want to read is a motivational book.
I tend to find myself wanting to know the author behind the book, or the artist behind the art, the musician behind the music or rather the architect behind the architecture. In fact, there is one famous author, who I personally don’t like his style of writing, but when it came to his autobiography, I loved that. If you still have difficulty reading books – whether ebooks or hard copy – there are so many audio programs available where you can listen to books being read to you. Search the Internet for these services, and whatever you do, you owe it to yourself, and to your ongoing education, to make reading a daily habit as you build your successful life. These books' exploration of politics, history, and the human condition are so insightful, they've withstood the test of time. Spot the tiny shrimps hiding in the sand, see a shy crab underneath a rock and watch a jewel-like anemone open its tentacles in this beautiful book of nature’s hidden habitats. Discover the animals and plants that live in and around a kapok tree, from the colorful parrots in the canopy to the sleek jaguar on the forest floor.
Whenever Jonathan James finds himself in a new situation, he hears his Whatif Monster asking all kind of questions to stop him trying something new: What if it’s scary?
A lively story with humorous illustrations, ideal for children who are beginning to read for themselves, or for reading aloud together. This interactive book is so much fun: first, take the little cardboard mouse out of the pocket on the front cover. Children will delight in this dirty dinosaur’s playful antics and just may want to join in with the sniffing, snuffing, shaking, tapping, stamping, splashing and sliding, not to mention the mud! When your total party orders reach $85 (pre-tax retail value), you’ll be eligible for FREE* and discounted books… and the higher your party total, the more you’ll earn (the average party total is over $400)! We've highlighted 25 below, including books by psychologists, economists, and competitive athletes.
If you’ve just graduated, you might be wondering how to manage your newfound adult responsibilities while still having a life. If you’re not careful, grocery shopping and eating out can quickly wreck your budget. This book is a godsend for anyone who’s started working and wants to figure out how long they have left. Farnoosh is quite a powerhouse in the finance world, and this was her first book which I got my hands on in my early 20’s. Honestly, when I was struggling on a limited income with student loans, I didn’t want to hear about mortgages and retirement, I needed to figure out how to start smart, NOW. He advocates blazing your own trail and not following the conventional slow lane to retirement- start your own business, invest in yourself, and hold yourself to a higher standard.
No matter what books you choose to read, nothing matters as much as changing your behavior.
I think one of the first financial books I ever read was a Dave Ramsey book although I don’t think I ever 100% took his advice to heart. Is there anything that puts fear into your heart like having to choose a book for bookclub? Here are 29 titles I would recommend for book clubs - books that I think most people will enjoy reading, ones that will spark interesting discussions, and ones that you'll feel good about having forced other people to read.
Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman - Guaranteed to spark an interesting discussion about culture, parenting and any other number of topics. I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella - If you're looking for funny and fluffy, it's hard to beat Sophie Kinsella. Jefferson's Sons by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley - This middle-grade historical fiction title is so well-done, I can hardly stand it. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain - This is my pick for this coming year, and I cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks of it, especially because our group is definitely more full of introverts. Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese - A quick read with all sorts of funny stories about food, cooking, and raising animals sprinkled with lots of recipes.

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak - A really elegantly written young adult book about an orphan girl in Germany during WWII and the family that takes her in.
The Help by Kathryn Stockett - A bestseller for a reason, our bookclub had a fantastic discussion about three women (two black, one white) in the deep South during the Civil Rights movement.
The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan - This one is pretty hefty, but it's so interesting that no one in our group seemed to have too much trouble getting through it. What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures by Malcolm Gladwell - This was the first book I read with my bookclub and it was a great night - this book has so much to talk about and so many interesting connections between all the short articles. Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool - One of my favorite Newbery winners in recent years, this story is told by two different voices - a young girl during the Great Depression and a young boy just before WWI breaks out. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chau - This is my pick for my bookclub this year (I'm leading the discussion in December) and I am just really excited to see how everyone feels about this book about Chinese parenting - or at least one woman's take on it - and how it works in America (full review here). Nutureshock: New Thinking About Children by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman - Ralphie picked this one for her bookclub last year and I loved the amazing discussion about sleep, racism, praising children, and a whole slew of other parenting topics (full review here). Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand - This book is non-fiction but it's so amazing, it's hard to believe someone didn't make it up. Wonder by R.J Palacio - A remarkably done middle-grade novel about a boy with severe facial abnormalities who begins attending public school for the first time in middle school.
Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely - Along the same lines as Malcolm Gladwell's books, but Ariely is a professor and runs his own research studies.
The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had by Kristin Levine - This middle-grade historical fiction title is set in Alabama during WWI. The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls - One of those books that makes your own childhood look really really easy, this is a memoir about growing up in a completely dysfunctional family, where the family keeps moving in the middle of the night and the children eventually realize that the parents are never going to pull themselves together (full review here). Red China Blues by Jan Wong - In college, I read this memoir about a Canadian girl (of Chinese descent) who goes over to China during the Cultural Revolution, on fire with Mao's vision. Room by Emma Donoghue - Horrifying, but ultimately full of hope, this book about a little boy raised by his mother in a single room where she is kept by her kidnapper and their eventual escape, explores what happens when the whole world opens up before you (full review here).
The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson -This was one of the best books we read last year in our book group.
That Used To Be Us by Thomas Friedman and Mandelbaum - About China's increasing dominance in the financial and educational world, while America struggles to keep up. By the way, our bookclub has tossed around the idea of doing a theme for the year, whether it was books written by women, fiction only, children's lit, etc.
Embassy Suites by Hilton is a brand within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio that promises to provide what really matters most to the savvy guest. I read books on gardening, others on artists, particularly the Impressionist breed, but even of late have branched out into more modern areas. I still haven’t read any of his books, but I learnt an immense amount from reading about his interesting life. I personally found that motivational books inspired me just over 10 years ago, but since then my tastes have further developed.
It’s amazing that from those non-motivational books I always seem to find motivational material that is of benefit to others and me.
When I have an appointment, I always take a book with me.  Some people like to read before they sleep of a night while others like the morning vigil. This engaging non-fiction title will stimulate a love of the natural world as the vivacity of the rain forest is revealed through the bold and colorful artwork, and clever “see-through” pages.
From worms wriggling among the roots, to birds nesting high in the branches, the hidden wonders of this amazing habitat are revealed when the page is held up to a light. They simply hold the pages to the light to “see-through” the box cars of a freight train, the cabin of the passenger train, and much more. With simple rhyming text and phonic repetition specially designed to develop essential language and early reading skills. Then, as you read the story about the mouse’s adventure, follow the dotted line and move the mouse through the slot on each page. Each one offers a unique look atA what it means to be truly successful and how you can achieve your full potential. It’s a refreshing guide to budgeting, setting priorities, and learning how to afford anything with some creativity and planning.
I remember getting this book from my campus library since I was on a tight budget- but it spoke to me.

ERE was a huge inspiration for me to pursue financial independence although I didn’t realize it was a book. There is non-fiction, chick-lit, young adult and middle grade titles, history books and parenting books. Told from the perspective of Sally Hemming's slave children, growing up on Thomas Jefferson's plantation, knowing their father is the white master.
And wow, did we have a fascinating discussion about the food sources in our country, the organic industry, and a multitude of other topics. Turner - The first thirty pages are a bit slow, but after that this diary-style novel really gets going about Sarah, a teenager growing up in the West, trying to educate herself, and, of course, falling in love.
Olympic runner Louis Zamperini's plane is shot down in the Pacific during WWII and after surviving on a tiny inflatable raft for 47 days, he's taken prisoner by the Japanese. The first chapter (about 30 pages) is a smidge slow, but after that, it is hard to put down! Dit is anxious for the new post master to arrive, since rumor is that he has a son Dit's age, but when the post master's family arrives, Dit can't decide whether he's more surprised that the family is black or that the promised friend is a girl (full review here). After a horrible car accident, the course of Mia's life is drastically changed and all the plans she’s had for her future are called into question. During the years she spends there, she comes to realize that Mao's ideas for China might not be all that she's hoped. Lockhart - One of my very favorite YA books of all time about a very smart girl at a boarding school who discovers her boyfriend belongs to a secret boys-only society and is determined to get in. This was a fun book to read in an election year and so interesting I read huge passages of it outloud to Bart. I think that might be a fun idea, since it'd make it at least slightly easier to choose a book. Eirelass1 day agoNikki, I have a list too but i don't think they would actually listen. And if you had taken a look at his previous reading track record, all of us, including his teachers, would have agreed that he was not a reader. Develop the success habit of reading daily, and the quantity of what you read will gradually increase. I have of late started to purchase investment books once a month, but always at a discounted price. If you want to pay off debt, start investing and learn to save, time is the most important resource you can find. This book is deeply romantic, but to call it only a romance would be to sell it far too short (full review here). Follows a young woman who marries a very rich widow and feels like she can't escape the shadow cast by his larger-than-life first wife who died in a boating accident. This book is absolutely fascinating - I even sent my mom a copy for her birthday a couple of years ago (she loved it too). It tracks the migration of black Americans from the South to the North and West during the 40-70s and their experiences assimilating into new cultures (and the lives they left behind in the South).
You'll want to have a relatively calm group, though, because I could imagine discussion getting a little heated if you have people who are extremely polar on either side of the political aisle (I found the book itself to be very even-handed). Young readers will delight in the five animal friends’ misadventures and be eager to help make things “all better” with the five reusable and repositionable stickers. She proves that it’s possible to have fun without blowing your budget or getting into more debt. He’ll share his own strategies for financial independence and will show you how you can find your own road to retirement. This book will help you learn how to avoid peer pressure and spend money on what you really care about. Using this cook is a great way to learn the basics of cooking, meal planning and saving money.

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