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A tinted gel fortified with botanical hair conditioners and essential oils to keep unruly brows in place all day to temporarily color brows. If you have some cream eye shadow on hand, you could also mix a bit of the cream eye shadow into the mix if you need some more pigmentation. Every time I’d filled the brim with eyeshadow, I’d paused and dipped the mascara wand back into the tube and swirled it around to mix the powder with the gel.
To use the homemade tinted eyebrow gel, it’s best to get started by using an eyebrow pencil on the brows first. Of course, remember, if you went from brown to blonde, an eyebrow gel probably won’t do the trick and you may need to use another method to change the color of your eyebrows. All this is is a clear gel which you can use on your lashes for conditioning or on your brows to help give them some shape and hold.
Vampy Varnish is dedicated to showing high resolution makeup and nail polish swatches, and providing honest product reviews. One of the new launches I have received recently are the new Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Styling Gels.  We all love a good brow product these days don’t we? So there are actually four different varieties of the Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel as the range also includes a clear gel. Although I do like to use a pencil for my brows, I find that I often can get carried away and end up with big slugs – it takes a good eye to know when to stop.
I haven’t tried the Benefit one yet but it is in my To Do Box so will get on to it as soon as I can.
Ooh I haven’t heard about these before and I can’t wait check them out after this post! Before I go into detail for each product, I just want to point out, even though all these products are designed for eyebrows, the effects they provide are quite different from one another. Eyebrow powders help achieve the softest and most diffused look compared to a pencil or a pomade. As seen in the swatch picture above, eyebrow powders give a very soft and diffused look, which can make it quite hard to draw prominent lines or mimick brow hairs. With the added bonus of color-stay formulas, eyebrow pencils are probably the most popular brow product. I personally like the Anastasia Beverly Hills range of brow pencils, particularly due to the easy-application formula, the fine pencil tip and the cool-tone shades they have available. The craze that followed the release of eyebrow pomades, especially with Anastasia Beverly Hills leading the way with their Dip Brow Pomade HERE; sent the cash registers into meltdown. The curiosity of the hype surrounding the Anastasia pomades got the better of me too but when I realised there was such a long wait list, I looked around for alternatives. I pondered whether I should include this product within this post because its purpose is quite different than the other 3 products. As seen in my swatch pictures above, a tinted brow gel is not designed to shape or draw on brows.
In addition to the formula, what I look for in the perfect eyebrow product is the color…which can make or break your look.
As for eyebrow brushes, angle brushes are great in controlling where the product goes and thinner the tip of the brush is, the more precise lines you can draw.
I’m a stickler for brow products; brows are probably the most important part of any look I create so I have to make sure I have the best tools to make them look perfect!
Eyeko has expanded into brow products with perhaps the best brow gel in existence: The Eyeko Brow Gel.

The gel has a slight tint (a universal color) and, one of my favorite features of this product, is infused with a growth-enhancing serum! I purchased this product after watching one of your youtube tutorials (based on the description of the size of the brush) and I love it!! NARS is excited to introduce Brow Gel — a glossy, easy gliding gel to tame and groom eyebrows. Keep brows in place with a unique precision-tapered brush that adds shape and definition to every angle while creating a fuller, smoother brow look to perfectly set the symmetry of the face.
NARS debuts Brow Perfector —a velvety eyebrow pencil for seamless definition of the eyebrows with precision and ease.
Oxygenate, regenerate, and re-hydrate the skin and brow hair, helping the hair grow stronger. You’ll need some brown eye shadow, or some eye shadow that is close to the shade of your eyebrows. Then, use the razor blade or box cutter to scrape off some of the eye shadow, scraping it onto one of the small pieces of paper you have. Every so often I would test the mixture on my hand to see if there is already enough color in. However, this does work well if you need to darken your eyebrows or simply lighten them just a bit.
The Essence Lash and Brow Gel is mere fractions of the price of some more spendy brands versions and it works just as well! It has just a very slight sticky texture while it’s still wet, but you only feel it if you touch it with your fingers.
My top tip is to scrape off some of the product into the neck of the tube before you apply as the brush does pick up quick a lot of product. Just a quick Q- I know they dont have fibres in or anything- but how would you say these compare to benefits gimme bro?
In addition to the previous Eyebrow Series we did (which you can check out via the Beauty tab), today’s post is all about Eyebrow Products. Again, it’s up to your personal needs as to whether you just need one, or a combination of a few. This is why I did the swatches in the picture below (without the interference of brow hairs), to show you the way each different formula applies and why one might work better for you than the other. Although these powders are specifically marketed for eyebrows, matte eyeshadows do exactly the same job. Sephora was sold out to such an extent, they had pages and pages of names on waiting lists for when it would come back in stock. But, seeing as this may be all some of you may need in a brow product, I decided to feature it. On my blog you'll find a little bit about my life as well as my favorites in beauty and style. I don’t even know where to begin explaining this product because this one little tube of brow gel has so many features I love! Though if I rinse my face with water it will come off (not entirely) so take that into account! Achieve new levels of artistry with a simple brush of the brows from this innovative new category offering. This highly-anticipated addition to the brand’s brow category offering helps beauty lovers achieve even, elegant brows and every desired angle of arch.

In fact, it’s easy to make your own homemade tinted brow gel and it won’t take you long to create it. If you dye your hair a color that is significantly different from your current hair color, then you have encounter a problem – your eyebrows are a different color from your hair. Then, you’ll need some clear mascara gel, a razor blade or box cutter, as well as a few small pieces of paper.
Continue adding more powder until you have the right shade and enough pigmentation to tint your eyebrows. The combination of the two should give you nice color on your eyebrows so they better match the color of your hair. I have made many mistakes in my time and so I’m always keen to try out simple one-step products that do the work for you.
I have quite sparse brows so I tend to fill them in with powder but its so time consuming when i’m in a rush! Now, I know the makeup world has gone eyebrow crazy lately and there are so many different products out there, which can be really confusing. Being a waterproof formula and really not that much different than the Anastasia counterpart, I ended up buying this little pot of genius. They usually come with a mascara wand applicator so it’s easy to brush and coat over the brow hairs.
The extremely short bristles allow me to deposit a touch of that tint to the areas I typically fill in, and it ends up looking perfect every time. They have a feature where you can leave your email when it’s back in stock, maybe use that! They can get wiped off or melt into the skin and fade away much easier than other brow formulas.
Pencils which can combine most or all of the qualities I mentioned will make your eyebrow routine an absolute breeze.
Lets say you have perfectly shaped brows, but the color is either too dark or too fair and you either want to tone them down a notch or enhance them so they look more defined and apparent. Also, if your brows are mid to dark brown or black, choosing a brow product that is one shade lighter than your own eyebrow hairs, tends to give the most natural look. It may seem like a small detail, but it makes a huge difference in the way my brows look compared to other brow gels.
So not only is this a fantastic brow gel, but I’ve found that it can actually double up as a fill-in product as well! You can get brow powders from all cosmetics brands including drugstore and also purchase matte eyeshadow if it suits your brow color.
I know BeneFit cosmetics have their version of tinted brow gels which you can check HERE but I’m not too certain about drugstore brands. Regardless, I have both brands, and considering the price difference, Maybelline is a great drugstore alternative to Brow Wiz. The formula itself glides on easily and it’s pigmented enough to draw anything from the sharpest line to the most blended.
So the small brush and the short bristles allow for maximum control when it comes to defining your brows and keeping them in place.

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