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Maybelline’s first sculpting brow mascara with tinted gel mousse provides the look of fuller, sculpted brows with a natural and even finish. There are 3 shades available and I picked up the dark brown shade, it’s perfect for my dark brows.
A couple of months ago I asked on twitter what item of makeup you would spend £5 on, the product which came out on top by far was Maybelline Brow Drama. The gel keeps unruly hairs in place and means that I very rarely use brow pencils anymore, especially during the day because I find it gives me enough colour and I prefer not to have brows which look too drawn on. I think it's become a bit of a cult in UK high street makeup, it's reasonably priced and works really well.

If you're looking for something reasonably priced to keep your brows under control then I can highly recommend this. The wand of the mascara is intimidating; it has a ball-like rounded tip and then it goes back to the traditional `spoolie mascara wand’ shape towards the end. It doesn’t give that crunchy ‘hair spray like’ look to the eyebrows that some brow mascaras tend to do. But I’m too restless, I need something which takes me a second to make my brows look fuller that’s why I bought Maybelline brow mascara to do the trick for me. Just pick some product up from the wand with a brush and fill the sparse areas of the brows with it.

Those who have thin brows are going to have trouble using it, the rounded tip is quite big and the product would land up where you wouldn’t want it to go. I have naturally thick brows, it makes my brows look fuller and sets the brow hairs like glue, they don’t move around at all.

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