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Without eyebrow definition, you tend to resemble one of those curious Amish dolls with blank faces. The thing about Fling is that it has a fine, self-sharpening wind-up pencil, so you can easily replicate fine hairs to fill in your brow, as well as creating the perfect tapered arch. At Donna Karan’s AW14 show, stray eyebrow hairs are brushed up towards the defined pencilled brow arch.
Pencilled blonde brows balance a strong red lip at Katie Marie Gallagher’s AW15 collection. The award winning bbrowbar Brow Gel is the ultimate grooming tool for defined and strong eyebrows that keep their shape all day.
With nourishing and strengthening ingredients such as Panthenol (vitamin B5), the bbrowbar Brow gel keeps hairs in place whilst defining their shape and leaving a glossy finish. To Use: Start at the middle point of the brow and brush in the direction of the hair growth towards the tail end of your eyebrow. Sometimes very young and freakishly good-looking models can pull off this unusual look, but for the majority of fair-headed damsels, a no-fail brow pencil in The Perfect Shade of Dark Blonde is vital, especially now that strong, full brows are the look du jour.
If you haven’t already got it in your beauty bag, you may like to address this breach immediately.

It also has the perfect dark blonde hue with no orange undertones, and you can use it lightly for subtle definition, or create a stronger brow by applying more pressure and pencil strokes.
If you don’t live in Sydney, buy her excellent e-book, How To Create Your Ultimate Brow Shape At Home. Just pluck the really obvious stray hairs (like the ones creeping towards your temples), then use an eyebrow brush to comb the strays up towards the pencilled brow line to create a fuller effect. I used to volunteer at Look Good, Feel Better (make-up workshops for women with are having cancer treatment) and I know sparse brows were such a big cause of angst.
We don't mean to annoy you with this pop-up, so we'll try to make it as quick and unobtrusive as possible. To manipulate and accentuate the shape, brush up at the front of the brow and arch for a bolder, fuller finish. More than one editorial make-up artist has personally recommended it to me, and it’s also the pencil that Sydney brow expert Lien Davies uses on me.
Lien has groomed some of the nation’s finest brows, applying an almost-mathematical precision to shaping. I went to the brow bar the other day to see what they thought needed doing and there wasn’t much at all they would change – yay!

I used to use the wind-up Estee Lauder one but the tip was too chunky and I don’t think the colour had enough pigment in it for a strong brow.
But I do love a good eyebrow pencil when you have a full face on I think it completes the look.thanks for the tip for blondes!
Met Gala 2016 our Beauty PicksThe Metropolitan Museum of Art is home to one of our favourite events of the year, the Met Gala. Seriously, stop checking them and pretend they don’t exist for about four-to-six weeks.
Renowned for it's surprising celebrity make-overs, this year didn't disappointDefine and ContourLearn how to create a perfectly contoured eyebrow using our Brow Highligher and Corrector. Introducing blinkspaWe're so excited to announce the launch of our very first blinkspa in the heart of Chelsea.

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