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When it comes to eyebrows I always used to be a religious user of MAC Charcoal brown eyeshadow applied with the MAC 266 brush. I will admit, it took some getting used to this product - I could never get my brows to look even or remotely similar, they would start and end in all sorts of wafty directions. It does take a little longer to apply than it does for me to apply the MAC shadow but the Hourglass has a much more natural finish, texture and colouring. Jag har fatt mojligheten att testa Youngblood Brow Artiste Sculpting Pencil i fargen Natural Brunette, vilket absolut ar min farg.
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Of course, the brows were concealed by my wig…but I knew they were there, looking all full and fabulous, as opposed to harsh, ala Cruella de Vil. According to Hourglass, the Arch Sculpting Brow Pencil’s formula combines the benefits of a powder and a wax to create brows that look soft, natural and full. Oooo that looks super similar to the Smashbox Brow to Go I have… Wonder how they compare?? The Hourglass is a two-part system, at one end it has a unique triangular shaped tip with angled precision, the other end has a brush to groom the eyebrows into shape.

I find that most eyebrow colours (especially eyebrow pencils) have a red-ish or grey undertone which does not do anything for me. Pennan ar lite torrare och fastare i konsistensen for att den enbart ska farga brynen for ett naturligt resultat. I have to tell you about a great product I used today, but before that, you ever play Where’s Waldo?
Not quite hard like a stiff eye liner, or soft like a creamy kohl, the consistency has a little give to it.
A few of them even turned out alright (meaning I got something other than the back of someone’s head, haha).
It’s been raining all night long, so we only got a couple trick-or-treaters — the really diligent ones, who made out like candy bandits, LOL! De forsta gangerna jag testade tyckte jag det var lite svart att fa till, men till slut lyckades jag fa in ratta tekniken.
I figured that since Katy’s a cat lady, I ought to have at least one kitteh with me on tour.
But too bad it hid my brows today, because I think they looked pretty darned fierce thanks to the new $32 Hourglass Arch Sculpting Brow Pencil.

Quickly, I filled in my brows with Arch’s awesome twist-up triangle tip, using broad strokes with one of its longer edges to fatten the sparse spots.
The Hourglass Arch in Soft Brunette is an exact match and actually looks pretty good, if I do say myself. Pennan ar trekantig och ar bade bred och smal i spetsen, vilket gor det latt att fa tunna fina linjer, och aven till att fylla i storre ytor om man har overplockade bryn. Soft wax within the formula binds the powdery pigments to each individual hair, keeping the strays in line. It does come in two other shades Blonde and Dark Brunette, so there is a shade to suit everyone.

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