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Product DescriptionBrunton Pulse 1500 Rechargeable Power Pack is a lightweight, compact, 1500mAh rechargeable power station. Sometimes all you need is that last bit of energy to make that connection, make that call and make it all come together. The Brunton Company provides the Pulse 1500 its U proof promise, providing an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. The BRABUS 800 "iBusiness" represents the world premiere of a unique luxury sedan that combines the expected high performance from BRABUS and high-tech multimedia. There will be two models of the 2012 SLK available in its first year, both powered by direct-injection engines. Mercedes-Benz is setting previously unachievable efficiency standards in the premium segment with completely newly developed V6 and V8 engines.
As more of us are looking to stay connected while traveling or out on the trail, much of our essential and even non-essential gear has traded in those disposable batteries for more earth friendly rechargeable ones. The Mobius ($80) from Eton is a rechargeable battery case with solar panel for your iPhone.

A standby button lets you turn off the charge dump to your iPhone, allowing the Mobius case to switch to the solar panel for recharging the battery pack. The GearCasterWe profile emerging trends, companies, and technologies in the outdoor sports industry.
Featuring a standard USB output port as well as Micro USB, it is easy to connect most portable devices for instant charging. So small that you won't notice it until you really need it, the Brunton Pulse 1500 will keep you up and running through a long day on the road, or a late night on the town.
Established with the intent of bringing Mercedes-themed content from across the globe to one centralized location, eMercedesBenz has since grown to become the world's foremost Mercedes magazine by which to find the latest news, information, reviews and rumors pertaining to the Mercedes-Benz family of brands. The latest portable solar chargers look to ensure you will never be without your beloved gadgets, whatever your adventure. The 9000mAh Li-Poly battery provides enough power to recharge not only your iPad, but your laptop as well. We also review soon to be released gear, helping you decide what to buy for your outdoor adventures.

The Brunton Pulse 1500 can charge your smart phones, MP3 players, cameras, and other small electronic devices in no time. Though most of these work best as a battery backup, you will appreciate the ability to recharge the packs via the sun (no matter how long it takes) if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere.
The sundial design lets you use the shadow cast by a pencil in order to rotate the solar panels into the most sun. You will need almost a full day of those solar rays, however, to recharge the 2000mAh Li-Poly battery or 4.5 hours by USB.

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