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A table calculation that determines the difference in the moving average of sales from year to year. A calculated field that subtracts the difference in total sales from the difference in the moving average of sales from year to year.
From the Dimensions pane, drag Order Date to the Columns shelf, and Category to the Rows shelf. The next steps continue with the same view to show how to build a table calculation and calculated field for the moving average of sales from year to year. Now you can compare the difference in sales from year to year to the moving average of sales from year to year. Note: Some calculated fields may not appear correctly, because the table calculations require different dimensions in which to calculate.
On the Measure Values shelf, right-click the calculation you want to change, and select Compute Using. To create a calculated field based on a table calculation, you click Customize in the Add Table Calculation dialog box.
To edit table calculations directly, on the Measure Values shelf, right-click the calculation, and then select Edit Table Calculation. Get detailed answers and how-to step-by-step instructions for your issues and technical questions.

Learn how to master Tableau’s products with our on-demand, live or class room training. The purpose of this article is to attempt to solve the problems faced by designers, planners and installation workers of architectural water features when they take on a new project. The height of a water jet from a nozzle depends on its type (lance, cascade, geyser, foam jet, etc.), its flow and the pressure at its base.
The mean flow velocities at the points of the pipes between which the calculations are made. Pressure losses in a straight section of pipe can be calculated using different expressions. An indirect way of calculating pressure losses in accessories is by using the concept of the equivalent length of the accessories.
The use of different IT resources, widely available nowadays, makes it possible to perform hydraulic calculations for architectural water features in a more precise, quick and efficient manner. In general, spreadsheets can be used to perform calculations for architectural water features along with computer programs such as EPANET. A spreadsheet can be thought of as a digital piece of squared paper, each cell of which can contain text, numbers, calculation formulas and photos, etc. The equations entered into the yellow cells are shown in the box with blue letters, superimposed over the Excel screen shot, figure 3.2.
A certain advantage of the use of computerized spreadsheets over manual procedures with calculators is that once the required spreadsheet has been "built", multiple variations on the calculation can be made reliably in a shorter time. Spreadsheet applications allow different spreadsheets to be created in a single file, which can then be linked to each other. We continue to make it available because the information is still valuable, but some steps may vary due to product changes.
The example in this article shows how to compare the difference in total sales to the difference in average sales from year to year. Between when the water is driven by the pump units and when it exits through the nozzles it passes through a series of pipes and components that cause pressure losses. As regards pressure variations along the length of a pipe, it is known that pressure drops when elevation or height is increased with regard to an outflow point from a tank or a pump discharge.
When water flows along a pipe and through elbows and valves etc., energy losses occur due to resistance to movement. All of the straight segments forming part of the section of interest tend to be added together. Computers allow you to free yourself from tedious and excessively time consuming "traditional" graph-analytical calculations, so you can concentrate on the details of the esthetics of your architectural water feature, on different alternatives for nozzle systems, on different possibilities for combining water supply networks with your groups of nozzles and on the choice of pumps, etc.
The Blog shows how Excel can be used to perform calculations to solve the most common water feature-related problems.

These equations are not visible in the normal spreadsheet view, as the numerical result of the calculation in each cell is displayed to the user. Excel spreadsheets are the tool of choice in this manual, as it is a powerful and user-friendly calculation program included in various Microsoft Office packages. 4 show the Excel spreadsheets that are free to download, in which the equations required to reliably and quickly obtain the calculations for pressure loss in pipes have been programmed.
It is essential to be able to calculate these losses in order to successfully tackle a project for an architectural water feature. Pressure also drops in proportion to the distance traveled by the water and due to the presence of accessories: elbows, valves, etc.
If the diameter of the pipe remains the same, V1 = V2, if there is no flow output or input in the section that is considered. Energy losses due to water flowing through straight sections of pipe (hf) depend on the interior roughness (?) of its material (PVC, brass, stainless steel, galvanized steel, etc.), on length (L), on interior diameter (D) and on the velocity of the water (V). The Reynolds number is the quotient of the product of the velocity through the interior diameter of the pipe and of the kinematic viscosity of the fluid at its flowing temperature. The sum of all the equivalent lengths and the total length of the straight sections is used as the length for calculating energy losses in a pipeline. If you require calculations for more complex water features, you may benefit from a copy of the free EPANET software. Figure 3.3 shows a book of pipe calculations comprising spreadsheets for "Water properties", and "Calculating hf”, etc.
7 show examples of the use of an Excel book, with a practical example of a simple fountain. It should be mentioned that if the pressures are in Pascals or multiples of Pascals, the height value equivalent to the pressure can be obtained by multiplying by the equivalence 1 Pa ? 1. Explanations of the software and solutions for numerous practical examples are provided in the book entitled "Hydraulics of architectural water features and hydraulic installations" by the author. If you have questions about these tools or need more information, please contact a CAGI member company.
In turn, energy losses in accessories or "local" losses (hl) depend on the type of accessory: elbows, valves, etc.
In architectural water features, it is necessary to calculate pressures at the bases of the different nozzles installed along the length of a pipe.

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