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How to Get a California Car Registration Replacement in PersonAs mentioned before, it is absolutely necessary for you to undergo the process of replacing car registration in the event that something happens to your vehicle registration card. This is because these DMV documents are required of all California residents that operate motor vehicles. The good news is that the two methods available to you for completing this process are both very simple.

But, one common question that drivers have is what they should do in the event something happens to their car registration documents.Car registration documents are some of the most important credentials that you own. Also worth noting is that the fee for a replacement sticker is the same price, at $20.How to Get a Duplicate Car Registration in CA by MailThe only other option you have at your disposal when you need to replace lost car registration documents in California is to submit your application by mail. Unfortunately, you cannot replace car registration online, as the CA Department of Motor Vehicles does not feature a digital service for this particular transaction.

In any case, submitting your application by mail is still a convenient option, and it is very similar to the process of applying in person, except that you do not have to visit a local Department of Motor Vehicles office in order to hand in your forms.

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