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Contrary to misconceptions, computers and the Internet is often the problem, and not the solution.
The goal is communication, whether for friendship, family, business or for fun, just to chat up the girl in Hong Kong I know. If I do not say, "I am in Guatemala." I can call up my sisters, get their answering service, leave my telephone number and they call back. When I call, it shows my telephone number on their caller ID and they can answer, if it says RESTRICTED, they do not answer.
I do not do business with restricted calls, or people that do not tell me their name, they are too scared to be good business associates. Andy I have a state side USA cell phone number that is a local call for a lot of my immediate family in Washington state.

The phone number has been used to prank people in the past, sometimes with threatening messages telling people they were going to die.'Yesterday I got a phone call and my mom answered it. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Test the number, use a number of a friend, call the "Online Number" and see if it forward to you. There is a way in the USA to have a land line number 100 percent of the time forwarded at the Telephone company. An automated voice that sounded like the old Apple text to speech guy stammered sputnik at me for a bit then called me a f**kstick and told me to press 3 to remove myself from the calling list.'Vest said she did not know how someone had found her number but said she had recently hung up business flyers and thought that it could stem from them. The bad part, is people caller ID you, then use the number you are calling from, and not the long-term number.

I just set up Skype calls and it worked calling to the US and I set up a Skype US 917 number. And, if you have been using a cell phone number for 5 years, it is crazy to lose it, if you can afford the money. Life is about relationships, I know I have to talk to 30 people I do not want, to find the one person I want for a friend.

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