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If you don’t know them already, Mixels are cute little creatures, which can be collected and purchased in toy stores since about March 2014. The App Store description alone made us quite curious because it says, that Calling all Mixels is a mixed-up hybrid of action and tower defense! The colourful Mixels fight against the monochrome Nixels, which show up as spoilsports in the levels and bring along some action. A little sample of this running-gathering-fighting gameplay can be seen in our YouTube trailer. Calling all Mixels was not developed by Lego itself, but was published by Cartoon Network, who also aired the new Mixels kids series on TV. This leaves one question unanswered, which adults should move from reasonable tower defense and action games to Calling all Mixels and why not make the best possible gameplay with the already costly offered purchase price of $ 3.99. This is interesting for Mixels collectors: Each Lego Mixels pack (amazon) has a number code on the instructions, which can be redeemed in the game. We’d rather stick to the real Mixels that can be collected, assembled and mixed, which are a lot more interesting too. Rescue Mixels and use their unique powers to defend your turf in this mixed-up hybrid of action and tower defense. Did you know you can use the game codes from your building instructions to get more rewards?
Rescue Mixels and use their unique powers to defend your turf in this mixed-up hybrid of action and tower defense! Collect items as you play, then mix them together to create new defenses and Cubit Collectors.
This app includes the option for adults to unlock or buy additional in-game items with real money to enhance game play.

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We are very fond of tower defense games, which makes a Lego tower defense game especially for kids, very interesting of course. All Mixels have special, powerful and normal abilities which need to be partially unlocked.  Quite a lot of various things need to be or must be unlocked, collected or mixed in Calling all Mixels. At first, we’re visiting our small base, where the game currency Cubit is generated by collectors and must be protected with defensive towers of the sporadic attacks of the Mixels.
We all know that collection games and arms build-up games are perfectly suited for in-app purchases. We would have preferred it, if true Lego Mixels customers could have downloaded the app for free. There are many good Lego apps available on the App Stores, some of which are lots of fun too, but this costly marketing app, with it’s additional in-app purchases, is a rather confusing gameplay. Mix up a whole mess of awesome defenses and save all your Mixel pals in CALLING ALL MIXELS! The game just keeps getting bigger and better, with additional Mixels, mixes, lands, quests and more.
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Build towers for defense, then run around with your squad of Mixels, using your elemental powers to stop the invading Nixels. Explore different lands as you look for your captured buddies, and go on quests to earn bonus rewards. Additional purchases won’t require a re-entry of your password during this 15-minute interval.
Unfortunately, Calling all Mixels is less strategic as we thought and therefore turns out to be a rather confusing run around game, with confusing menus and little excitement.
You therefore collect gift boxes during the levels or perhaps help yourself with in-app purchases. After that, we’re starting a running mission, where our Mixels need to run through gates, collect gifts and destroy Nixels. At least for adults, Cartoon Network would like to offer this source of income to enhance gameplay (quote app description). Collect building instructions and inspirations, and even watch custom animation of your favorite Mixels.
By mixing and combining the figures, new creatures can be created, which is why they are called Mixels. Create hybrid powers from cross-tribe Mixes, or combine three of the same tribe to make a massive Max! We want to introduce you to the iPad and iPhone game: “Calling all Mixels”, which has been published just in time for the launch of the series 1 Mixels collection.

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