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There are only a number of tablets by local brands in the market right now that’s in the form of a “Foneblet”.
As an affordable 7-inch tablet, it’s already expected that this has a plastic body and mediocre finish.
The 7-inch screen has a free screen protector which is good so that you won’t have to shell out more money just to protect your tablet. There are no physical or capacitive buttons as it’s using only three on-screen buttons and they are: Back, Home, and Recent Apps buttons. The MT6577 CPU, PowerVR SGX531, and 512MB RAM combo is getting older day by day thanks to the tremendous development speed in mobile computing. Navigating on the app drawer and apps is also fluid though there are times that you will face slight stutters which isn’t all that bothering at all for most people. The SKK Mobile Phoenix actually has a full-fledged phone user interface like other locally branded android phones. As an entry-level budget tablet with phone capability, the performance is generally okay for me.
Being an Android device means that you can take almost any kind of media with you, but the SKK Mobile Phoenix has more than that. Watching movies and music videos are great on the Phoenix and it also supports up to 1080p quality so that you can get the best viewing experience. As I mentioned earlier, you can watch your favorite TV shows on this tablet wherever you are as long as you have a decent signal from your location.
Before using the TV, you first need to search for the available channels that you can watch. Games run pretty well on the SKK Phoenix and I was able to play the casual games we always try like Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Dead Trigger, and Fast Racing. The multimedia side is one of the key strengths of this device and it proved that its capable enough for the most part save for the low resolution. The SKK Mobile Phoenix does all the tablet chores and along that is the phone functionality working for you in the background. Texting is very comfortable on the SKK Mobile Phoenix thanks to the huge screen estate but calling is exactly the opposite. The SKK Mobile Phoenix also has two cameras to save you in case you forgot your camera or your smartphone doesn’t have any juice left.

It’s completely average on the main camera and the front facing shooter is a step below the standard.
The battery of the SKK Mobile Phoenix is above average and that’s a good thing considering it has phone capabilities which usually drain battery a lot faster than tablets without it. SKK Mobile Phoenix is not the best tablet in terms of specs out there, but it’s one of the few affordable foneblets in the market. SKK Mobile Phoenix is already available on all SKK Mobile kiosks and retail outlets nationwide for only Php4,990.
Parang wla pa itong official leather case , universal leather case for 7 inch android tablet gamit ko nga eh . I have a question’ bakit nung bu,ili ako ng skk f20, and nagka meron sya ng physical damage after how many days nawla ung sounds nung cellphone. Entry-level Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Mini Announced with Premium Chassis for Less Than Php2k! Typical tablets are the norm but there are people who prefer to carry only one device when they’re out–and that means they want to do call and text on a tablet. There’s really nothing special about this tab apart from the addition of conventional calling and texting, but that’s more than what people are after anyway.
Its recent launch of power packed devices signifies its aim to compete with the current top players such as MyPhone and Cherry Mobile.
The looks is pretty common and you’ll most likely recognize it immediately from the first look. If you’re not fond of cleaning your tablet, you might as well go for the gray model which has a matte back finish. The overall look is satisfactory for the price it’s offered and you won’t have much problems dealing with it.
However, despite all that, it never failed to impress me especially considering the very low price tag you can get a device with this trio. It’s probably the average right now, but the good thing is that it can run almost all apps and games that you would like–aside from the super HD games. Some may say that the duo of MT6577 and PowerVR SGX 531 are getting old, but from my usage it’s evident that it can still give you a satisfying android experience until now.
Please do note you should first install MX Player so that you can play other video formats that the stock Android media player might not support.
Mobile TV is usually a pain to make it work correctly so you need to be patient when you’re trying to get a good reception.

That’s probably an additional perk for most people, but some just want to bring one device with them. Of course, having a black slab right next to your face when taking calls isn’t attractive at all, but you can use a pair of earphones to make up for it. It’s absolutely okay with good lighting conditions, but during night time you might want to pass.
There are various international brands who offer this hybrid type, but most of them are more than twice the price of the Phoenix. The one I have here is the black variant (there’s a silver one available too) and it has the familiar glossy and fingerprint magnet problem. But to make things clearer, this tablet is not suitable for people whose primary purpose is for gaming.
The speaker is surprisingly loud which can let a small group of people watch a movie together without needing an external speaker. Besides, bringing a tablet is really a huge burden for some so they might as well get a hybrid.
But you can still do it in the traditional way, it’s always your decision but I highly advise against it. Don’t get me wrong, the 2-megapixel rear camera is good enough for an affordable tablet and the front camera is pretty okay for social networking sites and the like.
It can play some HD games, but you’ll definitely have a hard time making games like GTA Vice City and the like run smoothly.
Also, I’ve been asked for a hundred times about a cheap tablet with phone capabilities – so there is really a demand for it.
I haven’t stressed the battery too much yet but my estimate is at around 4-6 hours of heavy usage.

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