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Reading tarot cards is something anyone can do with the help of a guide book and practice, but if you really want to improve your confidence then it’s important to build the habit of doing a daily tarot card reading for yourself. Daily draws are a fantastic way to not only develop a relationship with your deck, but also recognize areas for improvement within your life.
Other patterns may reveal themselves to you as you continue to keep a daily log, such as repeated numbers in the minor Arcana, a prominence of court cards, a decided lack of Major Arcana – all of this will not only help build your relationship with your deck but improve your tarot card reading skills as well.
Drawing a card in the morning is a bit like browsing your daily horoscope while sipping a cup of coffee. Drawing a card for meditation in the evening is an excellent way of reflecting on your day.
Similar to reading a horoscope a day late to judge for accuracy, drawing a tarot card at the end of the day helps establish a deeper appreciation for the archetypes that are actively at play in your life. In addition to reading tarot cards daily, and keeping a log of your daily tarot card readings, it’s wise to keep a journal. Subscribe to the Life By Soul™ mailing list to receive the latest blog posts, the monthly e-zine, news of upcoming events & products, and special offers.
Someone close to you is about to embark on a new creative project and has lots of inspiration and ideas to make a strong start. The cards suggest that you need to slow down and let your natural optimistic nature rise to the surface.
You excel at getting the most out of the 24-hour day, and your priorities line up beautifully, but sometimes you have to eat dessert first.
I used to have this tarot card reading program where you could drag the cards into a certain reading or cross you were doing, but it got deleted and I can’t find it anymore. Answer by Hebrew Scareda card reading may lead you to think about things in a different light, but it will not solve your problems or give you any new answers automatically.
Answer by coralmorris5511i like tarot readings but you have to sort out your problems no one eles.
A one card reading is not going to delve into your whole situation and help you find all the answers. But it wouldn’t hurt to give you something to think about, which in turn may help you open your awareness to other angles of thought. But ultimately, you are the creator of your own reality and your own destiny, and it will be up to *you* to sort out your issues. Answer by LINDA WNo, but the process of doing a reading for yourself can really help you focus on the problems in ways that help you find resolutions. You can get guidance from my forum, you have to be over 18 & there is a 2 week wait for newbies. The thing to remember here is you’re not doing a full tarot card reading with an entire spread of cards. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, something as simple as a list of all the cards in the deck and a means of tracking the date each card was drawn will suffice. You’re given a hint of what things may come, what things to watch out for, and what potential hurdles to avoid as you rise to navigate your day in the most productive and positive manner possible.

Reading tarot cards in the middle of your day allows you to not only reflect on the influences of the morning, but also prepare for continued influences throughout the remainder of the day. Questions can be asked using an anonymous name but please use a real e-mail address (visible only to me) or your comment will end up in Odd’s spam folder. Tell me, how can I squeeze more fun things in a 24-hour period, without completely ignoring all the duties and obligations I’m experiencing?? However, the cards indicate that help of some sort will be coming your way and will make things easier. But if you back off and play along, please understand that whatever happens happened, at least in part, because you acquiesced. While a fortune teller may not have all the answers to life, he she may very well help you realize somehting you didnt before, shed some light on the subject.
It’s all entertainment related and the graphics makes your brain waves ripple but you can get something out of it so good luck. For the purpose of daily meditation you’ll draw a single card and contemplate its symbols, colors, deeper meaning, and ways in which it may have an influence in your life. Many find that drawing a card in the morning is an easy way of building the habit of daily tarot card reading, especially during that in-between stage of lucid dreaming and being fully awake when the unconscious mind is ripe for interpreting symbols.
When drawing a card before bed, hold the image in your mind’s eye and drift off to sleep contemplating the ways you can utilize the message of the card for increased power in your waking life. For example, if your daily log shows a surplus of swords, and a noticeable shortage of cups, turn to your journal to contemplate ways to get out of your head and more in tune with your heart. I’ll answer second questions as time allows so go ahead and ask in a separate comment. I know that you took the test today and graduate school looks well and fine, but something seems out of kilter in your life right now.
Every card I pulled around Lily showed her in transition, so lots of movement is happening around her. I’m not sure about a large sum of money, but the card I pulled was “Temperance,” which usually means a good balance between what it coming in and what is going out. Also, if you have any influence with things spiritual, do put in a good word for my sister Margaret who is dealing with health concerns at this time. I didn’t pull a card but would suggest Margaret needs an advocate right now and to ask for more help.
Next, you’ll have to step outside your comfort zone and let some things slide, and ask for help with other things. You need to define what you want, research where you can find it, and then clear the time to go to those places.
Likewise, it can be insightful to see which cards are not rising to the surface in your meditations. In what ways could you have used this influence to make your day more prosperous and productive? Over time, with daily practice, your soul will open up and your tarot card readings will become more intuitive and accurate.

Ok, I want you to read this in capital letters: IN NO WAY AM I SUGGESTING THAT YOU DID NOT DO WELL ON YOUR TESTS OR THAT YOU WON’T GET INTO GRADUATE SCHOOL! If he isn’t feeling this way right now, he might encounter a setback that feels worse than it actually is. This is not surprising since she is a senior, but I think it’s more than just moving out of high school.
As far as a large sum of money is concerned, I don’t see anything within the next 6 to 12 months. If you want more fun times, you’ll have to decide that you deserve them and not begrudge others their feelings of resentment of your changing the way things have always been. Your place of employment values you, but not necessarily in a way that will further your career. Not everyone carries their tarot deck everywhere they go, which is a shame because the best way to build a relationship with your deck is to treat it as a constant and trusted companion. What the card seems to be indicating is that there may be another opportunity besides graduate school, one that bares considering.
It looks like an energetic transition that might throw her for a loop for a couple of months. Most people don’t accept change with open arms, but they do learn to live with it, and in time, the new becomes the old. It also appears that you are more in a passive waiting position than in an active seeking position. Most of all, you have to believe that your obligations and duties are built around the choices you make.And Learning to live with misguided guilt is sometime necessary to make our own dreams come true. The cards suggest doing the things you love with the kinds of terrific people you would like to meet.
There’s nothing wrong with waiting, unless of course, there is something you need to be pursuing. Taking responsibility for those choices will put you at the helm of your 24-hour day and let you decide how and on what you spend your time. The self-confidence that will come when you take charge of your situation will change your boss’s perception of you, or you’ll find a great new job. Of course, she will have the opportunity to make that choice, but I think she will end up putting it off for a while and perhaps shifting gears .
For some reason, I feel compelled to tell you to clean your car and to clear any surfaces you can (counters and tables).
There’s an opportunity to make some extra cash or perhaps you will receive a cash gift—not a lot, but a pleasant surprise.

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