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Even though it was highly criticized when it was published by psychologists and theologians, this book has proved itself to be the basis of a now universal truth: being positive makes you healthier and happier! What you find on Impressive MagazineImpressive ideas, people, facts and products presented to you daily.
If you don’t have access to an architecture library (and even if you do), sifting through shelves can take hours.
25 Free Architecture Books You Can Read Online originally appeared on ArchDaily, the most visited architecture website on 18 Aug 2014. They pick you up and show you how to do things in order to succeed and be more happy with your achievements, and even yourself. In order to stay focused and motivated, it’s important to clear your mind of the clutter that daily life brings.
The Seven Lamps of Architecture, including “Sacrifice,” “Truth” and “Beauty,” is well worth uncovering — not just for the philosophical lessons but also for Ruskin’s amazing illustrations. If you have been or want to go to Venice, this book provides comprehensive studies and sketches of the city.
Particularly interesting are the sketches of uncommon periods, such as Prehistoric architecture.

In Technics and Civilization, he takes an analytical look at how the machine has impacted civilization throughout history.
Sticks and Stones (1926)By Lewis MumfordLewis Mumford on American building and architecture, from vernacular to the early 19th century.
It is considered by many to be as important an example of early architectural writing as Vitruvius’ Ten Books.
An influential art deco architect, Mendelsohn escaped Nazi Germany, finding success abroad.
An interesting take on architecture as seen through the eyes of a preservationist rather than an architect. Originally published as a companion to a furniture and design exhibition at the MoMA in 1938, the highlight is Aalto’s early use of new and innovative wood products. This, one of Huxtable’s lesser known works, still has relevance to this day (even if a few of the buildings have had name changes).
FraryA critical look at Thomas Jefferson as an architect, including the many (architectural) mistakes he made throughout his career. By selecting what’s important and what’s irrelevant, you enable yourself to follow the steps to your goal without any setbacks or interruptions.

Instead, why not browse this list of 25 books that are all free and easily accessible online? A particularly intriguing section is a long history of the constant rebuilding and redesign of Monticello. He made a list of 13 steps you need to follow to achieve your goal, whatever your goal might be. Some are well-known classics of architecture literature, but we hope you find a few surprises as well.
In order to remain motivated, we have to surround ourselves with useful information, and motivational books do just that! Even though it was published in 1937, this self help book is as helpful today as it was back then.

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