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Cancer is caught up in the 2014 cardinal blitz with Uranus square Pluto continuing to paradigm-shift the foundations of your life. The April 15 Lunar eclipse falls in your 4th house so there may be a domestic shake up in the spring. Jupiter: blesses and protects you this year while it is your 1st house, but it does have the opposition to Pluto and the T-square to Uranus to contend with.
Mars trine your decan Jul 26 – Aug 15 which makes this fiery energy far easier to handle.
With Uranus square your decan all year and Pluto opposite your decan all year, you must be prepared to go through eye of the storm in 2014.
Mars trine your decan Aug 13 – Aug 31 will turn things round for you and you should feel more empowered as you surmount the obstacles.
For a tailor-made exploration of your birthchart and more details about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page. This is an exciting year for you to make these courageous changes in your life because the eclipses are here to help you out (even if you think they aren’t at the time!) The Lunar Eclipse on April 15 is opposite Aries, but does fall on lucky Spica and happens to fall in your solar 7th house.
Of course Aries decan 3 have the extended stay of Eris wiggling back and forth over 23? Aries. If you made it to the autumn without any major mishaps then well done, you lucky lambs are rewarded with a rebooting Lunar eclipse at 15? Aries on October 8.
Jupiter: Starts the year retrograde in your solar 4th house, which is great for home improvements, especially extensions.
Jupiter trine your decan Jul 16 – Sep 5 is an enormously fortunate time for all manner of creations. We start with Jupiter square your decan Retrograde Jan 1 – Jan 5 then Direct March 7- Jun 4. South Node conjunct your decan Mar 2 – Sep 25 may well be the most difficult period for the Mars opposition since it may dredge up some karmic resentments from times of old. My feeling is that we will want to take the forbidden fruit and be drawn to the bohemian and decadent, but then our internal policeman comes in with his truncheon.
There are some pretty fierce red aspects in the Full Moon chart, which I think could be breakthroughs for alternative types. For this Moon in context with rest of the month, check out the June Monthly Forecast with links to the monthly horoscopes for all the signs. After re-reading this article, it struck me that the recent ousting of US Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary election is tied into this full moon. And in total synchronicity with my thoughts here, a pop-up ad of Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is smiling out at me on this webpage looking for money!
I have witnessed many people displaying extremely Bad Behavior during this time of full moon, to the point that I’m now reading about this moon to see if others have also experienced this. Jupiter trine Saturn should, in theory, bring out the best in the two opposites since the trine is considered a benefic. Because this is not a personal aspect, I gave it a maximum of 1.30? orb for my celebrity search. What do you think, how would it influence 2nd House Saturn in Sagittarius trining 5th House Jupiter in Aries?
It is interesting that this Full Moon is known as a Wolf Moon in pagan circles, since Sirius is the dogstar in the nose of constellation Canis Major. You get more of the deep-down rumbling of Pluto transformation rather than the thunder-bolts of awakening from Uranus since Pluto.
Either you actually move, get the builders in, kids leave home or you get a new house guest. As I said in the 2014 Forecast “Negatively this aspect can represent having ones creativity and independent thinking completely stifled by a parent or authority figure.
Maybe since Jupiter is in your 1st , it will provide you with a buffer to the general Cardinal Cross mayhem and Jupiter is dignified in your sign too which strengthens your position generally.
But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page.
You will be glad to know that the Uranus square Pluto assault on your decan is coming to and end. With the Neptune trine as backdrop to this year, you can really push ahead with your dreams. North Node square your decan Sep 5 – Dec 18 can be another challenging period where you could feel a little lost and disconnected from your peers. The expansive one broadens your horizons with a hearty belly laugh and points his fingers at a few interesting classes you could take. Lost my job nov last yr, and have been struggling on a daily basis to be strong enough for me and my son. Where decan 1 have been radical and bold in 2013, decan 2 can take over and start liberating in 2014.
As if we need anymore mid Aries activation we also get a fantastic grand Fire trine at this degree too. If you haven’t got the builders in, then entertaining is very pleasurable as are family gathering and reunions. You are the host with the most while Jupiter is in your 4th, but you must be careful you don’t become the hotel for all the neighbourhoods waifs and strays. Maybe you have to work away from home, or if you are a single parent your child might spend some time with your ex.
Lilith trine your decan Aug 30 – Nov 29 will help paper over some of the cracks and you can use its charm for some damage limitation of you have let passions get out of control. However it seems we shall generously deck the offending weapon with daisy chains, because luckily, the closest aspect in the Full Moon chart is a Moon quincunx Jupiter. I personally experienced a very …slammed lethargy as I was pulled into others tantrums, and then was very resilient to gain back my good energy with optimism for my own tasks and future. In January Venus retrograde is opposite your sign, so you are flung straight into the deep end of the challenging transits right at the beginning of the year.
This impacts all of your life because on April 23 there is that Grand Cardinal Cross that all the cardinal signs have been getting their knickers in a twist about. Put this together with the Nodes would mean that one would utterly need to become autonomous (or one is fated to help others become autonomous) in order to get back on track with their life.” This applies to you specifically then and decan 3 will feel this most acutely of all.
July 20 Jupiter waltzes into your 2nd house of cash and you should see your bank balance inflate. You are just left with a few Uranian lightening bolts for the first three months of the year.
It might just be that you are going through such profound change that while your old self is being stripped away, your friends are finding it hard to adjust to the new you. This way you could meet some interesting new people and keep in tune with what’s happening out in the world. For Aries, this year is about freedom and breaking those chains you might have put on yourself as a result of childhood conditioning. Even if one ends, fear not, it can only be to create space for a connection which is far more fitting with your life path. In relationships you will need independence, and it will bring exciting new connections into your life as stated in the general forecast. Your generosity could get abused and you may end-up resentful of all the energy that has been siphoned off you.
You will also be hit most strongly by the Persephone Node aspect pattern mentioned in the 2014 Forecast “One could channel it into defending the weak and innocent, as this aspect is fiercely protective. Mars trine your decan Oct 12 – Oct 27 provides a steamy window of opportunity within these all sexy transits that makes you irresistible. This brings eternal optimism and the tendency to philosophise about the tosses and turns of life. But with a sextile from a cunningly creative Lilith to Mars, these protests might have quite a carnival atmosphere, despite these tense aspects. A clearly defined dogma and distinct rites and rituals…faith meaning God, should be definable” Jupiter trine Saturn then will test faith very literally. There can be a distrust of this decan, possibly because it takes these people a little time to shake off the coal dust from the underworld.
The first Full Moon of 2015 is pretty spectacular indeed, just look at the grand cross in the chart below. You’d better sober up from the Christmas parties pretty smart-ish then as this one falls in your 7th house.
The October 8 Lunar eclipse falls in your 10th house of career, which could be a day of revelation.
So if you haven’t already done so, this is good chance to break out of any lingering stale relationships. Together Mars and Neptune are also a strong “spiritual warrior” influence, so if you work in the mystical fields your powers of prediction and healing will be especially potent and magical, blasting those skeptics out of your path. Re-read what I said in the general Cancer forecast above about how you should greet the Uranus square Pluto storm. If those friends have been part of your living an unhealthy lifestyle, then they could be one of the casualties of your change. Jupiter is in your 1st house until July 16 so you can really benefit from his optimistic input.
Venus retrograde at the start of this year falls in your solar 10th house so the relationships under evaluation are with your own parents (in particularly the mother) and by extension how you relate to bosses.
You fiery rams are good at independence anyway, so I don’t think you will be pining over the dregs of the romance for very long.
Will she bring out the raging protective mother, the witch, the sacred prostitute or the divine female? As I said in the 2014 Forecast “Those with this plugging into their chart can expect creative gifts and inspiration, which will help align them with their true life-path. More love and romance for you Aries since lucky Jupiter is expanding your options until the end of the year and even goes retrograde here on Dec 10. After all that hosting you may need to let your own hair down and party, but by then you will be too burnt out to clean up. In relationships you will really need independence, but it will bring exciting new connections into your life as stated in the general forecast.
But negatively this aspect can represent having ones creativity and independent thinking completely stifled by a parent or authority figure.

To me these red aspects are more a dynamic, driving optimism, a feeling that anything is possible. You will see in the June forecast that the period around this Moon is tense as it is proceeded by a Rack aspect pattern which definitely suggests to me a confrontation with the old and the new, the stuffy traditionalists V radical libertarians.
They can seem a little scary in the bright sunlight, their “black looks” showing up the wisdom lines in their faces”..
Gug, you will need to be on the ball while ruthless Pluto takes care of detoxing your prime relationships for you.
In order to feel successful and happy, you need to feel like all these areas are fulfilling. Solar eclipse trine your decan on October 23 is another fabulous transit which is artistic anyhow and happens to fall in your most creative house. Like most of the decan 3’s in the zodiac this year, you get the cruising lane to destination enlightenment. Mars trine Jupiter gives the courage to push forward ones talents and dedication to their art.” All of Aries can get some juice out of this as a Grand Fire Trine burns bright and wide. You will be feeling confident and urging to push ahead, but here is one of the periods where you will have to learn a little restraint. Your pathological need for freedom will probably be most pronounced when your ruler Mars stirs things up opposite your decan as mentioned, at the October 8 Lunar Eclipse or the Grand Cross in your decan. The police may attempt to intervene with Venus opposite Saturn however, so who shall win this tug of war?
The Sun in the Full Moon is on Capella, the Boudicca of the fixed stars, placed as it is in the chariot and next to warrior queen Bellatrix. This combination seeks truth and justice and will be found in those who are successful in the legal profession. This makes room for some overdue healing helped by the powerful grand fire trine that started on October 6. You can actually put the sparkle back into a dull marriage now (If it survived the crucifixion of 2013) with Neptune trine your decan, which lasts all year. Your imagination is off the scales and you might complete or start your greatest life’s work during this period if other factors in your chart support this. With the safe Saturn trine later in the year, you can look forward to making reliable and trustworthy new friends and commit to supportive romantic relationships. The only danger can be an inflation of self-confidence and taking on too much in your enthusiasm to grow! And as I said in the 2014 Forecast “Decan 2 Cardinal signs will find it hard not to coerce their partners into making commitments before they are ready. Mid July may be where your chickens come home to roost in relation to breaking the chains of childhood conditioning.
The closer to 15? Aries you are the more likely you are to reap something spectacular though, but only if you consciously work to stoke and contain the flames. Kiss of death more like… show the creepy ex the door and tell them you have found someone new. Eris on the South Node brings in collective karma relating to the suppression and abuse of the sacred feminine.” Lunar eclipse opposite your decan April 15.
Emotionally extravagant, some of us could over-react to this moon in an absurd and somewhat camp manner. Well, we have a powerful Venus in Taurus while a weaker retrograde Saturn is wavering between the stars of the scales of Libra. Blending this energy with the alternative healing energy of Ras Alhague gives us a spiritual warrior, the perfect blending of compassion and courage. Jupiter trine Saturn is very paternal, it is our father who art in heaven and the godfather. Carl Jung definitely questioned his beliefs and had a strong connection to spirit even though he is an “ologist”. Madeleine’s Abduction (17’) Jupiter Rx ~ Went missing after being left alone in a hotel room age 4. Etienne Carjat (19’) Jupiter Rx ~ French political caricaturist. The October 23 Solar eclipse falls in your 5th house of lovers and creativity, which opens the doors for romance in your life for the next 6 months, especially for Cancer decan 1. This is a beautiful, imaginative and romantic transit, which will leave you feeling euphoric and very blissed-out at times.Take time out to pursue your spiritual path, work on your intuitive abilities and go with the flow.
Mars opposite your decan Oct 26 – Nov 10 could breed some competitive jealousy however. Even if you are 100% happy with your life as it is, you probably have to accept that some change is inevitable. You won’t feel the full force of this years more tempestuous transits, but they are still falling in your angular houses which could cause some tremors still.
Mars trine your decan Aug 29 – Sep 15 means you get another spurt of energy and passion when Mars fires up your libido at the same time it enters your 5th house of love affairs. It is true that Aries decan 2 will be in the thick of the Grand Cardinal Cross on April 23 though. In the 2014 forecast I said “this aspect can represent having ones creativity and independent thinking completely stifled by a parent or authority figure. Mars trine your decan Sep 14 – Sep 30 Mars is direct and you are Aries rampant once more.
The Jupiter opposite Pluto effects you directly, so your house guest may just be a lazy partner. You get the best of the Jupiter luck for your love life plus it overlaps Lilith’s charmfest in your decan for the whole of November. Ophuichus, also known as the snake charmer, is the exiled 13th sign on the ecliptic and a renegade like the lady of the serpent Lilith. This moon is madly imaginative, but sometimes it’s better to be the madman in the corner, you can say what the hell you like and no one censors you. This Full Moon has two potent oppositions, but the confrontation brings understanding, respect and eventually compromise between the divergent parties. This trine might also be used to bend the law to ones own favour and allow one to run under the mask of truth and justice.
Carl Jung (24’) Saturn Rx ~ Psychologist who coined the term synchronicity and made famous the idea of archetypes. Nodes are what make’s eclipses possible, so they are like a cosmic crossroads, maybe even a star-gate. This will be the ultimate test to see how robust the house of life you have built yourself is. Since this eclipse is particularly creative anyway, those artists among you should also feel particularly inspired while this arty eclipse is in effect.
If you are married, you probably deserve a second honeymoon after what you have both gone through in the past couple of years and Neptune trines are perfect for that. Try not to let the success of recent months go to your head and remember the people that helped you up during your hard times in 2013.
Maybe you just have to work out what to let go off so you can float away in a hot air balloon with at least some of your most treasured possessions.
Mars opposition your decan Nov 9 – Nov 23 Again this transit will force you into defending your new emerging self, change is happening rapidly and people might find it hard to keep up with you. You do have a few fiery transits coming up like Lilith conjunct your decan Jan 1 – Mar 15.
This should make your aura sizzle and is a great time to go out on the town and flirt yourself silly. This will effect all Aries but the closer you are to mid-Aries the more you will feel this effect.
This doesn’t have to be a nightmare, just be aware that you absolutely have to learn some patience!
Putting this together with the Nodes would mean that one would utterly need to become autonomous (or one is fated to help others become autonomous) in order to get back on track with their life.” But since this falls in your house of marriage it could be that the stifling is done by your partner. As stated in the 2014 forecast “Those touched by this aspect might be try unfeasibly hard to mend a relationship through their passionate unconditional love. The focused witch doctor Moon (the public) is aided by karmic adjustment from an exalted Jupiter (their faith).
Usually there will be a great balancing act where Saturn will modulate Jupiter’s tendency to rampant excess.
It is also Ma’at, the Egyptians goddess who weighed the hearts of the dead to determine if they went to heaven or hell.
Of course detoxes are never very pleasant even if we think they will be all fresh juicing and saunas. Will it be blown away all the way to Oz with you, like Dorothy, blown away with it?, or will your “house” stay stubbornly bolted to the ground.
So you can see Cancer, although some of you might be feeling crucified by Uranus square Pluto at times, the squares are very dynamic and actually make things happen for you. Venus conjunct Uranus in your 10th could be a romantic connection that is good for your career.
If you are single however, journeys to magical locations will please Uranus’s wanderlust early in the year, plus you also have the bonus of North Node trine your decan until March, which makes you feel supported by the universe on your travels. Better you get to choose what you discard rather than some contents of you life disappearing indiscriminately. That is, if you have married someone who tends to replay those parental dynamics back for you. If the relationship does not respond to your persistent Jupiter optimism do please learn to let go. Ceres opposite your decan May 4 – Jun 30 Ceres retrogrades back into your decan and into your 7th house where you might feel distanced from your family or spouse for a while. The parents of Madeleine McCann seem to have been protected by the law since parents can be prosecuted if they leave a child unsupervised ‘in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health’! You may actually want to take off somewhere new, in which case, build a winged extension with which to ride the storm.
You should have lots of opportunities to make exciting connections that support your spiritual path.
Try to hold back from conflict since you might not realize how impatient you are being with those who are a little slow in adapting to your changes. Finally the transit you have been waiting for all year, Saturn trine your decan from October.

Lilith trine your decan Mar 10 – Jun 2 gives you the ability to charm and mesmerise, it is the silk glove you can wear to smooth over your usual Aries brashness.
If you do not, then Jupiter square Uranus (As part of a T-square with Pluto) on February 26 will do a fantastic job of shattering your dream romance into tiny little pieces.” Pluto square your decan January 2014 – December 2018.
Maybe you have to work away from home, or if you are a single parent, your child might spend some time with your ex.
In this life however, this could even be someone you initially thought was a soulmate, but the relationship degenerated into something very toxic.
Instead they have used it to gain more publicity and funds than any other parents who have lost a young child.
As I wrote in the 2014 forecast Jupiter opposite Pluto “ could be difficult since the aspect between these two can be pretty fanatical and obsessed despite the fortunate stars, in fact Sirius could heat up the obsession factor big time.
A great time to meet like-minded folk who inspire you to follow your bliss and with whom you could collaborate creatively. The goddess blesses you with intuition and innovation to take this year’s successes even further up to the stars.
You may get the urge to do something crazy so you don’t feel so left out of all the drama around you. This will be useful in snaring a potential mate and adds more spice to your already pumped up sexual allure. Conflicts abound , but dealing with things aggressively will leave colleagues feeling bitter. This intensely transformative transit has been hovering at the gates of your decan for a whole year. Lilith trine your decan Jun 2 – Aug 30 gives you the ability to charm and mesmerise, this is the silk glove you need to wear over the usual Aries brashness.
You will need to rid yourself of this dark energy and get over the disappointment before you are faced with a horrendous Cardinal Grand Cross, which could deplete your energy further. So those touched by this aspect might be try unfeasibly hard to mend a relationship through their passionate unconditional love.” You may find that your beloved was your enemy all along.
Mars square your decan May 2 – Jun 7 is a time where anger and frustration get the better of your. Lilith in the 1st house will want her “Me” time and complete freedom from a possessive partner. However these solvent people are just what you need in these rocky times, so I wouldn’t look your Saturn gift horse in the mouth. You may feel a little below par energy-wise while Mars is retrograde from Mar  1 – May 19, but at least you might have a bit more patience! Mars Rx opposite your decan May 2 – Jun 7 Mars retrograde here will also refine your raw upfront attitude further, so strangely I think you can actually use this retrograde period to your advantage since Lilith is working magic with you anyway. It is said that the conjunct of Jupiter and Saturn was the original Star of Bethlehem in the sky. Otherwise if your relationship does survive the worth test, then completely cutting off from actual open enemies would be a good move too. The April 29 Solar eclipse at 8? Taurus falls in your 11th house of friends and wishes which isn’t bad at all and enables you to make lots on exciting new connections on your windswept travels, they will also be something to hang onto! So probably best to lock yourself away in that artist’s garret and work on all those creative projects you have brewing. This might be very painful for some of you crabs who are hoarders, but the year will be a lot easier if you travel light. You might regret it later when the Cardinal Cross comes in and gives you a taste of the Aries chaos in the fast lane.
The October 8 Lunar eclipse in your decan should bring you a life changing event this year. This Mars Retrograde does occur in a relatively easy part of the sky however, so even if relationships fizzle out, the partners will probably remain good friends. You finally realise you don’t need to do battle with them every day or put up with their harping on.
If you have some spiritual mountains to climb, you will fair much better if you chuck out some of those restricting belief systems. This will be retrograding through your 4th house of dullard domesticity to make naughtiness even harder to resist. Mars opposite your decan Nov 22 – Dec 6 Is just when you need to hang on to padre Saturn. You might find it impossible to communicate with your partner without exploding, so button your lip until Oct  28. It falls in your solar 10th house so personal power and status should be enhanced, but you might have to battle a few dark characters on your way up the career ladder. Provided you keep things civil and are not tempted to lash out in revenge if you were the one who was left all should end well.
Ceres trine your decan Dec 15 – Dec 28 ends the year on a nice note though with pleasant family gatherings. He suggested in a 1606 tract that the Star was actually a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that occurred in 7 B.C. Mar  29 Venus in your 8th square Saturn might mess up a solid relationship due to temptation. It could be one of those years where one part of your life takes a bashing and then you realize you have to accommodate the imbalance by adjusting the other four corners of the square. Then the Lunar eclipse square your decan April 15 comes along and winks its tempting eclipse eye at you. This is a great time for a nature holiday or for studying herbs, crystals or natural sciences.
The demon you might need to slay could be your boss, this will take some skillful and tactful maneuvering least you get accused of stabbing the poor Caesar in the back.
Early September you still have some Lilith dust left, so take advantage of this to seduce and snare a mate. I think your challenge this year is going to be avoiding falling prey to seducers and refusing those delicious, but ultimately destructive, proposals. If you play your cards right you could be the new boss and completely transform the ethos of what was probably a rotten company.
With North Node square your decan Feb 28 – Sep 24 you could fall in with the wrong crowd if you are not careful. However the competition might actually be quite stimulating and creative, since Saturn is helping you out.
Mars Sextile your decan Dec 5 – Dec 19 Your personal power is enhanced by associating with common interest groups. It will be easier to keep calm while Mars is retrograde, but much harder when it is direct and running full steam ahead in July. This solid rock of reliability will give you the strength and will power to soldier on through this. You are Perseus the warrior this year as you get a triple helping of Mars opposite your decan. Difficult karmic connections may also turn up like a bad penny, seeking to cash in on your sudden rise in social status. In fact you do seem to have a good few of these helpers around since you also have bouncy Jupiter conjunct your decan Jan 1 – Jun 5. It also falls in your house of open enemies, therefore you out of all the Rams, really need to be careful who you stab in the back as mentioned earlier. Mercury retrograde in your 1st doesn’t do much for your communication style and you could get your wires crossed. This serves as your lifebelt during the Uranus square Pluto, but at the same time it will form a T-square to it and could inflate matters further. Saturn gives you the stamina to carry through the goals you were aiming for at the start of the year. You will have the patience to sort out any problems that may have come back to you from the nasty April grand cross.
This may stop you trying to do dangerous things that might upset your marriage, like catch a venereal disease or bed a bunny boiler. Since this Jupiter contact is going on at the same time as the helpful, healing Chiron transits. I just think this is part of this whole “self-work, find a teacher, get spiritual and try to work out what the hell is going on in your life” phase. If you want to keep those fans you will have to rein in your natural Aries impulses while this transit is in effect as conflicts easily could get out of hand. Thankfully you might be able to reap some bargains while Ceres trine your decan Nov 21 – Dec 14 is in effect and just before the Christmas rush. In desperate time we all tend to cry out “God help me” and indeed this on one of those moments.
Mars sextile Sun Dec 17 – Dec 25 will give you the energy you need to plow through the festive season. Chiron trine your decan Jan 5 – Sep 2 could be that teacher since it falls in your 9th house of higher education and religion.
Uranus and Pluto transits can take years depending on the retrograde periods, but it will only feel stormy when an eclipse or Mars transit ignites these heavy weights so do bear that in mind decan 2.
The support you get from others is crucial during these times and the Chiron healing will certainly give you the tools to cope with the more testing moments.
So if a great healer does come your way, grab them with both hands and keep them by your side. This period could be contain moments when Mars could whip into affect some Uranus square Pluto action. The extended Mars retrograde transit runs through your 4th house, so it is working through the very foundations of your chart. Having the planet of action plowing through your domestic sector will leave no stone unturned within the family unit.

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