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If you are thinking to go abroad, or to work at distance from your home or in teaching profession, then get ready to face some problems in all the fields. Cancer people should take precautions about their health as well, excesses will harm you, so be moderate. Cancer relationships are entering in the new happy situation, Cancer relationships will start a new era in July 2014. Good news for Cancer people is that 2014 can be a very romantic year but in the start you will not feel much happy. Venus touched this area from last November 5th 2013 and will remain there until March 5th 2014. Cancer  horoscope people will remain contented financially in 2014 as they are going to get wealth in this year. And Finally in July 2014 a big event will take place: Jupiter will enter Cancer ‘ house of relationships.

Cancer people are in ideal situation to build their good will to achieve the aims and to overcome the issues which are creating problems for them.
As a whole this will be the very hectic area until July 2014.Astrological configuration is also not for Cancer Horoscope good and this can bring more confusion and issues during your journey or traveling. You will feel more pleasant as people will see you more nicely, they will care for you, they will get to know what you want as well as people will invite you to take part in their projects. You will step into the New Year with Venus, Cancer ‘planet of love, in the cycle of retrograde movement in the twelfth house, a dark and hidden house, which astrological tradition considers being a twilight realm. The first six or seven months will especially be productive, but they can also bring unexpected expenses. There will be all sorts of offers and opportunities, the current relationship will go good, and the partner will have achievements. So if you have planned to travel then must take precaution measures before starting your journey.

In your turn, you will have more availability for the others, you’ll socialize a lot, and you’ll increase the number of your acquaintances.
By July 2014, you will face great difficulties so it wouldn’t hurt if you limit your traveling to the most necessary ones. The period July 2013 – July 2014 will bring important events for the couple and for collaboration relationships .Generally good, but there is also a chance that Jupiter penalizes you if your demands are too high, if you overreact or are imprudent.
Beware, especially if you’re in a relationship that has to do with the job, studies, or career!

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