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When a Cancer male gets attracted towards the elegance and femininity of a Pisces female, he is able impress her with his gentle love.
The love match of a Cancer male with a Pisces female ranks very high on the compatibility charts.
For the Cancer male and Pisces female, sexual expression doesn’t only mean physical intimacy.
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Gemini as an energy can be represented in each and every one of us by the multitude of voices that speak in our minds. This new moon can be a good time to connect to all those internal voices, and see if we can on a very deep personal level construct a bridge between the opposing voices.
Gemini is the energy that connects you to your surrounding environment, to the culture that you are in, through learning, through being with neighbors and friends, through all the activities that you do on a daily basis in which you are a part of your city or village, like grocery shopping.
At the same time Venus is in a harmonious triangle with Neptune and Saturn in the Water signs. Mars in Gemini is squaring Neptune and this always signals that forcing one’s way is not the best option. The sign Gemini has many attributes, and this time we will concentrate on its ability to connect. Gemini love to talk, love to communicate on every level and they make the best teachers as well as journalists and any other profession that deal with the passing of information and opinions from one person to another. Gemini is a dualistic sign, is it the sign that represents best the basis of all duality: the personality and the soul. Aquarius monthly astrological horoscope for April 2016 predicts that you will be occupied with matters related with family. The career horoscope for Aquarius for April 2016 predicts that the pace of growth in your career will be quite slow as planets are not in favor. The Aquarius love and relationship horoscope for April 2016 predicts that all those who are single are expected to find love either while pursuing their career or in the neighborhood.
The health astrology horoscope predicts that till 20th April 2016, Aquarians are going to enjoy amazing health but after that you need to pay attention to your physical well being. The month of April 2016 is the time when Aquarius sun sign must invest their time in planning their future as career and professional life are on the backseat and nothing much is happening on this front.
According to Aries monthly horoscope for April 2016, in the first half of the month you will be focusing more on your personal goals and professional life but after 14th of the month, you will start giving more attention to matters related with your family. The free monthly horoscope for Pisces sun sign for April 2016 forecasts that this month you will be occupied with issues related with your personal and domestic life. The free monthly astrological horoscope predictions for Sagittarius sun sign suggests that April 2016 will be the time when you will be spending time dealing with family issues and sorting matters related with emotional stability. The monthly horoscope for April 2016 for Leo sun sign predicts that it is the time when you are going to shine bright.
According to monthly astrology horoscope for Gemini, the month of April 2016 predicts that your complete focus for this month is going to be on your professional life. The free monthly horoscope for Taurus for April 2016 predicts that you are going to experience an emotionally difficult month. As per monthly horoscope predictions for people born under Capricorn sun sign, April 2016 will be a time when you will be busy with issues related with your family because of which your professional life will become your second priority. As per the monthly horoscope for Libra for April 2016, you will be occupied with issues related with personal life as all the planets are positioned in the lower half of your horoscope but in the latter half of this month you will start focusing on your career as well. As per monthly astrological horoscope predictions for Virgo sun sign for April 2016, it is predicted that this is a golden month for improving your professional life. According to free monthly horoscope for April 2016, people born under Scorpio sun sign are going to be involved in issues related with family. As per Cancer monthly horoscope predictions for April 2016, you will be focusing on your career and on your professional goals. This duo enjoys a very healthy relationship with each other leaving almost no scope for fights and arguments. She is able to strengthen her bond with her Cancer man by pampering him with her tender love and care.

The couple finds it an important anchor of their strong relationship which helps them stay close with each other in the rough patches of life and gives them the strength to face it with each other’s company.
There is always a positive energy in their association which evolves from their love and results into a happy environment.
The Gemini energy is so strong these days, all the social networking is based on the Gemini energy, all the Media that is consumed right now around the world can be traced back to Gemini, we are all so influenced by all those words that we hear and read every day that we do not even stop, take a deep breath and try to make some sense out of all those pieces of information. People like you, who read these articles want  more than many other things – they want some peace.
We all experience internal debates, we all want them to stop, but when they do – we find it hard to be in silence.
The suggestion of this particular degree (18 degree Gemini) suggests sports activities as a way to quiet the mind and unify the personality.
Whether it is a hiking trip, swimming or any other activity that exercises the body is the best way to receive and make most of the energies pouring in.
This configuration can broaden the mind and help you learn something new very fast, on the other hand it can lead to exaggeration and the feeling of confidence in your knowledge without real basis for it. Mercury – Gemini ruler, is in Cancer, conjunct Venus, and in a T square to Pluto and Uranus. Expect a new story to surface that will force you to re-evaluate your roots, your connection to your family, and to your home. This can be a good time to fall in love, to forgive past mistakes and to feel how much you do love the people that are near and dear to you, even f they make a lot of unnecessary noise. Trying to force anyone to listen to you, to change their opinion, or to make them do or believe your side is very hard these days. Gemini as a Mercurial sign is the sign of commerce, the sign of media outlets of every kind, a sign of information, of knowledge and a lot of unnecessary pieces and bits of information that we all carry and that we could all do much better without. The one incarnation that you know as yourself, and the over shadow of the essence of a greater you that is represented by your soul.
The personality sees a very limited view of life on one hand, and on the other, it is the part that is best suited to the time and place and knows how to deal with daily life. If you will follow a healthy routine and do regular exercises then you can surely enjoy better health. Your talent of knowing peoples problemsbefore they even open their mouths attracts them to you.
Daily Love horoscopes, weekly Love horoscopes, monthly Love horoscopes, love compatibility, chinese horoscopes…Important - Please Read! LOVE, WORK, MONEYSaturn is transiting your 6th house, helping you apply more discipline and change your daily routines and health. Both being the zodiac signs dominated by water find it so easy and effortless to blend with each other. They are blessed by the heaven and hence when they get close, they fit in each other’s arms like they are made for each other.
Make sure that just to get her attention or to impress her, you don’t present her a fake you as she hates men who lie.
Don’t think that she is ignoring you just because she is enjoying her state of mind as this is an important part of her personality. This configuration can bring with it many revelations regarding your family heritage and your culture. The best you can do with this is to try and believe yourself, try and trust your soul, and find peaceful means of communicating with others. The best Gemini type is the one that is able to connect to everyone around them, find a common ground on which a relationship can form, and a connection can be established. What should I have for lunch, on the one hand I would love a fast food meal, on the other hand I should be eating a salad. The soul wants the personality to grow up to the point in which it can respond to it, but does not care much about the daily life demands. For this month, your career will be second priority for you and in order to be successful in achieving your career goals, you need to have emotional stability. Even if you are looking for a new job and you have found one, you must begin with it in the next month. If you are already in a relationship then you might find differences emerging in your bond of love due to difference of opinion. Though you will be spending time with them and they will support you in all your ventures, but there will also be some disagreements. The difficulty with this particular,though, is that you can tend to absorb their feelings --- negative as well as good.You reveal the characteristics of the Moon.

He is one man who is able to take care of his sensitive and delicate Pisces girl with his gentle love.
She is very attached with her family and friends and gets deeply hurt even with a small thing.
We are all very familiar with the human voices, we hear them all the time, we are used to them. You were taught as a young child the truths of your clan, the values, and the history of your race. This connection can be brief, like talking to sales clerk; it can be long lasting as connecting to friend from school. The secret of Gemini is in its ability to combine all those differing world vies, all those pieces of information coming from all around and from within, and making sense out of them, enabling them to take part in the world as a whole human being. The planetary positions suggest that you have to plan your actions and decide your destiny all by yourself. If you are married then you would look for emotional support from your partner in the last week of the month. Which means that sometimes your feelings havethe better of you, and you swing from high to low. If possible then go with some detoxification therapies as they can help you improve your fitness levels. Also provided free Cancer love, career, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily horoscopes for …Cancer horoscope today.
He always makes her laugh with his wonderful jokes and she enjoys every moment she spends with him. The duo enjoys a satisfying sex which is a perfect blend of mild romance, seducing sexuality and erotic moves.
This energy is like finding a new fossil that forces the anthropologists to come up with new explanation of human origin, this energy can uncover a family secret that forces the family to face some of its deep hidden agendas. You don’t need assistance from people around you in order to meet your goals with effectiveness. The finance horoscope predicts that this month is going to bring good news for Aquarius people. The couple may face small problems in their sexual association but they don’t last long as the passion and intensity of their love is able to melt all the hindrances by bringing them close again. This doesn’t mean that social skills are not needed; they are needed but not very essential. Whats in store for zodiac sign Cancer Today?We are providing Cancer today horoscope and Cancer daily horoscope and astrology forecast based on moon sign.
When they both start a relationship, they are able to hold each other’s hands and look deep into each other’s eyes.
Because you can communicate your information toothers so well --- Cancerians have very expressive faces, you are a fantastic successsocially.Innovative companies certainly are a smart way to really make the the majority of youremotions and your imagination. You are able toshow the inner element of your being as interesting literary, art or music pieces.Cancers are, actually, quite glowing and gentle when you yourself have them in the rightfeeling. Their marriage is an epitome of harmony, passion, dedication and compassion which emerges from their true love. Daily Love horoscopes, weekly Love horoscopes, monthly Love horoscopes, love compatibility, chinese horoscopes…Free Daily Horoscope from Jonathan Cainer. The couple may face some very small issues in their marital bond but with maturity and understanding, they are able to resolve their differences. She may at times hurt her man with her sharp words and he may also behave cold to her or get extra protective about her.
Weekly, Monthly, Personal Charts, Tarot and iChing readings and more.Get your free daily love horoscope every day throughout 2016 at Horoscope Astrology Tarot.
Love and relationship horoscope predictions for Thursday, May 12, 2016.Cancer, Get the scoop of what's in store for your day! We have your daily Cancer romance horoscopes, love astrology and personalized chartsYour Daily Love Horoscope for Thursday, May 12. Daily Love Prediction based on Zodiac Signs.Get free Cancer Horoscope and Cancer Astrology detailed information by renowned vedic astrologers.

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