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Surprisingly enough, many people are not aware of what takes place with the car registration when you buy a car.
So, the question I get asked a lot is, “Does the registration transfer with the vehicle or does it start over? No, unfortunately, you don’t get to start a new registration period with the vehicle. To purchase a bond, Click on the link above and select your State and then select Defective Motor Vehicle Bond from the choices provided.

All In One Vehicle Registration Service is a Privately Owned Business and is NOT affiliated with the DMV.
The registration begins when a record is created for a vehicle for the first time a record is created with the California DMV. Never buy a car without checking the status of the registration or the history of the vehicle. Even if you purchase the vehicle from a dealer or a private seller, the registration still stays with the vehicle.

Some times just taking the time to check the registration to see if its expired or just checking the history of the vehicle can save you the headache from a bad investment.

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