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King Of Clubs Birth CardKings are associated with Number Thirteen (13) - The Number of Love and Unity, and among the wiser ones, these qualities, together with their number, were held to be sacred. The King of Clubs have a gift of fluent writing, and they make money through their efforts.
One significant aspect that plays the key role in the King of Clubs life is the partnerships. The King of Club's mission is to contribute to the progress of our civilization, and through the recognition of wisdom and the refusal of self-indulgence and pleasures, they can become the greatest teachers and spiritual leaders - the master rulers of the human kind.KingKings are essentially the rulers of their suit. Kings Of Hearts are very confident and not stubborn at all, because they are sure of themselves and of the principles for which they stand.
All Kings are the Jacob of the Bible: the founders and fathers of the twelve tribes who were entrusted the children to the source of All Good. You can't call to their patience if being too slow can highly irritate their restless mind.
Success relates to their ability to work well with others, but they should stay away from putting too much responsibility on their partners. If you are born on June 30, 1980, the planetary ruler for your astrological sign (Cancer) is Moon. Real estate, law, bonds and stock are the fields, where they can combine their inner desire for security with their ability to make constant changes, or travel.
They don't give first impression of power of the King, but they have the greatest thing in the world that is invincible - love. They will always answer the call for help, and even you forget to thank them, it doesn't matter.

They know subconsciously that power depends upon cooperation, and whatever life they lead, their best work done in partnership.
They need to work in association with others, exchanging ideas, learning in discussions, succeeding in making agreements and unions. Through knowledge and birth given keen intuition, many of the King of Hearts tend to be interested in psychology, mysticism, and philosophy. Their brain can handle tons of data, records, papers, messages, and there is a possibility to lose themselves in details, and dive into the rut of routine. Living to their best, true to themselves, they never fight for recognition, nor do they want it. They never produce any problems, like any other card, but problems can be brought to them by other people. They play their part so beautifully, with so much grace and kindness, we all love them to be who they are. From the time to time, they must give themselves a shot from over-satisfaction in the name of progress.
As humans, they can fight when confronted with hatred and ugliness, but even then they make allowances. You may rest and never answer you inner call to rule, it is you choice, but your best expression is in the leadership. They are regularly meet with disappointments in others, and if not strong enough, some of King of Hearts might develop fears, but it is very rare. The kingdom you rule depends from your suit - it can be love and relationship (Hearts), knowledge (Clubs), realm of values (Diamonds), work and wisdom (Spades).

They want business to be active and progressive, but not agreeable to drastic changes.King of Hearts QuotesThe success of love is in the loving -- it is not in the result of loving. They want business to be active and progressive, but not agreeable to drastic changes.King of Hearts QuotesIf I could love me more, I could love you less.
Clubs correspond with our school years, the Summer season, the element Air - the functioning mind of man.
Clubs are the guardians of intelligence and rule all mental processes, all psychological reactions, all communications, and messages.
They are able to counteract their emotions and feeling and solve any issue in an effective and rational manner.
Hearts correspond with our childhood - Spring season, the element Fire, the Youth and Love.
Clubs are very active and aggressive especially when they want to express their ideas and thoughts.
Their prime weapon in life is their mind, and someone attacking their ideas may become the greatest enemy. You will do well in occupations which provide you with opportunity to share your knowledge, mental power with others - such as teaching, law, writing and counseling.

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