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Once one married or changed their name, they could not use the Pythagorean system with any accuracy, since it did not reflect their current energies. Closely tied to this time and area are Babylon and Chaldea - hence the name Chaldean numerology.
The Sun and the Moon were worshipped daily (and their symbol for this was the Moon snuggled into the Sun so they were seen as one). The Chaldeans were known to have been immensely interested in astrology, mathematics, intuitive and spiritual guidance, oracles and predictions, the meanings of symbols and omens.
That's because your energies were either in sync or contradictory, but you definitely 'picked up' this person's energy. And we all know how important that 'first impression' is, right?The total number energy of any name reads almost like a description of a zodiac sign - in that a number 1 energy will have plenty in common with another number 1 energy - but their names and the letters therein form the individual. Pythagorean looks at the day, month and year total while Chaldean is more closely tied to the Earth and not to man-made 'years' (the only time the year is used is to calculate your Current Energy Phase). It is straight-forward, logical, factual, revealing, honest, informative -- and mystical, spiritual, inspiring and challenging.

In other words, Chaldean numerology analysis will tell you about you and your life and even your past.
No one said it would be easy (it took almost half a century for my book to evolve and grow into the lovely reality it is today - in Polish, French and English).So nothing is impossible if you need it badly enough and want it just as much. Since the 8 is primarily known as being attached to control, authority, power, ambition, logic, and material focus and gain, do you feel this would be a good match for you?This rule applies to everything you do in your life -- does your mate match or compliment your numbers? Whatever you do, don't brush these things off as coincidences, for there are no coincidences - there is only synchronicity. While you will certainly have a good idea of what your essences are after counting your numbers, the best way to tie it together to create the fabric of who you are and where you are headed is to either have a name analysis done, either by myself or by someone who specializes in CHALDEAN numerology.(Do check out the system used by numerologists before ordering a report as many still use the Pythagorean system.
Not only do my clients agree, they often marvel at how long this method has been 'lost': well over two thousand years.
Energies rule our world, so your name is the most important title that describes you and your journey through life and what your 'goal' is during this incarnation.
And developing caring and ultimately love for your own 'self' and then, for others.Just imagine what the world would feel like if everyone shared this outlook.

I have learned so much in the twenty-odd years of working with this sacred knowledge and am just plain honoured to have been gifted with it in the first place. To see it grow through the response of the reads I have done warms my heart, it truly does. The Tarot and Chaldean Numerology are each magickal 'tools' which divine different levels and elements of our lives. They reflect the magickal flow and forms energies can take in terms of providing answers to our questions - of which most of us have many.If you are interested in a Chaldean or Tarot Report, please visit the page for more information. If not, please just enjoy the site and check out the menu links for more topics covered here in the Reading Room.

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