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In our house, bedtime stories come in the form of a chapter book read aloud to the older two kids, ages 6 and 4. I think I was so excited to do chapter books with my first that we did Charlotte’s Web even before she was four!
You may want to put a pin in those, since your kids are a little young for those, but they may come in handy in a year or two.
We have a fantastic kids’ version of the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne (of Magic Tree House fame) that my kids LOVED. My girls are 5 and 7, we enjoy the Magic School Bus chapter books, the Never Girls series, Charlotte ‘ s Web and the Trumpet of the Swan. But we have more than one thousand blog posts in the archives, and they're not going anywhere.
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I’d love to hear about any of read aloud chapter books you loved recently and if you read any of the titles I’ve recommended in the past, please let me know!
I happened upon The Wainscott Weasel by Tor Seidler in the library one day and it’s colorful illustrations and intriguing eye-patched weasel caught my attention. I debated putting The Princess in Black on this list because it is really a beginning chapter book, rather than a longer novel, but we read this one and its sequel so many times it seemed a shame to leave it off the list. Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes. My son loved this classic book about a boy who saves up for a puppy (one whole dollar!).
True confession – I remembered loving Ginger Pye as a kid but when I tried to read it as an adult, I found it too slow and boring. Our favorite read-alouds have been Grace Lin’s Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Starry River of the Sky, but they are pretty sophisticated, both plot-wise and vocabulary-wise, and long! When my son started back at school this year as a second grader, his teacher requested parents send in any chapter books they would like to donate. I headed to Savers with the hopes of finding common titles that other parents might also send in and came out with a whole basket full (and super cute basket, might I add, that was just $2!) of great books!
Savers is a great place to find books for your own home collection or to donate to schools! My third grader and I spent all of second grade reading every Narnia book in order, and over the summer we read The Hobbit.
I’m going to start off by saying Runaway Ralph has been a favorite of mine for years. One of our favorites, especially nearing Thanksgiving, is the Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare.
Last year we went on a big Magic Tree House series kick, which made choosing the next book easy since there are approximately 4837 in the series.
But as we neared the end of the last book in our boxed set of Dahl stories, we were at a loss for what to read next. The thread developed into a hugely helpful list of read-aloud chapter books that both kids AND grownups love. My 4yo still likes some picture books, but when we are in the library hunting for something new, most of the ones that aren’t her already established favorites feel too young for her and she loses interest quickly. If you're looking for something in particular, enter your search terms into the field above. Four shows featuring dynamic interviews, fun cohosts and real-life stories and tips for living a creative, happy life at home, as a mom, and in your work.
Free weekly shows featuring dynamic interviews, fun cohosts and real-life stories and tips for living a creative, happy life at home, as a mom, and in your work. Well, for one thing, most of the other lists I come across have the same 10-12 books on them. All the the following books are chapter books I read aloud to one or both of my kids this year. Holly Goldberg Sloan wrote this clever and charming tale of young possum siblings making their way in the world.
So I admit that stories about dogs (and horses) are not generally my thing, but this is a compelling story and the illustrations are gorgeous. This is a long time favorite book of mine, but we came back to it this year almost accidentally.
The author of Pippi Longstocking also wrote several books about Emil, a young boy who lives on a farm with his parents, baby sister, a farm hand and housemaid.
My son’s teachers read this to the class and my 6 year old loved it so much he wanted me to read it at home.So of course I did!
This is the first in the much anticipated early chapter book series by the author of Princess Academy. Princess Magnolia’s secret identity has her fighting the local monsters when they harass the shepherd’s charges. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I  recently read this novel to my 6 year old and we could not stop laughing!

The Dashwoods adopted Emily when she was abandoned in a hatbox, but when they have triplets of their own, they begin to treat Emily as the servant.
Once Ginger Pye is part of the family, he mysteriously disappears and the kids are convinced he’s been stolen.
My kids have a pretty small list of completed chapter books so far — maybe just 5 books. She was looking to add to her reading group books and needed to collect groups of 7 books of each title to have enough copies to create a reading group. We picked out over 30 books including a Big Nate book, which is my son’s absolute favorite series!
There is nothing like a real book (not a tablet)…oh and I was in LOVE with Judy Blume books! I used to have students come back to sit and listen to me read it again, even though they were in another class. She can read shorter books on her own, but would love the stories in chapter books if we read them together. My daughter is into them now, and it’s nice that she is enjoying something that I loved as a child myself! Since what happens on Facebook tends to get buried in other stuff that happens on Facebook, I thought I’ll pull from your comments on that thread and share a list of the titles that came up most often.
The first ones I remember her really getting into were the Ramona books (Beezus and Ramona takes place when Ramona herself is four and in nursery school so it’s great for that age), and the Mouse and the Motercycle series. I think MTH might appeal to slightly older school-aged kids for the most part, but there are definitely chapter books worth trying with a 4yo for sure!
If you’ve spent any time looking at my 100+ book lists for kids, you know by now I have an aversion to telling you about books you already know about. At the pond he falls in love with a fish, but of course their difference is too great a barrier for romance.
I need to get a better system because I often realize that I forget to share some of our favorite books with you.
An eclectic group of farm animals must escape a barn before it is burnt down because the down-on-their-luck farmers want the insurance money. A 10 year old boy and his parents caught in a blizzard are rescued by a brave and determined dog.
Much to the delight of my 6 year old, who loves books about well-meaning troublemakers, Emil’s grand sense of adventure and his natural goodwill gets him into all sorts of sorts of scrapes, but it is impossible to think badly of a boy who wants to help others so much. This charming story follows the adventures of a bat with a taste for junk food, a kind dog and a wise hermit crab as they try to save their friend Stumpy the Squirrel and her new babies. Tongue in cheek humor, color illustrations, spare text and a bit of action make this a great book for early readers.
I quite enjoyed creating silly voices for all of Sarah Courtauld’s ridiculous and charming characters.
Her life takes a decided turn after meeting her neighbor and a giant talking cat named Fidget. We share classic and contemporary read aloud books and read alone books that kids and families love. We found three copies of Charlotte’s Web and a few duplicate copies of the other titles on our list.
She started reading Charlotte’s Web aloud to the class after he brought in a his book donations and told my son that it was her very favorite book! When you’re ready to unload some of your own excess and no longer needed items, they gladly accept donations.
It is a very special time in the evening right before bed with freshly brushed teeth and clean body for he and I to snuggle on his bed reading 15-20 minutes every night. And of course, it really helps if mom or dad can enjoy the books too (a huge perk of moving beyond the board book phase, in my opinion).
I’m pretty sure you are aware that Little House on the Prairie is a good book for kids. Some of them are read alouds that have appeared on other lists and a few I read years ago to my older son and am now revisiting with his younger brother. Mama Possum teaches her children about how performance is an integral part of life as a possum and they all practice their acting skills, which come in handy on many occasions.
The narration sounds very much like an old-fashioned tale and perfect for a cozy holiday family read aloud, especially because younger children will love looking at the illustrations. Three plot points: a boy who needs a dog, a dog who needs an owner and a neighbor who needs a friends come together in an extremely satisfying story. Reader beware: if you do not have a healthy appreciation for hilarious and ridiculous scenarios and absurd characters, run as fast as you can away from this Australian series.
When the shepherd decides to create his own alter ego, we know we will be getting a sequel.

Hard-working, practical Eliza and her dreamy, prince poster-collecting sister Gertrude are total opposites. Unfortunately the neighbor, Miss String meets a sad end and it is up to Emily, the new Keeper of the Keys, and several new fairy friends to solve the mystery and track down an mischievous witch.
I’m finding that my 7 and 8 year olds are still at the age where they like animal characters because they keep the story light, but the kids are old enough to want a little bit more adventure and tension that some of the young readers offer.
We can have a big impact on our children and their learning by reading with them and to them.
I buy books second hand all the time because you can find so many great titles for really inexpensive and build a library pretty easily that way. I picked up all the most common titles we could find and sent them in with my son to donate to his classroom. I love those books as they are fact filled and based around learning, but the kids still love to read them because of all the big interesting pictures and fun fact bubbles and jokes that line the pages.
I know I will add Runaway Ralph, Charlotte’s Web, and Judy Blume’s Fudge books! When Apple Blossom falls down a chimney and is adopted by a girl with a longing for an attentive pet, her brothers enlist the help of their wayward dad and dance-floor loving mom to rescue her. An interconnecting story about the other weasels in the woods brings all the pieces of the story together in this wonderful story. In fact, she is so bad at magic, she accidentally turns her family into pigs on her birthday.
We are especially enjoying all the personalities of the animals, and for a drama queen like me, the book provides a lot of material for funny voices! On the other hand, if you enjoy seeing your kids giggle hysterically, introduce them to Nanny Piggins.
10 year old Flora, a self-proclaimed cynic and comic book reader becomes friends with this new superhero, and even opens up her cynical heart. When Gertrude goes off one day to find a prince and instead gets captured, her sister heads out to rescue her. There is a murder early on in the book, so that might affect your decision to read this book aloud. In the Phoenix valley, donations made at Savers supports Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona!
I love to travel and have been known for planning trips specifically to hit the roller coasters! I adored all the theater references and loved how much my boys laughed throughout the story. There is one brief scene in which Bagley recalls how his father and mother died that may be difficult for sensitive kids, it could easily be edited in a read aloud, if that is a concern of yours. Unfortunately, it coincides with the arrival of Osmund the Greedy who wants to capture the castle and steal the family’s magic books.
There are seven stories in all, each with a little lesson to be gleaned, but read them for the light-hearted humor and a few giggles. The story is heartfelt and engaging while still providing kids (and parents!) the opportunity to contemplate and discuss ideas like the importance of community and companionship. Last summer we read this first Nanny Piggins book and it was one of the highlights of the summer.
The novel uses comic strip style illustrations to tell parts of the story and is wonderfully funny as well as touching. It’s an easy way to clear up out the unused clutter in your home and be giving back to your community! I am thankful for that because I would not have pushed forward to be an author along with my accounting career and I wouldn’t of been a blogger!. Igraine must find the ingredients for a reversal spell and hold off Osmund at the same time.
Along the way he meets the Doomsday Gang, a band of ne’er-do-wells who are spreading havoc among the local population. If you haven’t read Nanny Piggins yet, start with the first book, The Adventures of Nanny Piggins. This book does touch on some more serious topics and although it can be quite funny, I recommend it for kids ages 8 and up. His kindness towards towards others earns him a reward, which he spreads around to the less fortunate as he continues on his journey. Dominic has such a positive attitude towards life, you and your kids can’t help but smile throughout the book.

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