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To decorate walls it isn’t always necessary to buy expensive things, there are various cheap wall decor ideas that can make it look really good. Decorating the walls with plates is one of the easiest one and you can just select any plate with designs and of any size.
This is yet another inexpensive way to decorate your walls with the cheap things that you have at home.
This wall decor is one of the simplest ones and most interesting one that saved till the last. I debated getting a ready made frame kit but I’m too cheap frugal so we decided to DIY it. We bought three 8′ sections of basic molding at the hardware store for less than $40. The glue gun worked fabulously to hold the molding in place so the mastic could dry.  My husband would apply the mastic to the back fo the molding then I would quickly put hot glue at the corners and at intervals along the length (being careful to get neither too close to the edge) and he would put the molding up quickly before the hot glue dried while I grabbed the level to check it…we were like a well-oiled machine and once we figured it out we had the entire thing up in 15 minutes! That makes a HUGE difference and love the pointers you shared (you know, if we get brave at our house) … great job! I almost did the MirrorMate Julie but it wasn’t in the budget right now and I wanted to get this room finished-I’m so glad I made myself try it though, it was so easy!
Thanks Rhoda-and thank you for sharing the hot glue tip on your post, it really saved the day for us!
It’s definitely worth putting at the top of your to-do list Lena, very easy and big impact! Love it and it definitely doesn’t look like a diy job, but more like you spent much $$$$ for it. Mirrors have always been our close companion in our daily life and there won?t be a single home that doesn?t have one. Mirrors are available in a variety of styles and design and have also become a decorative material with their charming designs and unique construction.
There are also many people scouring for cheap floor mirrors as they are difficult to find especially when they are not produced in such large quantities unlike the other variety of mirrors. With the advancement in technology, there are several ways to learn about these cheap mirrors and where to find them.
There over a dozen of good stores which have a good reputation of providing quality services to their customers and they are the ones that you need to look for. Popular Bathroom Luxury Mirror Without Frame, View Luxury Mirror Without Frame, NRG Product Details from Shanghai Divas Glass Co., Ltd.

You just need some creativity and imagination to decorate your walls, as it can be adorned with the simplest of things that are available at home or at a very low cost.
Just cut colorful hearts from scrapbook paper or any colorful chart, or cardboard that you find and attach them to a string one below the other to a desire length. I found this tutorial from Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality (she’s fabulous by the way!) and grabbed my glue gun to help us out! I was so nervous to do this and kept putting it off but it was really so easy and inexpensive and made a huge impact! My mirror is wall-to-wall, backsplash-to-ceiling – I wonder if that would look funny… Anyway thanks for the tutorial and the mirror mastic tip!
Putting up molding at 9pm after finally getting the three kids to bed definitely called for some adult beverages! I believe I answered Tamara directly before I figured out how to have my replies show up on my blog when I reply!! It was at Lowes in the molding section and it was not very heavy when we were putting it up. Are you still able to take the mirror off the wall now for when it comes time to repaint the walls?
Cheap mirrors are not so difficult to find these days with so many producers and manufacturers entering the market each day. For instance, you might find a wide range of cheap round mirrors these days that have a few catchy designs while they fulfill your purpose.
Anyhow, if you do your part of the research, you are sure to find some good deals in this category. Unlike earlier days, you don?t need to go around every store in the city searching for good variety of mirrors. Online stores are found to be much more reliable these days and their prices usually are much lesser than the offline store prices, making them the prime choice of shopping these days.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. There are various cheap wall decor ideas that are shared below to just give you an insight of how simple things can make your walls look beautiful. Buy some beautifully designed mismatched plates during sale time at a low cost and attach them to the walls of your dining room or kitchen. Cut the stray foams in desired shape or in equal square shapes like shown in the image and cover them with the paper.

The builder had glued the mirror to the wall (Gah), the molding really classed up the mirror! I have 2 bathrooms that I need to do that in but ill have to wait until I can redo the whole bathroom because they are terrible! I have to use a step ladder just to clean the mirror, let alone attempt this on my own – lol. Moreover, such mirrors usually will cost you much lesser unlike the ones with beautiful designs. Most people prefer these cheap mirrors over the costly ones because both have somewhat the same appearance although he costlier ones will have a much more promising longer life. There are other benefits to decorating with mirrors as well such as increasing the brightness in a room and making the room appear larger.
Take many beautiful designed papers and make as many paper fans you can make and you can attach beautiful buttons in the center to make it more beautiful or attach a lace above it. Now align them beautifully on the wall to make a beautiful wall decor that will look very good and of course at a cheap cost!
That wouldn?t be a problem even if you choose cheap mirrors carefully as there are quite a few manufacturers who produce quality goods in this category. Keep looking and you might find better designs at much lesser price and have a good quality. There are mirrors in styles to fit in with virtually any decor from the most traditional to ultra modern. Here are some tips to help you select mirrors that will make the most impact on your space. I used General Finishes Java stain on my vanity so it is dark but not really black and wondered how the oil rubbed bronze might look with it. In addition to providing an alternative to more typical wall art, mirrors offer the additional benefit of adding light to any room. If there are cracks or other blemishes on your walls that you can’t repair, try hanging a mirror over the offending spot.

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